Player Quotes - Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. - Washington won their last-ever trip to venerable McArthur Court Thursday night, beating Oregon 86-72. Led by the career-high 34 points of Quincy Pondexter, the senior from Fresno talks about the win, and he's joined by Isaiah Thomas, Matthew Bryan-Amaning and Justin Holiday. They cover the game, as well as their three-game road winning streak and what lies ahead.

Quincy Pondexter:

Best game he's ever played? - "I don't know. That's like the twelfth time that's come up this year. I'm just coming out and playing basketball. Our team did a great job tonight of really fighting through adversity and getting this win on the road. It's not an easy place to play, and we came out and we played really hard, because we know what's at stake."

On what he was trying to accomplish - "I just tried to get into some type of rhythm. I came out to try and rebound and defend real hard. The points were just a bonus. I didn't come out trying to score a lot of points. I came out and tried to do a lot of little things so this team gets this win so we get called on Selection Sunday."

On being more aggressive offensively - "I was a little bit more aggressive. I felt like I was in a semi-slump there, and I just wanted to come out and prove to everybody that I'm a quality player on the road - even though some people don't think so. I just wanted to come out and play my game."

On using the criticism as motivation - "I just laugh it off because I know the truth. Whatever statistics or whatever people say, it's not because of what I'm necessarily doing on the road. Maybe it's not my night, and it's happened to be that way on the road sometimes. I just had to find a way to bounce back and play my game."

On keeping their heads up - "We stuck together as a team. That was the main thing. We knew that if we stuck together, they would break down. We didn't think they were as good of a team than us. And coach (Romar) tells us before the game, whoever the better team in a lot of these games wins. And we came out and we were the better team."

On Michael Dunigan - "He did a great job of drawing contact. He's such a wide body that you have to just try and find a way to stop him. He's such a good player and he has a lot of potential. Once he becomes consistent, I think the sky is the limit for him."

On Justin Holiday - "Justin Holiday played great. The first half I don't think it went quite as good as he would have liked it to, and we were all behind him 100 percent. We said, 'When you get it going, we get it going as a team', and it really helped when he got it going."

On IT's steal at the end of the half - "That gave us a lot of momentum. Once he got that steal it went from a three-point game to a one-point game. Basketball is a lot mentally. I think we had a lot of fire going into halftime, and coach gave a great speech and we followed suit."

On the frontcourt and foul trouble - "That happens. When you get two early fouls you be as aggressive you can't chance a lot of things because you want to be on the court. Our guys, they still did a great job of staying composed. They kept battling, they kept doing all they could to get the win. And we needed that."

On the chippiness of the game - "It was a little chippy. It wasn't the most chippy game. That's basketball in March. Every game is going to be chippy from now on."

On the swing from losing by 11 at home to winning by 14 on the road - "Tonight we really used a lot of what we did wrong the first game to come out and do better. We looked at the film of the last game and said man, look at all these mistakes! We could have had the win. It's something that we really took to heart today and we really wanted to come out and prove to this team and the conference and to the country that this team should be called on Selection Sunday."

On the late season run - "It's how it should be. The best teams that are play in February and March should be in the tournament. Our little lackadaisical start in the beginning of the Pac-10 season hurt us, but at the same time it made us a lot better team. We didn't wilt, we didn't fade away. We stayed aggressive and we wanted to win this championship. We didn't win the championship, but we're up there. We're up there in the conference and it's something we're real happy with."

On Matthew Bryan-Amaning - "He's playing tremendous. He's turned a corner a little bit, and hopefully he can continue to play this way down the stretch, because when you have someone like him step up it adds a whole different dynamic to this team."

On how important it is to go into the Pac-10's on a run - "It's very important. But at the end of the day, all these teams are going to be fighting for their lives. And knowing how all the teams in the conference this year were so level - even though we are on a little bit of a run - every team is going to be trying to get into the tournament. So it's going to be a lot of fun to see what happens."
Isaiah Thomas:

On their key for the win: "Their guards went off against us the first meeting, and our main thing today was to stop the guards."

On Tajuan Porter - "He was talking and we were winning. It was just basketball. We go back and forth. He was hitting a couple of shots, but we got the win, so I got the last laugh."

On Porter showboating at the end of the half - "He wanted to take it and score, but I sat on his right hand and when he crossed-over, I got it. I did a little Venoy move. It gave us a lot of momentum. We weren't playing too well, and we knew we had some runs still left in us, but we had to get some stops. That was a big stop."

On coming out big in the second half - "It felt good. Any run you can get on the road and win on the road feels real good."

On Quincy and his monster dunks - "I might have gotten him all those dunks. He had some crazy ones. That boy can jump."

On Holiday's impact - "When anybody contributes like him, it makes it so much easier for me and Quincy, or who else is scoring that night. Big ups to him, he hit some big shots for us. Elston (Turner) did too."

On enjoying the road - "I was loving it. When we get these road wins, the crowd is against us and everyone is against us, I'm having fun. I have to have a smile on my face so these dudes can have the same."

On overcoming road woes - "Whatever it was, it was. We got over the hump a little bit and we're taking the momentum now, game by game."

On persevering when UO made their runs - "On the road, like at Washington State - they had a big run on us. We know that the games are full of runs, and that the crowd is going to get into it and they are going to make shots. We just can't get down on ourselves."

On playing better at UO than at WSU - "We did. We did. Big ups to Quincy."
Matthew Bryan-Amaning:

On the game - "It felt real good. We were talking about it, before the game and trying to have a strong win. We just wanted to have a good game."

On another good start - "Coach is just in my head, telling me to stay aggressive. I've been shooting the ball real well lately, so just stay aggressive and the shots will keep falling."

On Dunigan and drawing contact - "Obviously after the first couple I didn't want to pick up my third, like Washington State. Sometimes things go a little more in your favor when you are at home."

On Dunigan's strong foul against him - "It was a strong foul. The ref called it. Everyone saw it. I hit my head real hard. I was feeling a little light-headed for the second half, but I'm fine now."

On how much fun that game was - "It was a lot of fun, especially when you end up with a win on the opposing team's court. Everyone talks about how we struggled early on the road, and we just showed how much we've grown and can now win close games on the road."
Justin Holiday:

On his game - "I started out a little slow. There wasn't much going on in the game. In the second half I was able to contribute a little more, because we needed the boost to help out a little more."

On guarding Malcolm Armstead - "We know he wants to go left, so I used my length to keep him from getting buckets going to his left or shooting over me."

On hitting clutch threes at the start of the second half - "I was just trying to find a way to make sure they respected me. They had to guard me and my team at the same time. So that's what I did."

On the third three attempt being a heat check - "Yeah it was." (laughs)

On playing at Mac Court - "I only played here twice. It's still kind of new to me. Last year I didn't play much, and the year before I didn't come here, but it's good to come out here and end well at this gym because I know they wanted to and I'm glad we were able to take that away from them and win this game."

On the UO comeback in the second half - "It's just how it is on the road. They hit us, and we hit them right back and got the win."

On finally being healthy and playing well - "It was hard to be able to move as quick as I wanted to, but I'm 100 percent now and I have more confidence now than I did then. The whole summer I wasn't able to work on playing in games. I could just shoot, so I had to get all that back." Top Stories