Dawgman Insider Blog: July 2010

The Washington Huskies were in southern California Thursday as part of the Pac-10 Media Day festivities. Head Coach Steve Sarkisian and starting linebacker Mason Foster spoke about the conference, the move toward greater publicity for left coast football, the need for the Huskies to play in Los Angeles every year, and Jake Locker's decision to stay for his final year of school.

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11:00 PM

Washington Pac-10 Media Day Quotes

The Washington Huskies were in southern California Thursday as part of the Pac-10 Media Day festivities. Head Coach Steve Sarkisian and starting linebacker Mason Foster spoke about the conference, the move toward greater publicity for left coast football, the need for the Huskies to play in Los Angeles every year, and Jake Locker's decision to stay for his final year of school.

Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian

Opening statement:
"Growing up in the Pac-10 and Southern California and watching this great conference, I think this event is fantastic. I think it's indicative of Larry Scott and his aggressiveness. I think this conference is headed in a tremendous direction. I'm excited for our football program because I think we're on that same wave."

"We are obviously led by a tremendous senior quarterback in Jake Locker who has all of us primed for a fantastic senior season. His work ethic on and off the field is tremendous. The leadership he provides on the offensive side of the football is huge for us."

"On the defensive side, Mason Foster is a fantastic player. We've got the senior leadership to bring the young guys along to do something pretty special. That doesn't mean you go out and win every game, because this is a very difficult conference and there's a lot of parity. That doesn't mean we don't have great football teams. We have great coaches and tremendous players."

"Our challenge is to take that next step. As we move towards the season and the Pac-10 Conference and the Race for the Roses, it is going to be an exciting time."

On the importance of Northwest schools to be playing in Los Angeles:
"The most important game is here on January 1. That's what we're all trying to get to. We all recruit in the Southern California area. We'd all like to be playing down here so our recruits can play in front of their family and friends. Whether it's in Los Angeles, Seattle, Pullman, Corvallis or Eugene, we need to win. That's the ultimate goal."

On coaching against USC head coach Lane Kif?n after working together at USC:
"It will be extremely competitive. Lane and I are still great friends. He will do a great job at USC. It will be fun to see each other on opposing sidelines. Hopefully we get to do it for quite some team against each other."

On quarterback Jake Locker's decision to stay for his senior season:
"I thought we all handled it very well. We really tried to get him to a point where we could educate him and ultimately let him go make the decision. He's physically gifted. He's a better human being. The humility and loyalty he has is something we try to embody in our program. How he handled the situation is indicative of who he is."

On the value of a quarterback like Jake Locker in the Pac-10:
"Historically in this Conference, the teams that have won Pac-10 Championships or have been in that race at the end have had veteran leadership at that position. Ultimately, if you really want to win a Pac-10 Championship, you have to find a way to win on the road. We will take the advantage of having that senior quarterback who has been in those environments."

Senior linebacker Mason Foster

On defensive coordinator Nick Holt and what he means to the defense:
"He brings intensity and enthusiasm to our defense. As a defense, we embody his personality. We understand what he's trying to do with the defenses in his blitzes. I am looking for great things out of our defense."

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7/29 Workout Photo Gallery

Chris Fetters of Dawgman.com was on hand Thursday to watch Washington's final voluntary workout - this one at Husky Stadium. It lasted roughly 90 minutes, and we were able to get pictures of the Huskies in their team drills, 1-1 work and 7-7 skelly action.

To check out the full gallery, click on the link below.

UW Workout Photo Gallery - 7/29

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8:00 PM

7/29 Hoops Open Gym Report

I caught open gym again this evening. No MBA, Holiday, VO or Breshers, but the rest of the crew was present, along with a host of Seattle U players.

It was obvious very quickly that this is Isaiah's team. He's the vocal floor general you'd expect, and the clear leader on the floor. While I've seen IT do just about everything he can possibly do in open gym, his approach was far different today than in summers' past - Mainly because scoring wasn't his first priority. There was no over-penetration or silly shots. He was all business, consistently setting up his two sweet shooting wings (Wilcox and Suggs) for open looks after their defenders collapsed. He also pushed Gaddy – the same way Wil pushed him his first couple of summers. He was constantly talking and taunting, and even went full speed on defense during a number of possessions, locking down Abdul. I was very impressed with the leadership I saw tonight.

Aziz N'Daiye is going to be an emotional leader of this team. He's vocal, coaxing his teammates to play harder and focus, and totally sincere – none of it contrived or fake. Aziz is peculiar for a 7 footer, because he's so normal looking. He's physically proportionate, balanced and not the least bit awkward – which is bizarre to me, because every seven footer I've every been around moves like he's seven feet tall. Not Aziz. He was also more physical today, caught a couple alley-oops from Gaddy and blocked some shots. He's really raw offensively - but he eats up a ton of space and clears the glass well.

Terrence Ross continues to be a tough one for me to get my head around. His raw tools are fabulous. He's so natural, that everything is routine, but he also gets lost and disappears regularly – typical freshman traits. He drilled several three's, from all sorts of angles – all very natural. He's more of a guard than Quincy was his freshman year, but the similarities physically are there.

Scott Suggs again impressed me with his confident, workman-like approach on the offensive end. He was again hot from the outside, stroking three's with no hesitation despite defenders in his face, and took his defenders off the dribble attacking the basket on multiple occasions. I was happy to see that my initial impressions last week were no fluke.

As usual, CJ Wilcox was dialed in from downtown. I crack up just about every time he shoots. Thomas was counting the basket as soon as it was released and everyone starts back-peddling before he even shoots it. The other thing that really stands out about CJ is his defense. He's goes hard consistently, stays low and recovers extremely quick and his footwork is excellent. Suggs is the superior athlete but Wilcox moves better laterally.

I really like Antione Hosley. He works his butt off and is always around the ball making things happen, and reminds me of IT on the glass. He's got a low release point which will limit his ability to get his shot off, but he can hit the open three. He's definitely better than your average walk on.

Justin Dentmon (one of my favorite Huskies) was there, looking svelte and sporting a partial Mohawk. He's about the only guy that isn't phased by Thomas's chatter, playing loose with a big smile on his face the entire time.

Posted by Chris Fetters
5:15 PM

7/29 informal practice notes

This was the last summer workout. The team gets a week off before hitting it back hard again starting the second week in August.

Almost easier to say nowadays who wasn't there, as opposed to who was there. We counted 73 there unofficially. There were a bunch of players there that weren't working out, like Everrette Thompson, Kalani Aldrich, Deontae Cooper, Chris Robinson, etc...

Didn't see Scott Shugert or Devin Aguilar. I'm sure I'm missing more, but not many.

