Huskies continue to make strides

Spring is the time for football coaches to experiment with different things. From different formations to different players within those formations, almost anything is possible. During Saturday's two-hour workout the Huskies continued to work on things and two of the players who are making names for themselves are freshman running backs Deontae Cooper and Jesse Callier...

"I thought Jesse had a really nice day on Thursday and, I don't know, maybe that might have motivated Deontae, but he came out and was electric today and had a fantastic day," Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian told the media following practice. "I like what they are doing. We just have to continue to build that position so that they feel confident as we get into full pads and the installation grows."

Cooper continues to impress with his outstanding vision, busting off a nifty 10-yard touchdown run on the last play of the 11-on-11 team session.

Sarkisian said they are happy to have both of them because they bring so much to the table and are mature enough to play early.

"That's why we signed them," Sarkisian said. "If we didn't think that we wouldn't have signed them. They're different players. Deontae is a straighter line, very good hands, downhill back. Jesse's a little more compact, can really slide and pick his way through the holes and has a little more wiggle to him, so they're different which is good. We don't want just the same guy over and over, so I think they both have qualities that are special about them."

Two other players trying to get more comfortable are Cody Bruns, who is the odds-on-favorite at the holder spot, and long-snapper Brendan Lopez who takes over for Danny Morovick who held the position down the past four years.

"I think Cody is getting his bearings in there," Sarkisian said. "He had a really good day the first day, wasn't his best day Thursday but I thought he was really strong today and did a nice job.

"Brenden Lopez is doing a really nice job for us. The efficiency we're kicking the ball with I like right now. Tuesday wasn't our best day, we were a little low on our snaps and it's just getting the ball down with the laces not there, but today was much better. I think Cody's just getting the comfort zone in his stance where he can move if the ball is not perfect and still get back to the spot."

And as the players gain their confidence, so will the coaches.

Injury update: WR Jordan Polk was helped off the field, but Sarkisian said it didn't appear to be serious.

"I think he'll be okay," Sarkisian said of the injury to the junior wideout. "It's his hamstring but more than anything he got stepped on."

Sarkisian also noted that WR D'Andre Goodwin was held out due to a hamstring issue as well.

Shells anyone?: Washington took the field today wearing should pads and helmets and Sarkisian noted why they don't go full-pads the first time they can.

"The anticipation of the first day in pads is always there," Sarkisian said. "That's why we don't go to full pads the first day in pads because every snap we'd have half the team on the ground so we're teaching them to continue to practice and stay up and create turnovers.

"They were antsy and itching and I thought it was an upbeat and energetic practice but intense. It was good."

A surprise visitor: Sarkisian got a text from Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart who was in town.

"The whole quarterback thing, it's a pretty tight little fraternity," Sarkisian said. "He had already known Nick Montana from working out together and we'll see how the relationship goes but if he's up here quite a bit he can come out here and throw with our guys if he needs to."

Yakaboski done: RB Brandon Yakaboski continues to struggle with injury, but his long battle to see playing time may be over soon.

"His knee is just not healing the way we want so we're going to go through one more step with the doctor to see if he can really play again and that's going to be the challenge for him," Sarkisian noted. "We don't want to injure this guy to where when he's 30 he's having knee replacement surgery, he's got a life to live."

We got your walk-ons right here: The two newest additions to the roster are DE Peter Follmer and WR Din Kuses.

Both players were added to the roster after they, along with 20 other candidates, tried out after Washington's practice on March 30th.

Follmer, a junior, throws the shot for the Husky track team and actually had a nice play when he batted down a Nick Montana pass in the team session.

Recruits, alums and coaches: Archbishop Murphy DE Taniela Tupou; Curtis DL Cornelius Edison; Gig Harbor TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins; O'Dea OL Sam Flor (2012); Skyline LB Cooper Pelluer (signee); Lakes S Jamaal Kearse (signee); O'Dea FB Zach Fogerson (signee); former Husky TE Mark Bruener; former Husky QB Johnny DuRocher; former Husky TE/DE Walt Winter; two coaches from City College of San Francisco and Butch Goncharoff from Bellevue.

Little rest for the weary: Washington will not practice Sunday or Monday, but then will don full-pads for Tuesday's workout at 4 p.m. Top Stories