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Saturday's Dawgman.com Radio Show on KJR was a good one as Scott Eklund and Kim Grinolds were joined by Husky G Isaiah Thomas and Scout.com West Region Recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman...

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Thomas and Huffman podcasts

The Dawgman.com Radio Show on KJR was lucky to have Scout.com West Region Recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman and Husky G Isaiah Thomas as guests on Saturday.

Here is a link where you can get the podcasts.

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Husky G Isaiah Thomas (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Thomas and Huffman on KJR with the Dawgman guys on Saturday

The Dawgman.com Radio Show will feature a segment with Husky G Isaiah Thomas and two full segments with Scout.com West Region Recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman as well.

Tune in between 9 and 11 a.m. Saturday and check back here for the full podcast to be posted later that night.

KJR Homepage link: Here

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Husky signee Kevin Smith

Only one sport on the mind of Kevin Smith

Over the weekend, I caught up with Compton (Ca.) Centennial WR Kevin Smith and asked him about his interest in playing basketball once he arrives in Seattle this summer.

"It's funny you should ask me that," Smith told Dawgman.com on Sunday. "I've been asked that question by a few people and I don't really know where it's coming from because I didn't really even get much interest in playing basketball. I'm a football player and that's where my focus has been. So, I don't really know how to answer the question other than to say I'm going to play football when I get up there...that's my main focus."

The reason for he question is because Smith's highlight video from basketball has gone viral and because he recently received the honor of being named to the Long Beach Press-Telegram's Dream Team for basketball, a team made up of the top area round-ballers.

"I love playing basketball, but football is where my head is at," Smith said matter-of-factly. "I'm just working out and doing speed training and running. I'm in the weight room three or four times a week and then out on the field running routes and working on my fundamentals.

"I spoke to the (Husky) coaches just recently and they were checking up on me and making sure I was ready to go for the 'Leap' (Summer Bridge) program. I graduate on June 10th and then I'll be up there a month later for the start of that on July 11th."

As a senior for Centennial last fall, Smith, who said he's currently 6'1", 200 pounds, was an absolute beast hauling in 43 receptions for over 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns while helping to lead his team to a 7-4 record, including their first Pioneer League Championship, and the CIF playoffs.

"I feel like I'm just starting to hit my potential in football," Smith said. "I hadn't played football until my junior year so I'm still getting a feel for the game and how to play the position at the highest level.

"I'm just looking forward to getting there and meeting everyone and getting settled in. I want to be an impact player, so I'll be working hard just to get up to speed and show the coaches that I'm ready to help the team."

Smith said he's the first member of his family to go to college and he noted, while he's not ready to declare a major, he has some interest in sports medicine and physical training and will be looking at possibly majoring in one of those areas once he arrives.

Kevin Smith Scout Profile

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Fetters talks to two 2010 signees in Hawaii

Scout.com's Chris Fetters is over in Hawaii getting a look at some of the top 2011 and 2012 kids on the Islands, but late last week he took the time to post video interviews he did with 2010 Husky signees Lawrence Lagafuaina and Taz Stevenson.

Here they are in case you missed them...

Lawrence Lagafuaina Spring Interview:

Taz Stevenson Spring interview:

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2:10 PM

Husky signee Cooper Pelluer (Scout.com)

Saturday Podcast of the Dawgman.com Radio Show

Kim Grinolds and Scott Eklund had three Husky 2010 signees in-studio for the Dawgman.com Radio Show Saturday morning. O'Dea OL Ben Riva, Skyline LB Cooper Pelluer and Bothell OL Colin Porter talked about recruiting and what they look forward to once the arrive at Montlake this summer...

It was a lively affair on the Dawgman.com radio show as Kim Grinolds and Scott Eklund hosted O'Dea OL Ben Riva, Skyline LB Cooper Pelluer and Bothell OL Colin Porter into the studio for a full two hours of recruiting and Husky football talk.

Here's the podcast so you can hear what they had to say...

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3:35 PM

Ben Riva (Scout.com)

Three 2010 signees join Dawgman.com in-studio for Saturday's Radio Show

Scott Eklund and Kim Grinold will host three local 2010 signees -- O'Dea OL Ben Riva, Bothell OL Colin Porter and Skyline LB Cooper Pelluer -- in studio for the Dawgman.com radio show this Saturday.

We will be taking calls which should be pretty entertaining, so tune in between 9:00 a.m and 11:00 a.m. to listen in.

KJR Homepage link: Here

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Husky signee Michael Criste

Criste is focused on the future

Had a chance to catch up with Mission Viejo OL Michael Criste recently and he talked about getting ready for his Husky football career.

"I'm just finishing things up right now," Criste told Dawgman.com. "I'm working out, running, lifting, studying because I'm just finishing up my senior year of school and I'm enjoying my last little bit of high school before I go off to college."