They did 7-7, then full team, and then finished it off with 1-1's. The skill 1-1's lasted probably three times as long as the linemen 1-1's. I got a lot of pictures today, as the team was outside in Husky Stadium today.

Definitely some highlight performances. Luther Leonard had the catch of the summer - a 1-handed beauty over the top while running a route down the sideline. It was a thing of beauty. I know Leonard's name gets left behind when it comes to the scholarship receivers, but all he does is make catches.

Got my first good extended look at Jesse Callier since his injury in the spring, and he looks very good. During the 1-1's, he was taking all comers on BOTH sides of the ball. If RB doesn't work out (doubtful), he's got a future at corner. Kid is competitive.

And as usual, Desmond Trufant and Jermaine Kearse were battling each other, with each getting their share of scalps. You can tell the respect is there, but they ride each other a lot too. A lot of pride is on the line when they line up, especially since one is from Lakes and the other is from Wilson.

As far as the linemen, I think the pictures will help tell the story. But one moment definitely stood out - it was the gasps and the ooohs and ahhhs when Lawrence Lagafuaina took his first explosive step to the quarterback. It took all the linemen off guard, even the other defensive linemen. Honestly, Lawrence has never looked like much on the hoof, but man - his first step is his calling card. He nearly gets to the offensive lineman before they have a chance to move. It's fun to watch.

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2:00 PM

Alvin Logan's career is over

Per a tweet from Bob Condotta, who is at the Pac-10 Media Day Thursday at the Rose Bowl - Steve Sarkisian announced that Alvin Logan's playing days are over due to injury.

The 6-foot-2, 220-pound junior from Aurora, Colo. had a nomadic tenure at Montlake - first coming in as a receiver before being switched to defense when Sarkisian took over in 2009. In 2008, Logan started 11 games at receiver, where he caught six passes for 58 yards.

Logan's retirement means the SAM/LEO linebacking spot is even more up for grabs than ever. Converted safety Victor Aiyewa and Matt Houston are the front-runners for the spot, but this could also pave the way for freshman transfer Josh Shirley to make a serious run at the spot.

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5:15 AM

Thursday Morning Links

-- The Seattle Times' Jerry Brewer spoke with former Husky big-man Jon Brockman about his move from Sacramento to Milwaukee.

-- Percy Allen, who covers the Husky basketball beat for the Seattle Times, spoke with G Isaiah Thomas about a lot of subjects, including what he thinks of some of his teammates' games.

-- Bob Condotta from the Seattle Times makes his Pac 10 Preseason Ballot known.

-- Condotta also gives his thoughts on the wide receiver units within the conference and he has the Dawgs on top.

-- Former Husky QB Mark Brunell has found a home after inking a two-year deal with the New York Jets.

-- Finally, the Bleacher Report's Bryan Kelly, no, not Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly, says he believes the Irish will end up with prized 2011 WR Kasen Williams.

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3:40 AM

Scott Lawyer

Lawyer gets ready for 2010 season

Washington got a commitment from Oak Grove (San Jose, Ca.) LB Scott Lawyer in the spring and since then, he's been focused on his senior season of high school football. Dawgman.com spoke to the talented linebacker recently and he updated us on things...

"Things are going good," Lawyer told Dawgman.com. "I'm just working out with my team and getting ready for my senior season."

Lawyer noted that no schools have even approached him since his commitment to Washington became known.

"No one has," Lawyer said. "Me and my coach told schools I was committed to Washington 100%, so I think they just decided to move on and that's fine."

As a junior in 2009, Lawyer had 90 tackles and eight sacks from his linebacker position while on offense he hauled in 23 receptions for 363 yards and one touchdown.

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4:55 PM

Fall Camp Schedule

We've been waiting for the official dates and times for Fall Camps practices and here they are...

Note: All practices (except Friday 8/27) are open to the public.

8/9 3 pm
8/10 3 pm
8/11 3 pm
8/12 3 pm
8/13 3 pm
8/14 8:45 am/6 pm
8/15 Picture Day (11:30 am)
8/16 8:45 am/6 pm
8/17 3 pm
8/18 8:45 am/6:45 pm
8/19 3 pm
8/20 8:45 am/6:45 pm
8/21 3 pm
8/23 3 pm
8/24 8:45 am/6:45 pm
8/25 3 pm
8/26 8:45 am/4:15 pm
8/27 Closed Practice (Raise the Woof!)
8/28 10:15 am (End of Camp)

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6:20 AM

Locker on ESPN

Jake Locker's Tuesday ESPN itinerary

Just when he thought he was done spreading the word on Washington football back east, Jake Locker is on his way back to Bristol, Conn. and ESPN for another 'car wash' that will see him take on radio, television, print, the internet and more.

So Jake is back in Bristol, back to spread the gospel of UW football. He'll be one of four Pac-10 QB's (Matt Barkley, Nick Foles and Andrew Luck) to be carrying the water for the conference. Meanwhile, the Pac-10 coaches will be in New York for the league's east coast media day.

Below is a look at some of Locker's itinerary for Tuesday (all times are Pacific; note that many of these are tapings for later airing):
5:40 a.m. - Mike & Mike

6:00 a.m. - SportsCenter.com

6:30 a.m. - Digital Media

6:50 a.m. - ESPNRise Workout Video

7:10 a.m. - Podcast

7:30 a.m. - First Take

7:50 a.m. - ESPNU

8:20 a.m. - ESPNews 11 a.m.-2 p.m. taping

8:40 a.m. - ESPN.com on-camera interview with Ivan Maisel

9:40 a.m. - SportsCenter

10:00 a.m. - College Football Live

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Fetters on with Softy, talking recruiting

Chris Fetters was on KJR-950 AM Monday at 11:50 am to talk with Dave 'Softy' Mahler and give a status update on all things Washington football recruiting. They talked about the status of QB Brett Hundley, WR Kasen Williams, RB Brendon Bigelow, as well as USC's recruiting and how sanctions and whatnot could affect where some of their top commits could eventually end up - like Cody Kessler, DeAnthony Thomas and Antwuan Woods. Click on the link below to listen to the full podcast.

Dave 'Softy' Mahler KJR OnDemand Page

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12:30 PM

Saturday Radio Show Podcasts

The Dawgman.com Radio Show was lucky enough to get two Washingotn wideouts in studio for Saturday's broadcast and Jermaine Kearse and James Johnson shared a lot about what helped them decided on Washington as well as what fans can expect from the Huskies this fall. Also joining us by phone were ESPN Recruiting Analyst Greg Biggins and Scout.com West Region Analyst Brandon Huffman and both shared some thoughts on the newest Husky Josh Shirley as well as their thoughts on where Brett Hundley, Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Kasen Williams will end up...

