Huskies pick up interest in Faafoi

Tustin (Ca.) OL Faitele Faafoi has flown a bit under-the-radar this spring, but schools have started to take notice of what the big, athletic offensive line prospect has to offer. Washington is one of those programs showing interest and Faafoi recently told that he knows a lot about the Husky football program already...

"My old teammate Chris Robinson us up there, so we've talked a little about things," Faafoi told "I also have talked a lot with coach (Johnny) Nansen about things. He's funny, I like him a lot. We just talk about school and how things are going for me.

"He keeps telling me to keep my grades up and he says 'I'm coming for you next year' and stuff like that. He's a pretty cool guy. I like him a lot.

"They haven't offered me yet, but they said they like me a lot and want me to come up for their camp in June. I'm really thinking about going, but right now I haven't made any plans yet."

While Faafoi does most of his damage on the defensive side of the ball, the schools recruiting him all seem to like him on offense.

"I'm fine with playing offense, but I really don't play on offense much right now," Faafoi said. "They all said they like my footwork and my athleticism and think I could be great on offense.

"I'll play anything the coaches want me to play. I just like playing football and hitting people."

Oregon, Oregon State, USC and San Diego State are the other schools recruiting Faafoi right now and he said camp plans are currently in the works.

"I'm going to the USC 'Rising Stars' camp for sure and I'm still deciding on the rest," Faafoi said. "I need to talk to my uncle about that stuff honestly because he's the one I trust to help me make those decisions.

"Washington wants me to come up to theirs and I've been thinking about going up to do that, but I just have to see how things work out for me. I'll know more about that in a little while."

As a nose guard for the Tillers last season, Faafoi said he posted over 40 tackles and two sacks while helping to lead them to an 11-2 record.

He said he's currently measuring in at 6-5 and 320 pounds and he's been working on his strength and explosiveness all offseason.

"I bench 340 pounds right now and I squat 430," Faafoi said. "My power clean is getting to where I want it to be, but it's still at 265, so I'm working on that too.

"I want to get more agility and be more flexible, so I'm working on that stuff right now.

"I throw the shot in track and my best right now is 58 feet, but I'd like to get it further, like 60 feet if I can."

We'll have more on Faafoi in the coming weeks and months as he goes through the recruiting process.

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