Criste is the youngest of two, with his older brother John a top swimmer at Stanford, so he said his family has been through a child leaving, but this one might be tougher for the family.

"I think my family will go through the whole 'empty nest' thing," Criste said. "They'll come up and see me play though, so that's good and I know my parents are excited for me and so is my brother."

Criste said he's currently measuring in at just over 6'6" and weighed in recently at 280 pounds.

"That's what I weighed on my official visit up there and that's where the coaches said they wanted me when I got up there," Criste said. "They want their linemen more agile and athletic, so they said this is a perfect weight for me.

"I talked to coach (Nick) Holt and coach (Dan) Cozzetto and they haven't really told me where they think I fit in best along the line. I don't really care. I could play inside or outside. I trust the coaches that they will find the right spot for me."

Criste will enroll this summer with most of the rest of his fellow signees to take part in the Summer Bridge Program which begins in mid-July.

Michael Criste Scout Profile

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Sarkisian on KIRO

Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian was on with KIRO's Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore Tuesday afternoon. While he didn't reveal anything new for Dawgfans, he did share some insights into how concerned he is when Jake Locker decides to run the ball and what he likes about his two young quarterbacks -- Keith Price and Nick Montana...

-- Said defense could be better than they thought it was going to be. Said ultimately losing Donald Butler and Daniel Te'o-Nesheim could be better in the long run because younger players could end up looking at them to make plays instead of making them themselves and now that they are gone, even though they were great players, they really flew around in spring ball and made plays themselves.

-- Toward the end of the season they were trying to get Jake Locker 8 to 10 carries per game just to use his talents. Said he wasn't concerned about Locker getting hurt, but that they just continue to educate him on how to not take those "straight on blows", teaching him to slide or get out of bounds.

-- Loves both Keith Price and Nick Montana. Said Price has matured physically and now is over 190 pounds opposed to when he arrived at a little over 170 pounds. Said Price's arm-strength is good. Said Montana had better arm strength than people though, loved it that he didn't get rattled. Said they won't name that spot and let them battle and see who comes out on top the week of the BYU game.

-- On the last play of the spring game, Sarkisian said that's the same exact play that Joe Montana ran (except to the opposite side) that Montana hit Dwight Clark on to go to the Super Bowl. Also known as "The Catch".

-- Said that you have to take care of "home court" and have to find a way to win on the road. Said if they had been able to win on the road they would have been in the thick of the Pac 10 Championship hunt and that they are working hard to get it done.

-- Said Will Shamburger was a kid they stuck by even though he tore his ACL and showed the Huskies great things this spring after he got healthy. Said all in all it's a big success and he's looking for him to be a playmaker this fall.

-- When asked about Lane Kiffin's $4 million salary he said "USC is a prestigious job and if (the head coaching job) warrants it, it warrants it".

Hopes he and his staff put a product on the field to have fans get passionate about and loves the "bark" and thinks it's a unique cheer and fits well.

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Husky signee Hauoli Jamora

Jamora working his way back

Spoke with Kahuku (Honolulu, Hi.) DE Hauoli Jamora Sunday evening and he updated me on things including how his wrist is healing up after having surgery on it...

"Things are going well with (the wrist)," Jamora told Dawgman.com. "I broke a bone in it during the State Championship game and it wasn't healing up well because I was trying to work out with it, so we just decided for me to have surgery on it to get it corrected and I get the cast off in June.

"The doctors told me that it's healing up well and that I'll be just fine. I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and it will be fine."

Jamora helped lead his team to two-straight state championship games and was a standout on the Red Raiders defense this past fall as a senior, posting 22 sacks including 10 in one two-game stretch.

"I've always been able to get to the quarterback because of my 'get-off' and my hustle," Jamora said. "I've been working on my explosiveness this spring and after my wrist gets better, I'll start the lifting process. I mean, I've still been doing work (on his upper body), it's just not as much as I would have if I was completely healthy."

Jamora said he recently weighed in at 250 pounds and said he's currently topped out at 6'2".

"I've talked to coach (Johnny) Nansen real recently and he just wants to see how things are going," Jamora said. "I guess coach (Nick) Holt is supposed to be out here on the Islands next week so I might see him out here, but if not, I'll probably talk to him on the phone.

"They just want me ready to go once I get there. I know that they have had some defensive ends not be healthy, so the chance to play early is there, but I'm not too worried about it. I just want to get there and do what I can to be ready and if I'm better than everyone else, then I'll play; if not, then I will work harder and get there so the coaches can't keep me off the field."

Jamora noted that he is the first of his family to go to college so there is some bitter-sweetness to him leaving home, but he said he knows it's for the best.

"My mom is happy for me, but I know she's a little sad," Jamora said. "She wants me to go and be successful at school and in football, but she'll miss me.