Here's the link to the podcasts...

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11:30 PM

Sarkisian and Cox (Kim Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Mike Cox recap from KJR

Washington LB Coach Mike Cox is in SE Idaho right now, 'recharging the batteries', but took time Friday morning to talk with Dave 'Softy' Mahler about his newest acquisition, Josh Shirley. Shirley signed a financial aid agreement with the Huskies after being released from UCLA.

Softy gets right into it with Shirley, talking about how the UW coaches wanted him, and Cox said when they first started recruited him they didn't have anyone like him they were looking at - a speed rusher that could also cover in space.

But he hasn't played a whole lot of linebacker, so they have to get him up to speed.

Softy asked Cox about whether or not Shirley could make an impact right away, and Cox said yes. They don't have that speed rusher, and he has the ability to do that. They aren't going to put all their eggs in his basket, so they'll work him out and see where he's at.

Softy asked about position, and Cox said that when they first started recruiting him they liked him at the SAM/LEO spot, which is what Mason Foster did last year. So he could blitz a lot, but he could also be counted on to drop and cover. That's where they would start him out to see what he can do.

Softy said that, looking at the LB corps, Foster and Dennison are pretty much set, but that SAM spot is wide open. Cox agreed. He said that if you watch them practice, you better bring it every day, even if you are Mason or Cort. Shirley adds to the mix for sure. He'll let them play and the best man wins. The competition will make them all better.

Softy delved into the situation at UCLA and his thought that Shirley probably won't be charged. He asked Cox about those that might be skeptical about taking a player that Neuheisel released, and Cox said that they built up a great relationship with Josh and his family, and coach Sarkisian has done his due diligence and feels confident that things are fine. Cox reiterated that Sark has not hesitated to clean house if he needed to, and he feels confident that when all the facts come out Josh will be cleared.

He added that if they hadn't spent as much time with the kid and his family and understood the facts of the case, things may have been different. But they feel good about everything right now, as well as the future for Shirley.

And Cox gave a big 'Go Dawgs!' at the end.

Posted by Chris Fetters
9:00 PM

Thursday workout notes

No workout this afternoon, but I was able to catch a fair chunk of an earlier workout at around 11 or so in the Dempsey. None of the freshmen were there because of class, but it sounded as if they would probably do some sort of workout on their own later in the day.

So I didn't do a head count, but 85-30 is 55 and I'd say there were close to 50 there in the Dempsey. One guy I haven't seen this summer is Alvin Logan - I'll try and find out more to see what's going on with Alvin. There were also a couple of players that were sitting out, like Kalani Aldrich and Nick Wood. Kalani will sit out the rest of the summer and rest up for fall camp, although based on what I've seen this summer I'd say he looks as good as he's been in a while.

When I walked in, they were doing 11-11 scrimmaging (without pads) and and the defensive linemen left, while the OL went to the side of the track and did some work with some of the rubbermaid trash cans. They do a drill where they use the cans as defenders to work on blocking schemes and protections. The thing that stood out to me was that they were very vocal, almost shouting to each other. There was music going on, but it seemed like half of it was joking around, but it also seemed like some of it was to make sure the communication was there, even in situations where it would be hard to hear. You can also tell that the linemen really get along well and are a very tight-knit unit.

One thing I did notice with the skill players that was interesting was watching Chris Polk spontaneously do a flip, followed by another one. Johri Fogerson was not to be outdone, so he did one as well.

For the first time this summer I got a chance to see Erik Folk do some extensive kicking. The 'uprights' are painted on the scrim that comes down from the ceiling behind the endzone, so it's not as easy determining if a kick would have been good or not given normal conditions. That being said, these are the numbers I came up with on Erik: From 37 yards 3-3; 42 yards 3-5; 47-yards 2-4; 52 yards 2-2; 57 yards 0-3.

Based on what I saw today, I think it's safe to say that 52 yards is probably a good line of demarcation for Folk's leg strength, although I will say that the two made kicks from 52 looked a lot better than the three he tried from 57, and probably would have been good from 57 as well.

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7:00 PM

Huard to share booth with Rondeau

Elise Woodward of KJR-950 AM announced Thursday that there would be a change in the UW booth when it came to the long-standing broadcast team of Bob Rondeau and Chuck Nelson. Nelson, arguably the most successful kickers in the history of UW football, has moved on and taking his place is arguably one of the top quarterbacks in Husky history.

Damon Huard, fresh off a 14-year run in the NFL that saw him play for five different teams, has been added to the UW football broadcasts as the Huskies' color man alongside Rondeau, who has been doing UW play-by-play since 1980.

Huard has also been helping the UW athletic department find donors to help finance their remodel plans for Husky Stadium, plans which could take effect as early as the end of the 2010 football season. By the time he finished his QB career at Washington in 1995, his 5,692 yards put him first all-time in passing. He was also the quarterback that engineered the UW offense during the Huskies' infamous 'Whammy in Miami' win in 1994.

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10:25 PM

Brockman agrees to deal with Milwaukee

The Seattle Times' Mason Kelley published a story yesterday afternoon, stating that Brockman has agreed to a three-year, $3 million contract with the Milwaukee Bucks.

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6:15 PM

Jake Locker (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

ESPN Pac 10 blogger Ted Miller took a look at the QB position within the Pac 10 conference and gives his breakdown for each team.

Locker, not surprisingly, finished first.

Here's the link to the story to see what Miller, who used to cover the Huskies for the Seattle Post Intelligencer, had to say.

If he does this position by position, which it looks like he will, you should see the Huskies at or near the top of several other positions as well.

Talk about it: Here
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10:00 PM

Romar and Suggs (Kim Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Open Gym Report

Aaron Beach and Kim Grinolds were on hand Tuesday as a handful of Washington's basketball players showed up for open gym, including Terrence Ross, Aziz N'Diaye, Desmond Simmons, Scott Suggs, Abdul Gaddy, C.J. Wilcox and Antoine Hosley...

Kim and I caught open gym today (Tuesday). Only seven players were there so they played 4 on 4 with a couple of their friends filling in.

None of the big four upperclassmen were there but it was our first opportunity to get a look at Terrence Ross, Aziz N'Diaye and Desmond Simmons. This was also Scott Suggs' first open gym session of the summer, and Abdul Gaddy, C.J. Wilcox and Antoine Hosley were there as well.

The first thing that stands out about the newcomers was their size and athleticism. Ross was as advertised at a legitimate 6-foot-6; Simmons an inch or two taller than Wilcox, Suggs and Ross. N'Diaye didn't look 7 feet tall to me. I'd estimate 6-foot-10 to 6-foot-11, but he's got a muscular frame similar to Matthew Bryan-Amaning. It very much reminds me of the 2007 class of MBA, Justin Holiday, Venoy Overton and Darnell Gant.

