Thursday Workout Report

It was as nice a day as you could want in Seattle Thursday, as 81 Washington Huskies showed up for another competitive workout session. This one lasted anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours, depending on who you were and what position you played. Overall, the work rate was high and there was plenty of enthusiasm to go around.

First of all, here's the roll call:
QB - Jake Locker, Keith Price, Nick Montana
RB - Chris Polk, Johri Fogerson, Jesse Callier, Deontae Cooper
FB - Austin Sylvester, Zach Fogerson
TE - Chris Izbicki, Kavario Middleton, Marlion Barnett, Marek Domanski, Michael Hartvigson, Evan Hudson
WR - Jermaine Kearse, Devin Aguilar, James Johnson, Jordan Polk, Cody Bruns, D'Andre Goodwin, Luther Leonard, Anthony Tokunaga, William Chandler, Kevin Smith, DiAndre Campbell
OL - Ryan Tolar, Cody Habben, Senio Kelemete, Drew Schaefer, Mykenna Ikehara, Skyler Fancher, Dan Kanczugowski, Greg Christine, Nick Wood, James Atoe, Erik Kohler, Colin Tanigawa, Ben Riva, Colin Porter, Micah Hatchie, Michael Criste
DL - Everrette Thompson, Kalani Aldrich, Semisi Tokolahi, Alameda Ta'amu, Talia Crichton, Cameron Elisara, Chris Robinson, Hauoli Jamora, Peter Follmer, Andrew Hudson, Lawrence Lagafuaina, Sione Potoae, Brent Williams
LB - Cort Dennison, Mason Foster, Victor Aiyewa, Matt Houston, Tim Tucker, Brandon Huppert, Victor Burnett, Jordan Wallace, Jonathan Amosa, Garret Gilliland, Cooper Pelluer, Jamaal Kearse, Princeton Fuimaono
DB - Nate Williams, Nate Fellner, Justin Glenn, Greg Walker, Will Shamburger, Sean Parker, Taz Stevenson, John Timu, Desmond Trufant, Adam Long, Quinton Richardson, Vonzell McDowell, Anthony Boyles, Gregory Ducre

So overall there were 81 players there, but Middleton, Robinson, Williams, Timu, Fuimaono, McDowell and Ducre didn't work out. It was a really spirited workout, and the competition was there from the start. The higher the stakes, the more fun they seemed to have. And this particular workout also brought some former Huskies back in the mix; Roy Lewis and Matt Mosley were there to work out with the defensive backs, while Daniel Te'o-Nesheim continued to get prepared for his fall with the Philadelphia Eagles by going at it with the defensive linemen. And former UW QB great Hugh Millen was out there with his son throwing the ball around and watching the team work out.

During the 11-11's, it was interesting to see the different line combinations. On the OL, they had (from left tackle to right tackle) Senio Kelemete, Ryan Tolar, Drew Schaefer, Mykenna Ikehara and Dan Kanczugowski. The second line consisted of Skyler Fancher, Nick Wood, Greg Christine, Colin Porter and Cody Habben. When the frosh OL were in, it looked like Erik Kohler, Colin Tanigawa, Porter, Micah Hatchie and Michael Criste. On the right side (guard and tackle), they replaced Hatchie and Criste with James Atoe and Ben Riva - so there are certainly lots of combinations Dan Cozzetto is going to have coming into fall camp.

On the defensive line, from left to right they had Cameron Elisara, Semisi Tokolahi, Alameda Ta'amu and Talia Crichton. Inside they moved Sione Potoae and Lawrence Lagafuaina. In fact, Lagafuaina almost came up with an interception, but because he didn't his teammates made him do push-ups.

The same could also be said for OLB Victor Aiyewa. The senior from Texas had a sure pick-six in his grasp, only to drop it. When he did, his teammates went crazy, and he had to do push-ups too. One LB that didn't miss his chance was Tim Tucker, who took one back, despite an encounter with a goalpost on his return.

Some of the best action came during the 1-1's afterward, when the WR's and DB's spent at least 30 minutes competing. The current Seattle Seahawk Lewis was right in the mix, doing his best to lock down the receivers and give the other DB's some tricks of the trade. He had some interesting battles with Jordan Polk.

One thing is definitely true: Jermaine Kearse, Devin Aguilar and James Johnson are a cut above the rest when it came to catching the ball. They were hardly touched. But the player that may have made the biggest noise was true frosh Kevin Smith. Smith already looks physically like he can play, but he brought his 'A' game to the east field Thursday, catching everything thrown to him. It was a pleasure to watch him operate, and he took the best shots the DB's could give him and still popped up without complaint. He certainly looks like a player that could figure into the WR mix this fall.

Quick Notes: Found out from a couple of the players what their current weight is. Semisi Tokolahi is a strong 296 pounds, and Sione Potoae is at 283 pounds. Michael Hartvigson looks strong and is right now at 250 pounds. Top Stories