"It's okay though. They are going to try and make it out for some games and to see me, so she'll still get to see me and we can talk all the time. It;s a lot easier to get to Seattle than it is to a place like Oregon."

Jamora said has already been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse and will be on campus for the Summer Bridge Program' which begins in mid-July.

Hauoli Jamora Scout Profile

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Husky OC Doug Nussmeier (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Dawgman.com Radio Show podcast

Kim Grinolds and Scott Eklund were in-studio at KJR this morning and had Husky offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier and Skyline head coach Matt Taylor on the Dawgman.com Radio Show. The podcasts have been posted so you can hear what they had to say...

The Dawgman.com Radio Show podcasts are posted on KJR's Dawgman.com Radio Show page. Listen to Husky offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier talk about the offense, Skyline head coach Matt Taylor talk about his team and several recruits he has on his roster and Scott Eklund and Kim Grinolds talk about the stadium remodel while fitting in some time to talk recruiting as well.

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Husky 2010 signee Brent Williams

Williams talks about the future

I spoke with Husky DE/LB signee Brent Williams, a Taft (Woodland Hills, Ca.) prospect, today and we talked about a few subjects...

Williams, who currently tips the scales at 207 pounds on his 6'3" frame, said things have been humming along.

"I've just been working out and running," Williams admitted. "I just have a few weeks of school left, prom is next weekend, so I've been planning for that and other than that, I've just been trying to get stronger and get faster."

Williams is slated for the "LEO' position in the Husky defensive scheme and knows he's got to get bigger and that's precisely what he talked to coach Nick Holt and coach Johnny Nansen about just last week.

"I talked to both of them last week about stuff," Williams said. "They wanted to find out how big I'm getting, how my school is coming along and stuff like that. I'm all set to graduate and then I'll be up there in July for the summer 'Bridge Program'.

"I'm really looking forward to it. It's exciting and something I've been working for my whole life."

One of the top players available to sign next February is one of Williams' best friend, Taft DT Antwaun Woods, and recently the big-time prospect came to Seattle to see another close friend, former Husky DT Craig Noble.

"Yeah, he went up there and he said he loved it," Williams said. "I work on him all the time about joining me. He said it was cold, but he could get used to it and he said the school and the coaches were great."

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Scott Woodward (Puget Sound Business Journal)

Washington AD Scott Woodward on Husky Stadium plans

After trying for the past three years to secure some public financing for a remodel of Husky Stadium, the school's athletic director, Scott Woodward, announced Friday plans to move forward with the plan with private financing...

Here are some excerpts from Woodward's 15-minute press conference with the local media today...

Woodward's opening statement: "Let me start off with an opening and then I want to talk to everyone about, there's one certainty in this thing and that certainty is that we will begin construction on Husky Stadium in six to 18 months. Everything else is open for discussion, it's open for good proposals, it's open for what we get from our various consultants and our various RFPs."

On what the price could end up being: "We have very good data from the three years we've worked on the committee and we've had prices, if you've paid attention, from $400 million down to about $250 million and we're trying to drive the prices even further down given the depression in the construction market here.

"Prices of concrete have gone down, prices of labor have gone down, prices of steel have gone down and we're coming up with all kinds of different ideas for ‘value engineering' to do this stadium in the best and smartest possible way. I'm not an engineer, I'm not a designer and that's why we're going to market to see what these good architects and engineers come up with."

On the scope of what might be done: "We just don't know, from a value standpoint, what might be the smartest thing to do. We might begin demolition immediately after the season; it might be starting on a football operations center earlier or later, we just don't know yet."

-- Woodward noted that the 2011 could very well be played at Qwest Field.

On why the Football Operations Center needs to be completed: "The whole department needs it, because we need to space freed up from the football operations and football folks to give all of our sports ‘wings to spread', but the competitive aspect is a key factor in this.

On getting the financing: "I'm very confident the plan that we have going forward will be able to raise (the money) and the university just came out of a very successful capital campaign plan and I think there's good pent-up demand to contribute and to go forth in football and collegiate athletics here at the University of Washington.

"There's premium seating in it; there's Tyee increases; I'm sure there'll be some types of season ticket increases; there'll be corporate rights; everything is on the table so I think it's a conservative fiscal plan to get something done in the next six to 18 months.

"Ticket prices will go up, but we don't know how high and we'll be prudent about how we go about that."

On why they just don't tell a contractor 'let's get going': "We haven't figured out, right now, what it's going to cost. You don't build a number in and then fill the bucket up, that's bad business to tell the contractor you have ‘X-amount' of dollars to spend and then fill the bucket up, so we won't be doing that."

On a new name for Husky Stadium: "The preference is for that not to happen, you know everyone loves the name of Husky Stadium, but there might be a possibility for a donor to step up and name the field."