Simmons drew defensive duties on N'Diaye and surprisingly held his own. N'Diaye is pretty raw offensively, and you can tell his knee isn't 100 percent, but he runs the floor really well for a guy his height, especially wearing a brace, and he has stamina as well. He's a project offensively, but he's not awkward. Defensively he didn't really have a post to guard and the mismatch between Simmons and Aziz worked both ways. I'm looking forward to seeing him at full strength and defending guys like MBA, Spencer Hawes, Nick Collison and Jon Brockman in future open gym sessions.

I was really impressed with Simmons, who I hadn't seen since elite camp. He's solidly built, and he's still got the same fabulous motor I witnessed last year. It was his skill level that really impressed me. He drilled several deep three-pointers, has sensational handles for a guy his height, and moved well in traffic. He also looked to create his own shot and appears to be a natural passer. He is clearly a fierce competitor. IMO, he was an easy runner-up for most impressive during the run.

Ross didn't have a ton of looks so it was hard to gauge what he brings. He buried a couple of threes and is an outrageous (near Pondexter-level) athlete – that was obvious pretty quick. He's much more similar to Quincy than I expected. He's going to need to improve his ball-handling (as Quincy did), but he seemed a shade quicker than Q and was active in the paint. I didn't see enough of him to draw any real conclusions though.

CJ Wilcox did what CJ Wilcox does; drain jumpers. He's an excellent all-around ball player and he'll thrive in more game-type environments.

Gaddy looks much the same as well. He didn't really do anything I haven't seen him do a million times, but he does it all with poise and polish.

Which leaves Scott Suggs, who pretty much stole the show. Granted, none of the big guns were playing, but his confidence has grown by leaps and bounds, if today was any indication. He was draining threes, attacking the basket and doing everything you'd expect a former Mr. Basketball Missouri to do. The best moment came off a missed-Ross breakaway tomahawk which clanked off the rim. Suggs caught the outlet and attacked from the right baseline, elevating for a spectacular windmill flush over two defenders, in pure Clarence Trent fashion. The clowning started immediately – "welcome to college, rook!" All good-naturedly of course.

That's pretty much it for now. I'll catch them again next week.

Posted by Scott Eklund
5:30 PM

Ducre continues to impress

Tuesday Workout

First off, just wanted to let you know, the workout was in the Dempsey and no pictures were taken.

Second, there were about 70 players out there today and a surprise visitor...Jonathan Stewart was in the Dempsey running sprints with former Husky CBs Desmond Davis and Matt Mosley. He told me he's in town visiting and wanted to get in a workout before he heads back to NC for the start of camp next week.

Matt Elisara, Cameron's dad, was in the house to watch practice and about broke my arm when he showed Fetters and I how to disengage from a blocker. Clearly, he has an idea of what UW's DL needs to do in order to be successful this fall. BTW...I'm looking into a workman's comp claim...but I have to talk to the Dawgman.com's HR/legal department.

Anyway, here's the groupings and who we saw...

Offensive Skill players: QB Jake Locker; QB Keith Price; QB Nick Montana: RB Chris Polk; RB Demitrius Bronson; RB Cole Sager; RB Deontae Cooper (not working out); FB Kimo Makaula; FB Austin Sylvester; FB/TE Dorson Boyce; TE Chris Izbicki; TE Michael Hartvigson; TE Evan Hudson; WR Jermaine Kearse; WR Devin Aguilar; WR James Johnson; WR Jordan Polk; WR Cody Bruns; WR Luther Leonard; WR D'Andre Goodwin; WR William Chandler; WR Anthony Tokunaga; WR DiAndre Campbell; WR Kevin Smith.

Offensive Linemen: G Ryan Tolar; T Cody Habben; G Greg Christine; T Skyler Fancher; T Senio Kelemete; G Nick Wood; G Mykenna Ikehara; C Drew Schaefer; C/G Colin Porter; T Michael Criste; G James Atoe; T Micah Hatchie; T/G Erik Kohler; C Colin Tanigawa; T Ben Riva.

Defensive Skill players: LB Cort Dennison; LB Mason Foster; LB Victor Burnett; LB Victor Aiyewa; LB Tim Tucker; LB Jordan Wallace; LB Garrett Gilliland; LB Matt Houston; LB Cooper Pelluer; LB Jamaal Kearse; LB Princeton Fuimaono; LB Brandon Huppert; LB Jonathan Amosa; CB Quinton Richardson (not working out); CB Desmond Trufant; CB Adam Long; S Will Shamburger; S Nate Williams; CB Greg Ducre; CB Anthony Gobern; S Greg Walker; S Nate Fellner; S/CB Justin Glenn; CB Adam Long; S John Timu (not working out); S Sean Parker (not working out); S Taz Stevenson; CB Anthony Boyles; CB Laroy Chase.

Defensive Linemen: DT Alameda Ta'amu; DE Cameron Elisara; DT Pete Follmer; DT Semisi Tokolahi; DT Sione Potoae; DT Lawrence Lagafuaina; DE Andrew Hudson; DE Kalani Aldrich (not working out); DT/DE Everrette Thompson (not working out); DT/DE DeShon Matthews; DE Talia Crichton; DE Haouli Jamora.

Specialists: P Will Mahan; K Erik Folk.

Shamburger continues to impress. He's a real presence back in the deep patrol and it appears the other players are really starting to trust him and what he can do back there.

I really liked the work that Campbell put in when the team ran one-on-ones at the end of the workout. He had a beautiful one-handed grab while being covered by Trufant. The defensive players standing by me said "that's just good 'O' right there."

Smith had an outstanding grab on the sideline with Ducre all over him. It was a nice ball thrown by Montana.

Locker hit Izbicki for a long gainer as Foster trailed the play.

Riva and Crichton went at it on one play with Riva pancaking Crichton who ripped the freshman's short off. It elicited some words from both sides of the ball and really seemed to amp up practice.

Locker also hit Goodwin who got behind Long and Shamburger for the "winning" TD to end things.

Izbicki led the rest of the tight ends in catching passes from the ball-machine after the workout.

Ducre continues to impress and looks like he could see PT this fall. Obviously the pads still have to come on, but the players all complimented him on his coverage abilities and said "he wants to learn".

Pelluer looks great and it wouldn't surprise me if we see him play some on special teams this fall.

Jamaal Kearse needs a year to find his game. He's an impressive looking athlete, but is a bit stiff, so once he gets more flexible he can really be a player.

When the younger OL lined up, it was Kohler at LT, Tanigawa at LG, Porter at C, Atoe at RG and Criste at RT.

