Butler Shines At Husky Pro Day

Washington hasn't played host to a lot of NFL scouts over the past few seasons, but this year LB Donald Butler piqued the interest of several clubs with his Senior Bowl and Combine performances, so they descended on Montlake Wednesday morning to get a look at how the senior linebacker ran and got to see several other former Huskies as well...

Butler was outstanding, posting (hand-held) 4.66 and 4.67 forty times and looking explosive by jumping 35.5 inches on the vertical.

"I did what I came out to do," Butler said. "I was a little disappointed in my timings, but I think I did well and think I showed scouts what I could do."

"One, I think he's very bright," Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian told the local media covering today's workout about his senior linebacker. "A lot of times football players, they look good and obviously Donald looks fantastic and he's running well and his numbers are great, but he's very bright, he can play all three of the linebacker positions, he was on three different special teams units for us this year so he's got a lot of versatility to his game that can allow him to go play at that level and not just be a one-dimensional guy."

Things started off with coaches and scouts from at least 22 different teams -- including the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans to name a few -- watching the players get measured, weighed and then saw them perform the vertical, the broad jump (sorry no stats for that) and the bench before heading over the Dempsey Indoor to watch them run and do agility drills.

Butler stood out, but he wasn't the only player who was solid.

DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim showed an outstanding motor and the ability to learn different techniques throughout the 90-minute workout.

"Daniel's numbers are fantastic, but the one thing I always want to say about him is 'Amazing Effort'," Sarkisian said. "I never seen a guy work, practice, play the way he plays with the effort that he plays with and it shows and that's why he's so productive and that's why he's the all-time sack leader in the history of the school."

Seahawks.com's Clare Farnsworth even asked the question that everyone had to be asking --"What was it like having Pete Carroll stalking you?"

"As long as he's out here watching our guys, I'll take it," Sarkisian said with a chuckle. "It's a great resource for us, the National Football League, being able tap into that and to have him here, we're very comfortable with his coaching staff and they're comfortable with ours, so I think it's a win-win for both of us."

Sarkisian also talked about what an event like today means to the program and where he plans for it to be down the road.

"It's a great atmosphere," Sarkisian said. "The goal is that next year there's more guys to work out and more guys here to watch them and the year after that there's more guys here to watch them.

"I don't know if it's a direct indication of how good you are as a football program, but it definitely is an indication of the type of players that you have."

Here is a list of the heights, weights, verticals, bench presses, 40 times and one I-test (Butler's). Worth noting is that the 40 times were not shared and were done by hand, although there was a NIKE SPARQ to record the official times. So there may or may not be a 40 time posted for a player...

LB Donald Butler - 6-0 7/8, 235, 35.5 vert, Did Not Lift, 4.66/4.67 (40), 4.19 (I-Test)
LB Josh Gage - 6-1 3/8, 233, 31.5 vert, 23 reps (225 pounds), 4.69
FB Paul Homer - 6-0 1/4, 244, 32, 26 reps
DE Darrion Jones - 6-2 1/8, 253, 27 vert, 26 reps
OT Ben Ossai - 6-5, 332, 27.5 vert, 24 reps
LB T.J. Poe - 6-0 3/8, 225, 32 vert, 23 reps
DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim - 6-3 1/2, 267, didn't lift or vertical, 4.76
S Jason Wells - 6-0 1/8, 207, 32 vert, 17 reps, 4.71
ATH Chris Hemphill - 6-4 3/4, 248, 31 vert, 16 reps
OL Jovon O'Connor - 6-3 7/8, 259, 27.5 vert, 24 reps
DE Ceasar Rayford - 6-6 3/4, 255, 34.5 vert, 16 reps

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