On what financing Woodward would like to have in place to get started: "I would like to have, from my standpoint and for my comfort, half of the philanthropic donations pledged before we go to the Board of Regents for final approval."

On why he thinks this thing can get done so quickly: "We've spent $3.5 million on design already. We've done an enormous amount of work. We know what this stadium looks like inside and out; we've worked with Sound Transit to relocate utilities; we've done a ton of work already to prepare for this plan.

"We've coordinated well with Sound Transit. We know where our critical paths are and where theirs are, so I see it as something we can do collaboratively and without much interruption.

"If we have some big donor fall out of the sky in the next few weeks, then it could begin by the end of 2010.

"It could happen after the 2010 season or the 2011 season, we just don't know yet."

On why he thinks this is feasible: "Construction costs are down 25 to 30% in the commercial construction market in Seattle so that gives us a much more affordable project."

-- Woodward noted that even though they are looking for the project to cost much less than what was projected two years ago, they are not expecting to have to scrap anything they had planned to build into the project.

-- Woodward noted that capacity may go down. Depending on what makes the most sense. Would rather decrease size than increase size.

On why he prefers for capacity to go down instead of up: "We have not been, for a long time, a sellout crowd. I also like the marketing plans of having a well-sought-out, hot ticket whereas you don't have that right now and you have some not-so-great seats available as well."

-- Woodward said they will still look for public financing possibilities as well.

On why they will continue to pursue some public funds: "This is an important part of the community and I want everyone to know that we contribute to the vitality of tourism here and we should participate in the largess frankly.

"If we can continue to make the case, which I think we've done a good job and made good inroads to show that Husky Stadium is an economic generator for tourism. Our fans rent rental cars; they rent hotel rooms; they go into restaurants and bars and they pay heavily into the tax base."

-- Woodward was asked about the track and he said it will be a stand-alone facility north of the soccer stadium.

-- Woodward said they had a "good meeting" with the Board of Regents Wednesday and they are on board.

On how fans should feel right now: "They should be very excited because we're going to give the fans a greater and more fun venue than they've ever had. They're going to be closer to the action and it'll be very fan-friendly and that's the main prerogative to get this stadium even more exciting than it has been in the past."

-- Woodward noted that July 1st is the deadline for the developers.

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Husky OC Doug Nussmeier (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Nussmeier and Taylor on the Dawgman.com radio show

Last week we had two Husky assistants on -- Nick Holt from the football team and Paul Fortier from the basketball squad -- and this week we get two more coaches to join us on our radio show as Husky offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier and Skyline head coach Matt Taylor will both be on to talk about a lot of different subjects...

Husky offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier will join the Dawgman guys at 10:05 a.m. to talk about spring football and give us a quick look ahead to fall while Skyline head coach Matt Taylor has quite a few recruits to talk about at 9:35 a.m.

Tune in, you won't be disappointed.

KJR Homepage link: Here

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Husky freshman LB Garrett Gilliland (Scout.com)

Gilliland ready for Husky career to begin

The Huskies will welcome at least 24 freshman football players in the middle of July and one of them, Orange (Ca.) Lutheran LB Garrett Gilliland, spoke to Dawgman.com Thursday evening to update us on things...

Had a chance to catch up with Orange (Ca.) Lutheran LB Garrett Gilliland and he talked about how things are progressing now that he's only about three weeks away from graduating.

"Things are going good, but they're kinda hectic right now," Gilliland said. "I'm just enjoying my last few weeks of school and then in two months, the second week of July actually, I will be up there for the 'Bridge Program'.

"Me and my parents are going to come up a few days early and get settled. You know, I have to buy stuff and make sure I have all I need and then I can start working out and working with the team which should be a big change for me."

Gilliland said he's gained 10 pounds since he finished up his football season back in December.

"Right after the season, I was weighing 200 to 205, but right now I'm 215," Gilliland said. "I had ankle surgery back in December, so I just started doing conditioning about a month ago and that's really been what I've focused on along with school and lifting."

Gilliland said he's currently benching 285, squatting 375 and he power-cleaned 300 very recently.

"I talk to coach (Nick) Holt and coach (Mike) Cox a pretty frequently," Gilliland noted. "They've just been checking up on me and telling me about what is going on up there.

"They both said they plan to use me at the weakside linebacker position which I think will be a great fit for me. I can use my speed and my quickness to make plays, so I'm excited about that opportunity."

Gilliland mentioned he's looking at possibly majoring in business, but said once he gets to Washington, that is when he will probably make a decision on what he will study.

Garrett Gilliland Scout Profile

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Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com) Afternoon links...

Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian was on an hour-long live chat with the Seattle Times today and answered some interesting questions. The link to recap leads the way in our afternoon news links...

-- Here's a recap from Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times on today's live chat and here's a link to the transcript.