That's all for now...

Posted by Chris Fetters

Middleton is gone

In breaking news Thursday, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times is reporting that junior TE Kavario Middleton has been dismissed from the team for a 'violation of team rules'. A UW spokesman told Condotta that the school nor Steve Sarkisian would have any comment on the dismissal.

Middleton, a 5-star prospect out of Lakes HS in 2008, was supposed to battle Chris Izbicki for the starting tight end spot in 2010. He caught 26 passes for 257 yards and three TD's in 2009.

We are on campus right now and hopefully will have more on this situation later tonight. Middleton had been at the informal workouts during the summer, but never appeared to be practicing.

UPDATED 3:30: Elise Woodward, who is filling in for Mike Gastineau from 3-6 on KJR, spoke with Dave 'Softy' Mahler - another KJR sports personality - who was on campus and shed some more light on the situation regarding Kavario Middleton.

According to Softy, it sounds like Middleton had multiple chances to straighten out some personal issues and just wasn't able to get things together. There are also rumors of a failed drug test that may have been part of an agreement between Middleton and Sarkisian to stay on the team, but those rumors have not been confirmed. The school cannot randomly drug-test their athletes. Like we said earlier, he had been out to the voluntary summer workouts, but had not been participating.

Also, Softy added that there was an element of laziness that might have also been involved in this decision. According to him, Middleton's last 40 time was 5.2, leading to speculation that he just hadn't been putting in the work to improve in his battle with Izbicki for the starting TE spot this fall.

Posted by Scott Eklund
8:00 AM

Where will Shirley end up?

The re-recruitment of former Kaiser (Fontana, Ca.) LB/DE Josh Shirley has been fodder for recruiting blogs and sites since he was given his full-release from UCLA last week.

On signing day, Shirley made the decision to stay close to home, choosing the Bruins over offers from schools like Miami, Cal, USC, Notre Dame, Tennessee, USC, Arizona and Washington.

Rumors circulated as an hour before he committed to the Bruins that he was close to choosing Washington, which begs the question -- are the Huskies a possible destination for the talented pass-rusher?

The answer is most-certainly.

Information has been slow in coming out on where Shirley is concentrating his efforts and when a decision might be made. However, when you consider that schools starts up for several programs he might consider (Miami and USC) late next month, he would need to make a decision relatively soon.

Then throw in that Shirley has a chance to play almost anywhere he ends up and you are able to reason that he needs to decide within the next couple of weeks so he can show up for fall camp (most begin the first week of August), although that won't be a mitigating factor since he could show up a week late and still have a chance to play right away.

Word on the street is that Washington is very much in play for Shirley as well as a school like Arizona (I mentioned Arizona State in chat last night, but it appears that it is Wildcats who have popped up on the radar).

Wherever he ends up, Shirley will have to deal with the scrutiny of the legal troubles he finds himself in and if the staff and school agree that he is a minimal risk to get in trouble again.

Washington is very much in need of a talented pass-rusher, which Shirley definitely brings to the table, and could use his talents in myriad ways.

I expect news to come down in the next week or so about where Shirley will end up and make no mistake, Washington is probably the leader at this point in the process and could ultimately end up getting the talented defensive prospect.

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Posted by Scott Eklund
2:50 PM

Cort Dennison (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Saturday Podcasts

The Dawgman.com Radio Show welcomed two Husky defensive players -- LB Cort Dennison and S Nate Williams -- into the studio Saturday morning and they shared their thoughts on a myriad of subjects. Also joining us on the phone was QB coach Steve Clarkson who gave us his thoughts on some of the top QBs in the country...

Get the Podcasts here.

Posted by Scott Eklund
8:54 PM

Jamaal Jones

Jones to miss 2010 season

Husky commit Jamaal Jones, a wide receiver from Graham-Kapowsin (Wa.) High School, got some bad news a few weeks ago when he went in to have his left shoulder examined. Dawgman.com spoke to Jones and got the update on what is going on and what his plans are this fall...

Just spoke with Jamaal and he told me the injured left shoulder he was resting this spring actually turned out to be a torn labrum.

He decided to get the surgery and will not be playing football this season.

"I wanted to have the surgery and get ready for the season," Jones said. "I'm going to miss my senior season, but I'll run track and try and make state and then get ready to play at Washington."

As a junior last fall, Jones helped lead Graham-Kapowsin to the playoffs by posting 40 receptions for 600 yards and 13 touchdowns.

He committed to Washington in late May over offers from Idaho and Washington State and heavy interest from Oregon, Oregon State and Boise State.

Jones said that no schools have been in contact since he committed to the Huskies.

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Posted by Chris Fetters
12:15 PM

Nate Williams (Kim Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Dawgman on KJR Friday and Saturday

It'll be a busy two days for the Dawgman crew and KJR-950AM. Scott Eklund and Chris Fetters will be on Friday night from 7:30-9 PM with Elise Woodward, and then Eklund, Fetters and Grinolds will be joined in-studio with a couple UW football players during their Dawgman show on KJR from 9-11 Saturday morning.

The two players are senior safety Nate Williams and redshirt junior linebacker Cort Dennison. We'll be talking to them about the summer workouts and expectations as they go into what is shaping up to be a highly-anticipated football season.

Posted by Scott Eklund
8:54 PM

Husky freshman DT Lawrence Lagafuaina (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Thursday Workout and Photo Gallery

Kim Grinolds and Chris Fetters headed down to Montlake Thursday afternoon and posted both a workout report and a photo gallery.

Posted by Scott Eklund
6:40 PM

Tuesday Workout Session

Fetters and I made it out to watch about 70 players (could have been more, but that's the number I had) go through a 90-minute workout on the east practice field.

It would almost be easier to say who wasn't there (Justin Glenn, Alameda Ta'amu, DeShon Matthews, Chris Robinson, Cody Bruns, Scott Shugert, Marquis Persley, Alvin Logan), but here's the list of guys we saw...

Offensive Skill Players there: QB Jake Locker; QB Keith Price: QB Nick Montana; RB Chris Polk; RB Demitrius Bronson; RB Deontae Cooper (didn't work out); RB Jesse Callier; RB Johri Fogerson; RB Cole Sager; FB Dorson Boyce; FB Austin Sylvester; FB Kimo Maukala; FB Zach Fogerson; WR D'Andre Goodwin; WR Devin Aguilar; WR Jordan Polk; WR Jermaine Kearse; WR Luther Leonard; WR James Johnson; WR William Chandler; WR Kevin Smith; WR DiAndre Campbell; TE Marlion Barnett; TE Chris Izbicki; TE Kavario Middleton (didn't work out); TE Michael Hartvigson; TE Evan Hudson.

