Sarkisian Quotes - Spring Game

Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian was in a good mood following his second Washington Spring Game -- a 14 win by the Purple Team. Here's what he had to say on a number of subjects including the student who came on and booted a 45-yard field goal to end one of the fan/coach contests...

On Nick Montana's touchdown run that was called back: "We weren't supposed to run the quarterback in there and I think he would have scored, but I wanted to give the defense another shot because they didn't want to hit the kid."

On end of the game: "The [added] one second, truly the official had already called it. When the clock ticked off he said ‘no there is one more second.' When we added the play it was my call. Nick ran it and we weren't supposed to run the quarterback inside the five. He might of gotten in he might not of but I just figured it would be better off to run another play."

More on Nick Montana's touchdown run: "Yeah, he went for it. That was a competitive side of him that you got to see when you get in a setting like this. He saw something and went for it."

More on end of game: "You guys know, you guys come to practice enough, all of our practices end kind of controversial. We have to make things exciting.:"

On Montana's performance: "I thought he was great, I thought he did some things in the second half, he settled in and did some things. It was good for him; the whole experience, the crowd, the weather, you have to get used to playing in Husky stadium. It's going to be a little windy, it's going to be a little wet, it's going to be a little loud, you have to get used to it."

On Anthony Boyles: "I thought Anthony had a great day. Obviously the fumble recovery, the interception for a touchdown, he had a big hit near the sidelines, made a couple other good breaks for the ball and I thought he had a great scrimmage."

On the Spring Game as a whole: "I thought it was good, I thought the interactive stuff kept the crowed involved, kept them into it and all-in-all I thought it went well. Obviously some of our guys didn't play, but it gave some of younger players a chance to experience game like playing conditions. Fourth-quarter, two-minute drives and all of the things that went into it were good for our football team to grow on."\

On Eric Guttorp kicking the final extra point instead of Erik Folk: "We were just trying to make it as exciting as possible. That was Guttorp's first kick this spring in a live setting and I thought it sent a good message to our football team that you never know when your number is going to get called but you always stay prepared and Eric stepped in and nailed it."

On running game: "I thought Johri [Fogerson] had a nice day, I thought Demitrius Bronson had his best day running the ball all spring. He settled in running the football and stopped worrying about holding onto it. I thought he ran physical. I thought it was huge for him, it was big for him. Going into the summer knowing he's a capable player at this level and good things are still ahead for him."

On first team offense with Jake Locker: "It was sloppy here and there, a little hit and miss. There were a couple of plays I'm sure Jake would like to have back. He's healthy, we're healthy as a team and I'll take it.

On whether or not Sark got the contact information for the kicking contest: "That kid was pretty good, dang he was hitting them... In fact I did." Top Stories