-- The Sporting News' Matt Hayes and Dave Curtis both ranked the Pac 10 QBs. Both had a different signal-caller ranked first.

-- Finally, Robert Ash, a defensive end prospect out of Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, California spoke with Scout.com's Allen Wallace and said he favors teams in the Pac 10.

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Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Morning links...

-- The Seattle Times will have Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian on a live chat today at noon. Here's the link to see what he has to say and even ask a question if you feel so inclined.

-- The first event of the Huskies Celebrating Huskies takes place tonight in Tacoma. Featured attendees include Washington basketball coach Lorenzo Romar and football coach Steve Sarkisian. You can get info about the even here.

-- Here's an article I posted late last night about Husky signee Princeton Fuimaono, a linebacker prospect from Long Beach (Ca.) Jordan High School. No one had spoken to the young man since spring of last year, so it was a chance for us to catch up on him and what he's been up to.

-- Also, I spoke to Grant (Sacramento) S James Sample Monday night and he let me know who his leader is.

-- Finally, Dawgman.com's own Dick Baird writes about recruiting and some of his philosophies.

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TCU head coach Gary Patterson (AP)

Washington vs. TCU in the Las Vegas bowl? That's the admittedly "way, way too early" opinion of ESPN's Ted Miller in this evenings news links...

-- ESPN Pac 10 blogger Ted Miller was asked to project which programs from the conference will end up with a bowl game and it appears the Huskies could be headed to Las Vegas, at least in Miller's mind.

-- Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian was on ESPN's College Football Live show this afternoon and the Seattle Times' Bob Condotta gives a synopsis of what took place.

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UW basketball assistant coach Paul Fortier (UW Media Relations)

Holt and Fortier on KJR with the Dawgman guys

The Dawgman.com Radio Show welcomed Husky assistant coaches Nick Holt and Paul Fortier on our radio show Saturday. While Holt broke down each unit on the the defensive side of the football team, Fortier shared his thoughts on some of the new Husky basketball players who will be here this fall...

We were lucky enough to have Husky defensive coordinator Nick Holt and Husky basketball assistant Paul Fortier on Saturday's radio show.

Both had some interesting insights to share.

Here is the link to the podcasts.

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5:22 PM

Nick Holt (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Holt will be on the Dawgman Radio Show Saturday

Husky defensive coordinator Nick Holt will join the Dawgman.com guys on their weekly radio show Saturday at 10:05 a.m. We'll talk about spring ball and look ahead to summer workouts and the fall with the man tasked to turn Washington's defense into a cohesive group.

We'll also have Washington basketball assistant Paul Fortier to talk about the team and recently signed Terrence Ross.

Here's the link to KJR's home page so you can listen on the internet.

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Husky DE Andru Pulu (UW Media Relations)

Afternoon news links...

The big news coming out this afternoon is that Husky DE Andru Pulu, who plead guilty to felony second-degree assault last month was finally sentenced today...

-- We've been waiting for a resolution in the Andru Pulu case and today his sentence came down. According to a report in the Seattle Times, the sophomore football player was sentenced today to six months in jail, but the King County Superior Court judge overseeing the case said he could serve the sentence in work release.

-- In much lighter news, ESPN's Ted Miller has a Pac 10 Spring Overview.

-- Lastly, this was a story from yesterday, but I didn't see it until today, Jon Wilner of the Mercury News has Washington third in the Pac 10 this fall.

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RB Chris Polk (Getty)

Morning links...

Some interesting stuff in today's morning links. First off, ESPN takes a look at Washington's spring camp while Scout.com's Brandon Huffman posts a West Recruiting notebook with some UW prospects talking about things...

-- ESPN Pac 10 blogger Ted Miller goes through each Pac 10 team and how their spring went and also comes up with some questions that need to be answered for each.

-- Here's Miller's post on the Huskies, in case you didn't want to read about Oregon, Washington State, USC and the rest...

-- Brandon Huffman, Scout.com's West Region Recruiting analyst, took the time to post some interesting notes on several prospects out west, most of whom are getting interest from Washington.

-- Lastly, here are two stories I posted late last night on two recruits Washington is heavily in the mix for: Graham-Kapowsin WR Jamaal Jones and Lakewood (Ca.) DT Todd Barr.

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BYU freshman QB Jake Heaps

Evening news links...

More good stuff in our nightly news links. ESPN takes a look at BYU's spring and has some interesting tidbits from the Pac 10 meetings taking place this week. Also, it appears that Husky QB Jake Locker will be a counselor at a high-profile quarterback camp this summer...

-- ESPN blogger Graham Watson reviews BYU's spring practice.

-- Ted Miller, also of ESPN, has a nice recap of the goings on at the Pac 10 meetings, including some tidbits on a possible Pac 10/Big 12 partnership and the fact the conference is looking at not using their own referees for non-conference games.