Offensive Linemen there: OT Cody Habben; OT Skyler Fancher; C Drew Schaefer; OT Senio Kelemete; OT James Atoe; OT Ben Riva; OT Micah Hatchie; G Greg Christine; G Ryan Tolar; G Nick Wood; OT Dan Kanczugowski; G Colin Porter; OT Erik Kohler; G Mike Criste; C Mykenna Ikehara; C/G Colin Tanigawa.

Defensive Linemen there: DE Everrette Thompson (didn't work out); DE Andrew Hudson; DE Talia Crichton; DT Lawrence Lagafuaina; DT Sione Potoae; DE Kalani Aldrich; DT Semisi Tokolahi; DT Cameron Elisara; DE Haouli Jamora; DE Brent Williams.

Defensive Skill Players there: LB Matt Houston; LB Mason Foster; LB Cort Dennison; LB Brandon Huppert; LB Tim Tucker; LB Jordan Wallace; LB Cooper Pelluer; LB Garrett Gilliland; LB Victor Burnett; LB Princeton Fuimaono; LB Victor Aiyewa; LB Jamaal Kearse; CB Vonzell McDowell (didn't work out); CB Quinton Richardson; CB Adam Long; CB Anthony Boyles; CB Desmond Trufant; CB Anthony Gobern; CB Gregory Ducre; S Nate Williams; S Greg Walker; S Will Shamburger; S Nate Fellner; S Sean Parker; S Taz Stevenson; S John Timu (didn't work out).

First off, the freshmen look great.

-- Andrew Hudson looks in great shape and so does Jamora. Williams is bit on the thin side, so I stand by my prediction that he is a "for sure" redshirt this fall. Jamora and Hudson both look like, physically, they could play this fall.

-- Lagafuaina is a fire-hydrant, but man is he quick. He was having a lot of fun out there. Potoae is a specimen. He'll be fun to watch this fall.

-- At wideout, Campbell and Smith both look ready to play this fall. Campbell showed really strong hands and the ability to battle for the ball in the air, stealing one from Richardson in one-on-ones. He's also go pretty good deep speed.

-- Burnett has really filled out. He looks like he's easily 225 or 230 right now. One of the players there told me he was down in California to walk through graduation, so that's why he hasn't been around the past few weeks.

-- Gilliland is a lot thicker than I expected him to be and Pelluer is his typical self -- athletic and shows good instincts. Gilliland had an interception on the final play of the "team" portion, which had all the older players mobbing him.

-- Jamaal Kearse was working out with the linebackers and I was told by one of the other linebackers he's working as a SAM, so it appears that's where he'll stay. Fuimaono needs to add size, he looks like a safety right now, but he's quick and changes direction well.

-- Parker, Ducre and Stevenson all look the part. Ducre is very quick and you could hear some of the older players saying "damn, that kid is good...what's his name again?"

-- Parker looks like a CB, but you can see he has the frame to get bigger. He's got pretty broad shoulders.

-- Timu might end up being bigger than Fuimaono (his high school teammate). He's all smiles and you could tell he wasn't happy about not being able to be in there.

-- All of the OL were out there. It was kind of humorous to watch the players all introducing themselves.

-- Riva and Criste both look like carbon copies of each other. Both need to add bulk and size, but both look pretty athletic. Porter looks the most ready to play right away, while Tanigawa and Kohler both have the size to play. Atoe definitely is hard to miss and he looked good, but I didn't really see him do much. Most of the freshmen didn't do much, they were watching and learning and talking about things with some of the more experienced guys. Hatchie is smaller than I expected, but he's athletic. I'd guess he's in the 270-pound range, but I could be off on that.

-- Hartvigson and Evan Hudson both are going to add a lot more size to the tight end position. Both will definitely redshirt this fall, but it wouldn't surprise me if Hudson ends up on scholarship before his Husky career is over. He definitely looks the part.

-- Callier looks in great shape and showed good hands when catching the ball. Cooper wasn't working out, but he was there getting mental reps and talking to some of the incoming freshmen. Foverson looks the part of a fullback. He's squatty, but muscular and when catching passes, he showed soft hands.

-- Montana threw the ball okay today. He constantly talks with Locker and Price about things when he doesn't recognize something or makes a bad read.

-- One of the older players, as he was walking out on the field and saw the freshman said "some egos are about to be crushed today" and while the freshman definitely took their lumps, they also held their own and got "whoooooos" from the older players after they made a play.

-- Walker, Fellner and Trufant all had pick-sixes that elicited some trash talking between the older players. After the offense settled down though, they started picking things up a little more with Locker hitting Goodwin, Kearse and Aguilar with nicely timed passes.

-- Watching Johnson and Trufant or Long battle was fun. Long came up and tried to be physical with Johnson and he managed to keep him from getting into his route. However, Johnson came right back and got the best of Long on the next play. It was friendly, but the intensity was definitely there.

-- Jamora had a "sack" on Locker when he busted around the right tackle to make the play. Aiyewa "sacked" Price on a play as well.

-- Jordan Polk and Ducre battle a couple of times today with the junior wideout getting the best of things, but his teammates said "Jordan, you have a challenger" for the quickest player on the field. As I said, Ducre is very, very quick. His change of direction is ridiculous.

-- Tolar and Lagafuaina both got into it a bit. the Freshman from the Islands didn't back down and Tolar had a few words before heading back to the offensive huddle. Both were laughing, but again, you can see the intensity already in what they are doing out there.

-- That's all for now. Fetters should have a photo gallery up later tonight, so check that out when you get a chance...

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Posted by Chris Fetters
3:20 PM

Husky DB Desmond Trufant

Dawgman on KJR Saturday podcast up

Dawgman.com was pleased to host Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant during their KJR-950AM radio show Saturday morning. Among the topics discussed - the UW defense, his love of his hometown- Tacoma, who is the fastest player for the Huskies and who he thinks might break out this season for UW.

The podcast of the show is up, including the hour with Trufant. To listen to the podcasts, click on the link below.

Dawgman on KJR podcast - 7/10
Posted by Chris Fetters
10:20 AM

Polk, Trufant to join Dawgman guys in-studio Saturday

Having Justin Holiday and Darnell Gant in-studio with the Dawgman guys was so successful that we decided to do it with a couple of the football guys. So who will be joining Kim Grinolds, Scott Eklund and Chris Fetters on KJR 950AM Saturday from 10-11 in the morning?

We decided to grab one player each from the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Representing the offense is sophomore running back Chris Polk, while repping for the defense is sophomore cornerback Desmond Trufant. They will be in for the second half of the show, which starts at 9 am.

You can listen live on 950 AM if you are in the greater-Seattle area, or HERE by going to KJR's web page and clicking on the 'Listen Live' button at the top left-hand corner of the page.

