Notes and Quotes - OSU

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Here are notes and quotes from Washington's 59-52 win over Oregon State in the quarterfinals of the Pac-10 Tournament, held Thursday night at the Staples Center. The Huskies overcame a nine-point halftime deficit using pressure defense and key outside shooting from Isaiah Thomas and Elston Turner.

-- With tonight's victory, Washington enters Friday night's game with Stanford on a five-game winning streak and victorious in 10 of its last 12 games. It's the Huskies third win this season over OSU, beating the Beavers in both regular season games - 76-70 in Seattle to open league play and 82-70 last Saturday in Corvallis to end the 2010 regular season. Washington has won seven-straight overall in the series.

-- All Pac-10 Quincy Pondexter entered the game three points short of 1700 for his career and passed that milestone at the 14:21 mark of the second half on a driving jumper. With 1706 career points, Pondexter passed Eldridge Recasner (1700 career points (1987-1990)) for sole possession of fifth all-time on the UW scoring list. Next up is No. 4 Todd MacCulloch (1743, 1996-1999). Pondexter joins Oregon's Tajuan Porter and California's Jerome Randle as the only active Pac-10 Players with 1700 career points. He is the only player in conference history to win five Pac-10 Player of the Week honors in a single season (2010).

-- Washington's 22 first half points was the second lowest it has scored this season, only trailing their 19 points at the break in a 68-51 loss at Arizona State on Jan. 8. The previous largest halftime deficit UW has come back from to win a game was six points vs. Arizona on Feb 4. UW trailed 37-31 and won 81-75.

-- The Huskies held OSU to 21 second-half points, a Washington opponent season low for the second half.
UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:
On a turning point in the second half: "It become clear that they were going to pack it in all night and make us shoot threes. They got in an offensive rhythm. We did a much better job in the second half of using the clock to move the ball."

On going to the press in the second half: "We had to do something to get them out of their rhythm. And that's something that we practiced this week. We knew that this might be a game where we may want to use a press. We were prepared to do it, and I don't know if it forced more than one turnover, but it did speed the game up a little bit and it got them out of their little comfort zone. I don't remember us giving up a basket with it, so it didn't hurt us at all."

On preparation for Stanford: "We have had the benefit of playing every team twice. There aren't a whole lot of straight surprises. The beauty of tournament play is that we have time to get together, get rested, and get ready to play tomorrow. We have to be ready to play any team because it's one loss and we're out."

Quincy Pondexter:
On a turning point in the second half: "At halftime we came together collectively. We wanted to come out and get that win. We were focused and turned up the intensity on the defensive end. We cleaned stuff up and took care of business in the second half."

On not feeling well: "I'm getting there. I am feeling a lot better than I did earlier in the week. My teammates did a great job helping me tonight."

On switching the times: "Everyone was anxious and ready for this game all day. So I think we're going to be a lot better prepared for this tomorrow, because we had to wait so we know how to channel our energy a little better. It might have contributed a little bit, because we were so anxious to play this game. We got to watch all the other games today. Tomorrow I think we're going to be a lot better prepared. It's late games. It's past my bedtime. It's going to be fun to come out and play late late in LA."

On beating a team three times in one year and now having to try and do it against Stanford: "I watched a lot of the (Arizona State) game. Stanford came out and had their number. They really wanted it a lot more than Arizona State did. You could tell from the start. It's going to be a real battle tomorrow, and we know they have some tremendous players on their team. We know we've beat them before, but they know that too and they are going to want to beat us on a pretty big stage."

On the turning point in the game: "There was a few of them. I think at halftime we came together collectively and really discussed what was going on. From then on, we really took off - even though they got some points and had some counters in the second half - we played some really good basketball in the second half."

On the missed dunk by OSU: "After that, you know that's one of those times where you know that coach is just dropping his head in his hands. It happens. I think really it was more of a momentum drop for them than a momentum boost for us. It really saved us. The man above really helped out with that one."

On OSU packing it in: "They didn't let me catch the ball anywhere. It was tough. It's how they play. There's nothing we can do about it but have everyone continue to play the way they did today, step up and hit big shots and play Husky basketball. It starts off on the defensive end."

On Stanford: "It's going to be a tough battle. They have some really dynamic players on their team. It's going to be a battle for 40 minutes."

On Landry Fields: "He's a great player. We'll see him tomorrow."

On sleeping in on Friday: "I don't sleep too much during the season. I'm going to be so anxious for this game, because so much is at stake."

Isaiah Thomas:
On the Pac-10: "In this league anybody can beat anybody on any given day."

On playing full-court in the second half: "We had to do something different. We had to provide pressure on defense and try and get some steals and get out and run, because the game was so slow. And we really weren't hitting our shots in the half-court, so we had to do something different."

On the change in the second half: "Once we sensed it, we were going for steals a little bit more, getting in the passing lanes and playing a little bit harder. Once we sensed that they had a little bit of fear in 'em, we had to take it from them."

On getting under the skin of OSU in the second half: "We've got to do that in the first half too. Every game now…you lose, you're out. So you can't have one of those halves like we had today. But we bounced back and came together as a team in the second half."

On Josh Tarver missing his dunk in the second half: "I told them right there, that was a turning point. They had it, they could have gone up two more points, but he missed the dunk. I told 'em, 'We have to get more stops'."

On the slow start: "Coach got in our heads, because the first shots were all jump shots. We had to drive, but they were playing the drive so much, and it probably made us think more than we should have. Second half, I told coach that I had to shoot. They were just disrespecting it. Me and Elston hit a couple of key shots and Matt and Quincy grabbed a couple of key rebounds and sealed the deal."