-- In this Arkansas News blog, it says that ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortensen, is reporting that Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet will join Stanford's Andrew Luck and Washington's Jake Locker as counselors at the Manning Passing Academy which takes place in Thibodaux, Louisiana on from July 8th to the 11th.

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Nebraska QB Zac Lee (Big Red Sports Report)

Morning news links...

Some interesting stuff in today's morning news links. First off, ESPN takes a look at Nebraska's spring practices and looks forward to the fall, while the Seattle Times talks to Desmond Trufant and Pac 10 Commissioner Larry Scott addresses several topics at the Conference meetings...

-- ESPN Big 12 blogger David Ubben reviews Nebraska's spring practice and what questions need to be answered before the start of the season.

-- The Seattle Times' Bob Condotta spoke with Husky sophomore CB Desmond Trufant a few days before Washington's spring game and filed this report.

-- ESPN Pac 10 blogger Ted Miller gives an update from the Pac 10 meetings.

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Curtis Williams (Dawgman.com)

Morning news links...

The late Curtis Williams was the subject of Dawgman.com contributor Derek Johnson in an article he wrote yesterday. That story is one of the links we've posted in our blog...

-- Johnson blogs on Seattlepi.com about former Husky RB Braxton Clemens' thoughts on his late teammate.

-- Bleacher Report's Todd Williams talks about the Husky Spring Game and the fans that attended.

-- Lastly, here's a recap from ESPN Big East blogger Brian Bennett on Syracuse's spring camp.

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Former Husky DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Evening news links...

Former Husky DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim went to Philadelphia at the end of the third round in last month's NFL Draft and last weekend he had his first taste of pro football at the Eagles' mini-camp. We have a link to the video as well as a few other Husky/Pac 10 related links...

-- Here's the link to an interview that Te'o-Nesheim did after his first taste of pro football.

-- John Wilner from the Mercury News in San Jose takes a look at what will be discussed at the Pac 10 meetings this week. Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian is expected to be in attendance since only assistants can be on the road recruiting right now.

-- ESPN's Ted Miller says S Will Shamburger and RB Deontae Cooper are on his list of breakout players following the conclusion of spring football.

-- Finally, the Seattle Times' Bob Condotta conducted a chat Tuesday afternoon.

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Husky QB Jake Locker (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

ESPN Blogs on Jake Locker

The Jake Locker media bombardment continues as ESPN's Bruce Feldman finally posts his compilation piece on one of the top college football players in the country. Feldman was actually at Montlake last month and has plenty of quotes from the fifth-year senior as well as from his father Scott Locker and his head coach Steve Sarkisian...

Here is ESPN College Analyst Bruce Feldman's blog on Jake Locker covering a myriad of subjects with quotes from Locker and those closest to him.

Because it is a pay site, I'll link to ESPN Pac 10 Blogger Ted Miller's recap of some of what was said for those who can't read the first story...

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Former Husky OL Joe Toledo (UW Media Relations)

Toledo Inks with Seattle

Former Husky OL Joe Toledo inked his name on a free agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks after a three-day tryout during their weekend mini-camp according to the Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil.

Toledo was a fourth-round draft choice by the Miami Dolphins back in 2006 and since then he's had stints with them as well as Green Bay, San Francisco and San Diego, but has yet to play in a regular season game.

Here's a nice piece by Seattlepi.com's Greg Johns who profiled the former Dawg.

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Husky CB coach Demetrice Martin (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Dawgman.com show on KJR - 5/1

The Dawgman guys once again had their Saturday morning show on KJR, minus Chris Fetters, who was at the Barton Football Mercer Island Marketing Workout. Kim Grinolds and Scott Eklund talked with UW corners coach Demetrice Martin, Percy Allen from the Seattle Times, and took calls on a few different topics, including the Terrence Jones commit/non-commit.

Below is the link for the Dawgman show on KJR from 9-10:30 Saturday morning. Kim Grinolds and Scott Eklund spoke with UW Cornerbacks Coach Demetrice Martin on the spring game and his guys, as well as the beginning of recruiting.

They also talked with Percy Allen of the Seattle Times. Percy was down at Jefferson High School in Portland with Grinolds to cover the press conference of Terrence Ross and Terrence Jones. What ensued couldn't have been duplicated on the big screen. They talk about Ross' signing with Washington, as well as Jones' public commitment to UW, followed by him backing off that commitment and 'weighing his options'.

To listen to the full show, click on the link below.

Dawgman.com show on KJR - 5/1
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CB Anthony Boyles (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Post-Spring Defensive Depth Chart

LDE - Cameron Elisara/Everrette Thompson

Elisara will prove to be one of the key components up front this fall as he is a leader and versatile enough to play inside or at either end position. He's not a dynamic pass-rusher off the edge, but he's adequate and he's got the strength to hold strong against he run. Thompson has plenty of experience and as long as his Achilles is healthy at the start of camp, I expect him to push for the starting spot by the time they face BYU in September.