Posted by Scott Eklund
5:10 PM

Offseason workouts continue

Was at UW to catch a glimpse of the players working out and to see if I could see some of the incoming freshman and got a brief look since they started earlier than normal.

Offensive skill players there: QB Jake Locker; QB Keith Price; QB Nick Montana; RB Chris Polk; RB Jesse Callier; RB Deontae Cooper; RB Cole Sager; RB Demitrius Bronson; FB Austin Sylvester; WR D'Andre Goodwin; WR Devin Aguilar; WR Jermaine Kearse; WR Cody Bruns; WR Jordan Polk; WR William Chandler; WR Luther Leonard; WR Kevin Smith (Fr.); TE Chris Izbicki; TE Kavario Middleton; TE Marlion Barnett; TE Michael Hartvigson (Fr.)

Offensive lineman there: OT Cody Habben; OG Ryan Tolar; OT Skyler Fancher; OCGreg Christine; OG Nick Wood; OT Erik Kohler (Fr); OT Ben Riva (Fr); OG Colin Porter; OT Senio Kelemete; OC Drew Schaefer and OG Mykenna Ikehara.

Defensive skill players there: CB Quinton Richardson; CB Desmond Trufant; S Nate Williams; S Nate Fellner; CB Anthony Boyles; CB Adam Long; S Will Shamburger; S Greg Walker; LB Matt Houston; LB Cort Dennison; LB Mason Foster; LB Tim Tucker; LB Jordan Wallace; LB Victor Aiyewa; LB Jonathan Amosa; LB Brandon Hupert.

Defensive lineman there: DT DeShon Matthews; DT Cameron Elisara; DE Kalani Aldrich; DE Talia Crichton; DT Semisi Tokolahi; DT Alameda Ta'amu;.

In all, I counted 56 players out there today. I might have missed a few since we didn't get to see them for very long (maybe 30 minutes), but that's the majority of the guys I saw.

Montana hit Leonard with a nice pass down the sideline for a 40-yard touchdown to the hoots and hollers of the rest of the offense, while the defense was trying to figure out how he got so open. Fellner was the closest to Leonard on the play, but it appeared that route was not his responsibility from the discussions the defensive players were having.

Callier looks like he's fully recovered from his sprained knee (PCL) as he was out there running around and looking fit.

Cooper and Polk both looked great running the ball. Polk caught a Price pass and took it the distance down the sideline for a touchdown, outrunning the secondary who was in hot pursuit.

Aldrich appeared to be running around well and rarely took a break from the action so he appears to be back and ready to go.

DE Everrette Thompson was not there, but I saw him on my walk back to the media room and he appears to be walking without a limp. He has a class that conflicts with the afternoon workouts apparently.

Porter and Riva look in great shape. I'll be interested to see where Kohler ends up because he sure looks like a guard to me.

Hartvigson has been hitting the weights and looks like he's poised to be a nice big target down the road.

Smith continued to impress me with the way he carries himself on the field. He's already got the body and frame ready to take the pounding of a full Pac 10 football season.

Taamu looks in phenomenal shape. He was pursuing sideline-to-sideline on plays and would have laid Sager out had they been in full pads.

Elisara is cut and does not look like a defensive tackle. It wouldn't surprise me if they have him poised to move outside during camp at some point. It would certainly help with the stingers he's had problems with and with his size he would be able to hold the point.

Richardson was out there, but wasn't working out when we got there (although he appeared to have worked out before that). He was wearing a sombrero because of the heat.

Guys really seemed energized and ready for things. Spoke to a couple and they said they are basically ready for the season to get started to show people they are ready to take the next step.

That's all for now. Fetters should have some pics from today (no freshmen though) up later.

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Posted by Scott Eklund
12:45 PM

Lorenzo Romar (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Romar to coach USA Select Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Husky men's basketball coach Lorenzo Romar will serve as coach of the USA Basketball Select Team, which is a group of 20 current college players that will help train the USA National Team. Romar will share coaching duties with Villanova's Jay Wright during the training sessions to be held in Las Vegas from July 19-23.

For Romar, it is not his first forray into international basketball as a coach. Romar was head coach of the USA's 2006 FIBA Americas U18 Championship Team that won gold, and an assistant coach with the 2003 USA Pan American Games and 1997 USA 22 & Under World Championship teams.

"When USA Basketball approached me, I was excited for the opportunity," said Romar. "Anytime I've been involved with USA Basketball it has been a top notch experience and I anticipate more of the same."

Here's the link to the full press release from Washington's official athletic site.

Posted by Scott Eklund
9:45 AM

Husky commit Elijhaa Penny

Penny is focused on the future

One of the more intriguing prospects to commit to Washington this spring was Norwalk (Ca.) RB Elijhaa Penny. He's versatile enough to play several positions and since the May evaluation period he's been hearing from several schools in the Pac 10 as well as the picking up a second offer from UNLV. Dawgman.com was able to catch up with him to see how his summer is progressing.

"I just have my two offers -- from Washington and UNLV," Penny told Dawgman.com recently. "USC has been recruiting me a lot and so has UCLA and Cal, but U-Dub is the school I liked and I really think I can do well up there.

"Going there will allow me to get out on my own a little and see a different part of the country and I think I can be successful up there."

Penny attended USC's Skills Camp and Cal's one-day camp and enjoyed his time, meeting the coaches from both programs and talking about things.

"I'm still solid to Washington," Penny said. "They all like me as a big, physical back and that's what Washington has said they like me as, but I'm willing to play almost anywhere, just as long as I can help the team. I'll carry the water if they need me to."

As a junior last fall, Penny had an outstanding season on both sides of the ball posting nearly 1,600 yards and 21 touchdowns on the ground as the Lancers' top offensive threat while also notching 44 tackles and eight sacks from his defensive end position.

With that kind of production, it's surprising that only two offers have been forthcoming, but that might be explained by his core GPA to this point.

"My core right now is a 2.4, so I'm going to summer school in order to make-up some grades I got D's in as a freshman," Penny said. "I didn't do too well that year, so I'm trying to make up for things.

"Ever since then, I've been good in school and been focused on the things I need to get done in order to go to a D-1 school. I'll get it done."

Penny said he took the SAT in June and plans to re-take it the early part of the school year, but hasn't registered to take it yet.

We'll continue to check in with Penny to get updates on his progress throughout the summer.

Elijhaa Penny Scout Profile

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Posted by Scott Eklund
8:30 PM

Aubrey Coleman (Scout.com)

Coleman is hard at work this summer

When he committed to Washington, Walnut (Ca.) TE/DE Aubrey Coleman came out of nowhere, but now that he's become a relatively well-known recruit, schools are coming after him. Dawgman.com spoke to the talented athlete and he updated us on how his summer is coming along and where things stand as far as his commitment is concerned...

