Player Quotes - Spring Game

Washington concluded spring football with a game under the lights and several players stood out. Here are the comments from some on how they think the game as well as the past month of practice went and where they are headed from here...

Jake Locker

On the game: "It was good. It was fun, it was a cool atmosphere. Personally, didn't do as well as you'd like to in the way you'd like to go out your last spring game, but I think overall it was a good spring for us. We made a lot of steps in the right direction and hopefully we'll be able to build on it going into the fall."

On what he was excited about: "We got some young guys in here that are very talented, and it was fun to see them out there running around. And we have some guys that have been here that really put in some work in the off-season and you saw it pay off for them out on the field. And that's always exciting and rewarding to see those guys get the payoff that they deserve."

On where they go from here: "Exactly. Just keep grindin', doin' everything we can to keep this momentum going into fall so we don't have to essentially start over in the fall. Kind of carry this throughout the summer and into the fall so we can hit the ground running in fall camp."

On the other QB's: "I thought they did a great job. I thought that was an impressive drive by Nick there at the end to give his team the victory there. I was a little biased at the end there and was maybe hoping for a stop, but he did a good job and I was proud of him. He's a great competitor and showed that he was a very good quarterback today. I thought Keith did a good job coming in and he was able to complete passes and keep the ball moving and sustain some drives for us."

On how he did: "Not as good as I would have liked to. I didn't ever really get into a rhythm and we weren't ever able to move the ball really very well at the beginning of the game. But I thought we had a good spring as an offense and there were a lot of things that we can build off of."

On the DL: "They did a good job. I thought the defense progressed really well throughout the spring and especially up front. It was a position where we lost our best guy up there last year and I think those guys are filling those roles and feeling comfortable there and doing a great job. They are athletic. They played fast tonight and confident."

On watching the last drive: "That was pretty exciting. It's pretty cool when you can have a spring game have that much excitement and enthusiasm toward the end of the game like that. It was pretty crazy. But you never know what can happen at the end of the game. Anything can happen."

On wanting to play more: "I think you always like to play a little bit more, have an opportunity to get a couple more snaps. But like I said, we had a good spring, we had a good body of work, and it's something we can build on and go forward."

QB Keith Price

On the game: "It felt good. Just got out there, it was freezing out there - I couldn't feel my hands. But it was fun. It was a good experience in front of the fans and it was fun."

On from year one to year two: "It's a different story when you actually know what you're doing. Last year I was running around. I knew I was redshirting. But now it's live bullets. It's a big difference."

On the OL: "It's night and day from last year. These guys are in shape, they lost some weight. We're quicker up front from last year. You could tell the difference."

On the battle for the backup: "It's just me trying to do what I've got to do. I'm not worried about nothing. We've got a long ways to go. We still have to get through fall camp, so I'm just taking it one day at a time."

On his play: "There were some throws that I should have made. I was on the sidelines forever, it felt like. I didn't get on till about the second half. But it was fun. The plan was me running with the ones, going up against the one defense. It was just a matter of me keeping on the sidelines and staying warm."

On his spring: "It was OK. I've got a long way to go. I just have to keep grinding, keep studying my playbook, keep watching film and come back ready for fall camp."

On getting a sense from the coaches about the QB battle: "I have no clue."

On the way the game ended: "I kind of wanted to win that - my first spring ball, my first spring game. I kind of wanted to win that. But you can't win 'em all."

On Nick Montana: "He played a good game. Under these conditions…it was raining and the wind was blowing, he was accurate and he played well."

On what you can take away from this game: "Don't dive for the end zone. (laughs) I kind of slipped. I wanted to dive, but it wasn't happening for me. I'm still feeling it in my ribs right now (laughs)."

On getting out in space: "It felt good. It felt like high school, kind of - just me using my athleticism and using my speed to get to the edge. This system is not really designed for that….just working with my talents. It was good."

WR James Johnson

On the team's improvement as well as his own since the start of spring ball: "You're always working out kinks in the early going, but eventually I settled down and so did the rest of the guys. We all really came together. I felt like we improved all the way until the end."

On his focus now that he's into the offseason: "School and working out. I'll do a lot of film study over the next few months, but I just want to get better. We all do. We all want to go to that bowl game, but first off we have to take care of business and put in the work this offseason. We'll come back in good shape and ready to go right when camp starts in the fall."

On how he's feeling now: "I love it here. The conditions this spring weren't great, it was really windy, but it's been fun. I love playing ball here. The fans are great and I really love the guys I play with."

DT Cameron Elisara

On spring game: "It was a lot of fun. I went into it really excited. Toward the end, when they pulled me to put some of the other guys in to get some reps, that's when some of the older guys came up and talked about how it was their last spring game. That's when it got sentimental. I teared up a little bit, but not really. It's crazy to think that, after all I've been through, that this is my last spring game. But that's in the past and it's time to focus on the season coming up."

On expectations "They are moving guys around, seeing where they can be productive, and I think that I've done a good job being able to play multiple positions. That helps with the rotation and the depth. But I think some guys are going to be stepping up. Some guys have developed over the spring and we're going to be able to fulfill those roles in camp in the fall and I think we're going to be OK. Our expectation is to be an aggressive team. We lost two of our best players in Donald (Butler) and Daniel (Te'o-Nesheim), and we just want to make up for that by having everybody play to pick up for them. It's hard to fill shoes like that, but as a team we can come together as a defense and collectively make up for those losses."

On the end of the game: "Purple team won, that's how it should have been (laughs). Purple team was supposed to win."

DE Talia Crichton

On the game second time around: "It feels good. Another year, I'm getting better. I'm happy with how far I came this year. I'm just happy to get the opportunity."

On the respect earned by the second-year guy: "It motivated me and set the bar to show me how hard I have to work in the off-season. It pushed me a lot. I got a feel for it and I worked a lot harder. I knew who I was going up against, so I knew how hard I had to work in the off-season."

On the DL depth and pressure: "Just a little bit, but our guys are getting healthy so I'm not too worried about it. They are coming back."

On expectations coming from year one to year two: "I expect to be a leader on defense and take that defensive end spot because two seniors left. We have a young defensive line, so we all have to step up - me included."

On the defense as a whole: "I think my defense is solid. We're all good, and we'll be good for the season."

Demitrius Bronson

On spring game: "It's all about coming out and having a good time and running the ball. We are out here to have fun, protect the team and get yards."

On it being important to make a statement: "Not a statement, but just come out, run hard, have fun and see where it takes you."

On being fullback/tailback: "I have no clue. Wherever they put me in, I'm going to go in and play hard." Top Stories