DT - DeShon Matthews/Chris Robinson/Tyrone Duncan

Should Thompson be back and healthy, Elisara would slide inside to man this spot. If not, Matthews had a solid, if unspectacular spring. He's not going to get a lot of penetration when rushing the quarterback, but he doesn't get moved off the line very easily either. Robinson is an absolute animal up front. His desire is infectious and before the end of the season I think he could be a player who becomes one of the most valuable up front. Duncan is a bit of a 'tweener because he could play almost anywhere along the line. He's not as consistent as you would like, but he's getting there.

NT - Alameda Ta'amu/Semisi Tokolahi/Duncan

Ta'amu's improvement has been immense since the middle of last season and he was arguably having the best camp of anyone and remains a key cog inside for the Dawgs. Tokolahi isn't spectacular, but with his wide base and low center-of-gravity, he's someone who can anchor pretty well against the run. Duncan is probably a better fit here rather than at the three-technique spot. He's got a quick first step so it allows him to cause problems with blocking schemes, but he's a bit of a liability against he run.

RDE - Talia Crichton/Kalani Aldrich/Matthews

No player has changed more from a physical standpoint than Crichton who has added a lot of size to his frame. He's been solid this spring and the hope is he continues to learn the nuances of the position. Aldrich is a solid athlete and someone who can take some snaps while no allowing for much of a drop-off in productivity, but with his ankle troubles, at this point he's an iffy prospect at best to be a heavy contributor this fall. Matthews, like Duncan, is very versatile and could play three of the four defensive line spots pretty easily.

SAM - Mason Foster/Jordan Wallace/Tim Tucker

Foster, along with Locker, is widely considered the top pro prospect on the Husky roster. He's a playmaker and a leader. Without him, the Huskies would be in huge trouble at linebacker. Wallace and Tucker both have yet to see any regular snaps, but both will have a chance to improve this summer. They had better, because there is a plethora of talent coming in this fall.

MIK - Cort Dennison/Victor Burnett

Dennison is smart and continues to be one of the most consistent players on Washington's defense. He's a sure-tackler and a better athlete than many think. He's probably better suited outside, but with the loss of Donal Butler, his leadership inside is needed until Burnett can prove he's ready for the rigors of Pac 10 football. Burnett enrolled early and appeared to be "getting it" as spring football started to wind down. He's going to have to get stronger this summer in order to push Dennison outside.

WIL/LEO - Alvin Logan/Victor Aiyewa/Matt Houston

I thought Logan looked pretty natural at this position during the spring, but once Aiyewa is healthy, he's going to be a physical presence that will push for playing time. Houston hasn't done much to improve his stock, but he's a solid special teams player with some athleticism.

CB - Desmond Trufant/Quinton Richardson/Vonzell McDowell/Adam Long/Anthony Gobern/Anthony Boyles

Besides Trufant, who missed the entire spring with a groin injury, this one is very tough to call. On Saturday, CB coach Demetrice Martin told us Richardson was "right there at the top" of the depth chart along with Trufant so that's why I am listing him here, however the way that Boyles and Gobern played during the spring could complicate things down the road. McDowell has a ton of experience and Long has the speed the Huskies are looking for, but neither were very consistent this spring. This one is probably the toughest to call depth-wise of all the units.

SS - Nate Williams/Justin Glenn/Greg Walker

The coaches feel that Williams is their rock in the secondary. He'll finish his UW career as a three-year starter and while he isn't a big-time athlete, he's smart and he loves to hit. Glenn has a great future ahead of him and would have started the final eight games of the season had he not broken his ankle in the Notre Dame game. He's still not 100%, but he's close and the coaches have plenty of faith in him. Walker is smart, but just not athletic enough to be a starter. As it is, he'll be a solid special teams player who can sub in at times in the regular defense.

FS - Nate Fellner/Will Shamburger/Glenn

Fellner is a big-hitter, but he has played well at the free safety position as well. Shamburger was Sarkisian's most improved player at the end of spring ball and is pushing Fellner for the starting spot. Glenn's versatility makes him someone that can play either spot and be productive.

Talk about it: Here

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Freshman RB Deontae Cooper (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Post-Spring Offensive Depth Chart

QB - Jake Locker/Keith Price/Nick Montana

Locker is the odds-on-favorite to be the top QB in the country next year and with his progression as a passer, he could easily be the top choice in next year's NFL Draft. Price looks like the better athlete and was more consistent than Montana, but with the amount of reps the staff gave Montana during the spring game, it appears they aren't completely sold on Price as the sure-fire number two guy.

