Too close to call

One of the most anticipated signings from the 2010 recruiting class was Auburn (Wa.) ATH Chris Young, a devastating hitter on defense and a powerful back with vision on offense. Where he ends up with the Huskies is irrelevant at this point as the talented prospect does his best to qualify to enroll with the rest of the recruiting class this summer...

"I'm doing alright right now," Young told when asked about where he stands academically. "Just one class is giving me trouble for my core classes. It's very important that I pass it.

"Physics isn't easy, but it's coming along well. Everything should turn out good."

Young also took the SAT back in January and hopes to have his test score soon.

"I'm supposed to get my SAT score back tomorrow," Young said. "I felt I did well on it, but I hope I get the score that I want and I need so I'm just hoping for the best."

Besides Young and his family, the other people intimately involved with where he stands are the Husky coaching staff and he said he keeps in contact with them a couple of times a week.

"I talk to the coaches twice a week," Young said. "I talk to coach (Joel) Thomas the most. Our relationship has gone up about 10 times more than it was before, now that I've signed my letter-of-intent because they know what I need to do even more.

"Every time I talk to (linebackers coach Mike Cox) he's real excited. He doesn't want me to play running back, he wants me to be a linebacker for him."

Young took part in wrestling this past quarter and finished fifth in the state and after taking some time off began to lift and run again and he said he's up to 230 pounds.

"I weigh 230 right now, but I feel like I'm 210 right now," Young said with a chuckle. "I feel great and feel like this is a good weight for me."

Young's academic standing is something we will keep an eye on over the coming weeks and months and we'll update news as it breaks regarding his situation.

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