On the quick turnaround: "It's tough. When you lose it's tough when you have back-to-back games, but when you win you've got a little bit of confidence and momentum heading into the next game. We're ready, man."

On Stanford: "We're ready for 'em. We're going to bring our 'A' game."

Matthew Bryan-Amaning:
On the game: "Low scoring game. They slowed us down a lot the first half. We did a good job in the second half getting some stops, getting some scores."

On OSU packing it in: "Myself and Quincy did a lot of damage last week, so it was obviously a focus point in tonight's game. They closed up the middle, closed up the lanes. We just had to fight and do as much as we could on the boards to get some buckets."

On being closed down on offense: "They just kept an eye on myself and Quincy. We were roaming the baseline and the high post area, and there was no open gaps. We did as best as we could to find anything or get some offensive rebounds. Regardless, even if I'm not getting some shots in the offense, I can always crash the boards, especially against a zone. And that always helps get some shots up, some open looks."

On Stanford: "They are a real good team. I think people counted them out against ASU early, but they came out ready to play. We have to take them seriously from the jump, and do the best we can to contain (Landry) Fields and (Jeremy) Green and try and shut down their role players."

Venoy Overton:
On foul trouble: "Yeah, they were calling it tight. But my teammates picked me up and got the win."

On trying to get things moving in the second half: "They were trying to slow things down, and that's not what we wanted to do. We wanted to speed it up. Whenever teams get the momentum they can control the game. We sped things up and we got the win."

On knowing when OSU was in trouble: "In the second half, once he (OSU's Josh Tarver) missed that dunk, that's when we just sparked up. We started buckling down on defense and got some stuff in transition. Once we tied it up, it was over."

On feeding on the blood in the water: "We knew that if we came in there and got it close, tied it up - our crowd would get into it. And then their confidence would get low, and that's what happened."

On playing at Staples: "We got experience here. We know what it's like playing in big games. We've got a lot of returners, and it showed tonight."

On playing Stanford: "I don't think Stanford imagined themselves being in the second round, with everyone talking about us and Arizona State. But they got it done and we have to face them and I know they are going to be ready to play. It's going to be a different game, because Arizona State plays zone and we play man, so it's going to be a totally different game."

On winning the tournament to get to the Big Dance: "Between us, we know what we've got to do. We know where we want to play at. After Selection Sunday, that's what we're playing for."

Elston Turner:
On OSU packing their defense in: "They were packing it in so much compared to the last time we played them and they extended. Me and Scott (Suggs) were on the bench saying, 'be ready'. They are packing it in and no one is hitting shots, so someone has to. When I got in, I just took advantage of opportunities."

On playing extended minutes with Venoy Overton in foul trouble: "I feel like if I'm playing hard, locking up and shooting the ball well, I can help the team out a lot."

On sensing blood in the water in the second half: "At halftime I was thinking, 'this is the game that could put us in the NIT, or maybe the NCAA Tournament'. Coach (Romar) emphasized that, and we took it to heart, which was - go out and play defense for another 20 minutes. We outscored them 37-21 in the second half. We did what we had to do."

On turning up the defensive intensity with the press in the second half: "We put that in a couple of days ago because we tried it against USC and it worked. So we were like, 'Hey, we should try it out'. I think that got us a lot of energy. We switched up the defense and we got them uncomfortable. We started hitting some shots and went from there. I like playing it. Whatever frustrates the other team, we're all in for it. It gives us energy when we press, and we had it tonight."

On Stanford: "They are going to be ready. And we have to bring that natural toughness, because they played real well tonight. We have to contain Landry Fields and Jeremy Green. Those are their two top scorers, and I feel like if we do that we should have a pretty good chance at winning."

On the late start: "We're all used to it. During AAU, we used to have some games at 10 at night. We were ready. Any time there's a basketball game, we're going to be up for it."
OSU Head Coach Craig Robinson:
On keeping Washington down for a half: "We knew it was going to happen. All we talked about at half time was, 'they're going to make a run, they're going to make a run'. They're just a good team. They kept their cool and we were just hoping to hang on for a tad bit longer."

On starting freshman Angus Brandt: "That one position, that four spot, has been troublesome for us all year, so we're been trying different things. At practice everyone gets a chance to audition for it and he had a really good practice."

On Josh Tarver missing the dunk: "One play does not define a game. It's a shame he missed that dunk but they didn't win by two. They won by seven. It was a lot of plays. That missed dunk was not why we lost the game."

Calvin Haynes:
On UW's second half: "They came out with a head of steam in the second half. They played a phenomenal second half. They beat us up on the boards. What else can you say when you have a team like that barking at you? You have to bark back. I don't really know what else to say. They beat us up in the second half."

On OSU's first half: "We had a really good first half. We got off to a good start, made some shots. We were confident. Coach said that they were going to come out with even more intensity so we just couldn't get over that hump."

On what UW did to cause problems: "I think they started getting to the middle more rather than just keeping them on the perimeter and making them shoot jump shots. Isaiah (Thomas) and Pondexter started getting more of the ball and getting more aggressive."

Josh Tarver:
On UW's comeback: "We had them on the ropes and just made a few mistakes, turnovers, missed layups and free throws. You can't win a game like that if you are going to do stuff like that. You have to have a good forty minutes against Washington. You can't have a good half."

On anticipating the UW run: "We knew the run was going to come, the question was whether we were going to withstand it. Just a few mistakes and obviously we didn't. Missed lay-up and everything, missed free throws and careless turnovers, that stuff will cost you the game." Top Stories