RB - Chris Polk/Deontae Cooper/Jesse Callier/Johri Fogerson/Demetrius Bronson

Polk didn't take part in spring ball and he knows he has his work cut out for him retaining his starting spot with the performance of both Cooper and Callier this spring. That being said, he's still the more physical of the bunch and as long as his shoulder is back to being 100% I see no reason he won't be the starter in the fall. Cooper is explosive and Callier has the knack for always finding a crease to squeeze through. Both Bronson and Fogerson is a good receiver and played much more physical this spring, so the ball-carrying chores are in very good hands no matter who is in.

FB - Kimo Makaula/Austin Sylvester/Dorson Boyce

The loss of Paul Homer could really be felt this year if Makaula doesn't become a more physical blocker. Sylvester is a very good lead-blocker and will get plenty of chances to lead the way for the Husky running game, but he isn't as athletic as Makaula. Boyce showed flashes, but still has a long way to go.

WR - Jermaine Kearse/Devin Aguilar/James Johnson/D'Andre Goodwin/Jordan Polk/Cody Bruns/Luther Leonard/William Chandler*

There might not be a better trio of receivers on a Pac 10 team when compared to Kearse, Aguilar and Johnson. Kearse is fast becoming the go-to man while Johnson has proven to be clutch and Aguilar just seems to find the open spots in the defense. Goodwin, Polk, Bruns and Leonard had better watch out because once Kevin Smith and DiAndre Campbell get to school, they may get the short end of the snaps.

TE - Chris Izbicki/Kavario Middleton/Marlion Barnett

Izbicki really seemed to pick things up late in spring football and head coach Steve Sarkisian said he would be the starter if the team had a game that weekend. Middleton is a fantastic athlete, but just hasn't been able to put it all together. He appears to have become a better blocker, but from the sounds of it, the demotion to the second-team had more to do with Izbicki improving, rather than Middleton regressing. Barnett has good hands, but still looks like a big receiver. He needs to hit the weight room hard this summer in order to be a reliable player this fall.

LT - Senio Kelemete/Skyler Fancher/Dan Kanczugowski

While there were several players that had great spring camps, none looked better than Kelemete who appears to be a rock-solid player with an NFL future. Fancher comes out of camp as the starter on the right side, but will likely give way to Cody Habben at that spot. His versatility gives the Husky coaches some flexibility and depth at different positions. Kanczugowski is nothing more than a depth player, but he could see time this fall if the Huskies get a lead. He impressed me with his intensity and was more athletic than I had seen before.

LG - Ryan Tolar/Nick Wood

Tolar gets to move back to his more natural position and remember, when he was a redshirt freshman he earned Freshman All-American honors and with Kelemete showing pro-potential, so I don't think it's a stretch to think they could be one of the top left-sides in the entire country. Wood isn't outstanding, but he's a solid player. His lack of great feet make him somewhat of a liability in pass-protection, but he's a great drive-blocker and has good strength.

C - Drew Schaefer/Mykenna Ikehara/Greg Christine

It was a bit of a surprise when it was announced that Schaefer had moved to center in the pre-spring press conference. He's a cerebral player who the coaches said should be a rock inside for the Dawgs for the next three years. He needs to get stronger to handle the big, interior linemen he will face on a down-by-down basis, but this spring he really appeared to take to the position. Ikehara and Christine can both play center or guard, so they allow the coaches a lot of options with how they want to work the line.

RG - Ikehara/Christine/Scott Shugert

The word from the Husky defensive tackles is that he might not be very big, but when Ikehara gets his hands on them, the play is usually over. Christine has been solid in his stints for the Dawgs, but his lack of ideal athleticism makes him a better depth player than starter. Shugert continues to struggle to push for time, but his size and intensity make him someone to keep an eye on.

RT - Skyler Fancher/Cody Habben/ Mark Armelin

Fancher is a solid player, but Habben is the better lineman should he get back to 100% which is what the team expects. Armelin has good size, but he's not a great athlete. At this point he's merely a depth player.

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Will Terrence Jones become a Dawg?

Some Saturday Evening Links...

It was a hectic 30 days for the Husky football team that just ended spring football with the annual Purple and Gold game. Besides all of the goings on surrounding that game, the football team picked up two commitments (one each on Thursday and Friday night) and the basketball ball team signed one big-time recruit while his teammate, Terrence Jones, is still weighing his options...

-- Here is our Spring Game wrap from last night.

-- Here are some quotes from the players.

-- Here are some quotes from Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian.

-- Here is a quick story on the commitment of Dorsey (Los Angeles) LB Matt Lyons as well as some quotes we got from him Thursday night.

--Here is the full story on the commitment of Skyline (Sammamish) DE/LB Connor Cree.

-- Finally here are several stories related to the Terrence Jones drama and the Terrence Ross commitment and signing.

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