"I'm still hearing from a lot of schools, but I don't have any new offers other than Washington and Arizona State," Coleman told Dawgman.com Tuesday afternoon. "USC is still looking at me and a bunch of other schools, but right now Washington and ASU are it."

Coleman said he continues to be a solid commitment to Washington and speaks with the Husky coaches at least once a week.

"I usually call and talk with coach (Demetrice) Martin who is the one recruiting me for them," Coleman said. "I'm working on setting up my visit to them during the season and I'm trying to get up there during the summer, maybe in August, so that I can see the school a little bit and sit down and talk to the coaches.

"I'm going to talk with my step dad about going up there and seeing it, but I haven't really set a time and with prices the way they are, I'm not really sure if it will happen or not. I want it to though."

As a receiver, the 6-foot-6, 215-pound Coleman hauled in 33 receptions for 445 yards and three touchdowns last year while recording 57 tackles and 3.5 sacks on the defensive side of the ball from his safety position.

"Washington is looking at me as a tight end or defensive end, but I'm not sure which one they prefer me at," Coleman said. "I'm just a little over 6'5" right now and I'm 215 pounds, so I know I need to add some more size and strength.

"I like offense, but I love playing defense. Something just happens to me when I play D and I love hitting people. I'm totally confident in playing on either side of the ball and this fall I'm probably going to play a little defensive end just to get a feel for it, so that should be fun."

Coleman is hard at work this summer working out with his team on the field and in the weight room as well as getting his schoolwork in order.

"I'm taking summer school to make up for some classes I didn't do too well in earlier," Coleman said. "I've had a good summer though and gotten good grades so far, so I just need to keep that going and I'll be fine."

Coleman has not taken the SAT at this point, but said he plans to take it at some point during the fall.

We'll continue to keep track of Coleman's progress and update things as they happen.

Aubrey Coleman Scout Profile

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Posted by Scott Eklund
4:00 PM

New Husky DE/LB Brent Williams arrives this coming weekend

Saturday Podcasts from Dawgman.com Radio Show

Five incoming freshmen -- S Sean Parker, CB Greg Ducre, DE/LB Brent Williams, WR DiAndre Campbell and OT James Atoe -- joined us on the Dawgman.com Radio Show this morning and the podcasts have been posted by our intrepid producer Curtis Crabtree.

Here's the link to listen to all five interviews.

Posted by Scott Eklund
6:50 PM

Kevin Smith (Scout.com)

Went down at the Dempsey today and watched about 50 players go through a brisk workout, led by Jake Locker on offense and Cort Dennison and Mason Foster on defense.

Two freshman were there: CB Gregory Ducre and WR Kevin Smith

Offensive skill position players there: Locker, QB Keith Price, RB Deontae Cooper, RB Demitrius Bronson, RB Cole Sager, FB Kimo Makaula, FB Austin Sylvester, FB/TE Dorson Boyce, TE Chris Izbicki, TE Kavario Middleton, TE Marlion Barnett, WR Jermaine Kearse, WR Devin Aguilar (didn't workout), WR Luther Leonard, WR Cody Bruns, WR Jordan Polk, WR William Chandler, WR James Johnson, WR D'Andre Goodwin and Smith.

OL there: OT Cody Habben, OT Skyler Fancher, OG Nick Wood, OG Mykenna Ikehara, C Drew Schaefer, C Greg Christine and OG Ryan Tolar.

Defensive skill position players there: Dennison, Foster, LB Brandon Hupert, LB Alvin Logan, LB Jordan Wallace, LB Tim Tucker, LB Matt Houston, LB Victor Aiyewa, S Will Shamburger, S Nate Fellner, S Nate Williams, S Greg Walker, CB Desmond Trufant, CB Vonzell McDowell (didn't workout), CB Quinton Richardson, CB Adam Long, CB Anthony Gobern and Ducre.

Specialists: P Will Mahan, K Erik Folk and another one who I didn't recognize.

First off, all of the players look much more fit and are in great shape. Spoke with one of the linemen and he said he really can tell the difference even from last year to this year in how his body recovers and how much stronger and quicker he is.

Second, fans will be very happy to see freshman WR Kevin Smith get out on the field. He looks in phenomenal shape and was working on his routes and just getting comfortable with the calls. Polk, Johnson and Leonard were all coaching him up on where to position himself to run a route and how to line up. It was pretty interesting to watch.

Johnson too is in outstanding shape. He's added size to his arms and has filled out through his chest. He isn't just a skinny freshman anymore. He looks poised for a huge sophomore season. The only thing holding him back from putting up monster numbers is the fact that Kearse and Aguilar are also on the roster and will be sharing receptions as well.

Price has really improved his release. It's much quicker and the release is much closer to the ear than the exaggerated over the top release he had as late as this past spring. He was picked on the last play of the workout by former high school teammate Will Shamburger who returned it for a touchdown eliciting a veritable mosh pit of defensive players in the corner of the Dempsey.

Dennison and Foster, along with Williams, are the unquestioned leaders of the defense. All three were directing things and making sure people knew where to go and what to do.

Wallace made a great break on a pass from Locker to Leonard at the goal line and, had he caught it, he would have taken it back for six. Even as he celebrated his breakup, Dennison could be heard telling him "you gotta pick that off Jordan", stressing the fact that when the Huskies get the chance for a turnover, they had better take advantage of it.

Ducre is small and needs a lot of work in the weight room, but he's super-quick and was locked up on Johnson most of times he was in there.

The LBs as a group really worked on their hand-placement in different drills that Dennison instigated.

There might have been one or two players that I missed, but I'm pretty sure I got everyone. Some players, like McDowell, are still coming back from an injury and don't work out, but do get in mental reps while others have internships or class that doesn't allow them to get there in time to work out.

It was an intense workout, the players really seem to know when it's time to get to work, but they all seemed to have fun and it was nice getting to see the older players coaching up the less-experienced ones.

That's all for now. I will try and get out next week at some point and see if they do anything different like linemen one-on-ones which are always fun.

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Posted by Chris Fetters
5:00 PM

Sean Parker (Scout.com)

Saturday's show lineup

With the incoming freshmen football and basketball signees expected on campus next weekend, the Dawgman guys are taking one last chance to talk to some of them before they officially become Huskies. So who will be on the Dawgman show Saturday morning on KJR from 9 to 11 am? Here's the lineup.

9:30 - Brent Williams
9:45 - James Atoe
10:00 - Sean Parker
10:15 - Gregory Ducre
10:30 - DiAndre Campbell

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