Q&A - Roy Lewis

SEATTLE - Roy Lewis is always a fixture around the UW scene when he's in town, and now that the former Husky cornerback is playing for the Seattle Seahawks, that means Lewis is in town a lot. He was at Tuesday's informal workout, and Chris Fetters caught up with Lewis to get his thoughts on the team, the workout, and what lies in store this fall for him and the 'Hawks.

Dawgman.com - It's always great to catch up with you Roy. What's your first impressions of these guys and all this?

Roy Lewis - It's just a great feeling to come back out here and see so many of the young guys eager to make Husky football back into a winning program. By far this is the most guys I've seen in all my years being around Husky football, and that's a great thing. It's an exciting deal. I know these young guys are anxious…I mean the young guys, the fresh-out-of-high-school guys, and some of the guys have been here since January. I got a chance to meet and greet and shoot the breeze with the young guys and get out there and compete with them in the one-on-one drills, give 'em some tips and pointers - things that I've learned since I've been in the professional football league, and just try to give them some insight and let 'em know that hey, I'm here for you guys. I'm a resource, so use me.

DM.C - Before we go further into them, tell us what you've been doing since you got back in town with the Seahawks.

Lewis - When I came back last year, my role was mostly on special teams. This year I'm looking to try and improve that role and getting into some defense. So I'm doing pretty good. Mini-camp went well for all of us…we've got some young guys; Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, Walter Thurmond and Josh Pinkard… we've got a host of young guys in addition to some of the guys who have already been around. So I have an opportunity to play all four phases of special teams and then also try and increase my role on the defensive side of the ball as far as that is concerned, and get out there and make some plays.

DM.C - When I saw you working with Mose (Matt Mosley), I know you were talking about the different techniques you now use in the league. You were also talking about the differences between coach (Jim) Mora and coach (Pete) Carroll. Can you talk about those differences?

Lewis - They are two great coaches, respectively. Of course with every coach comes their own technique, the technical side of how they want to play ball according to their standards. So I was just letting Mosley know that, everywhere you go, there's going to be a coach that says, OK - this is the technique I want you to use in our scheme of playing the defense. So you have to be open, you have to be able to learn and constantly evolve, constantly grow and be able to adapt to different situations, different scenarios - especially defensively.

DM.C - Now talking about these guys…it's clear there is some real competition going on out here with you and some of these guys - namely Jordan Polk. But the guy I want to ask you about is a guy from your alma mater (Narbonne) - Sean Parker. What was that like, meeting Sean?

Lewis - It was good. Of course I know Sean from back at Narbonne. I went down there and I've seen him play a few times, so it's nice to have another Narbonne Gaucho in a Husky uniform - the purple and gold. We're starting a little pipeline, and hopefully we'll get all the guys from Narbonne flushed up here to the Pacific Northwest. It's been a great place for me and Dashon (Goldson) and all the guys who have come up here. It's a good deal, and I'm happy to see him out there getting these reps. Nate Williams and Greg Walker are taking him underneath their wings and trying to strengthen the defense and trying to get him ready to go, because he may be called on this year to play.

DM.C - And another former Gaucho - Tim Tucker - had a pick-six today. I'm still trying to figure out if he hit one of the goalposts on his way to the end zone…it looks like he's doing pretty well too.

Lewis - (laughs) He's doing great. And that was a helluva play that Tim made too (laughs), but for him he ran into a soccer goal…

DM.C - But he's OK.

Lewis - Yeah, he's OK. But overall it's been a good time getting out here and just competing. You know the level of competition goes up when the young guys see former players, NFL players, come out here. They want to try and show their stuff and say, 'You know what? I'm trying to go up against the best of the best'. If you're there, I'm trying to go up against you every single time, because that will help me gauge where I'm at right now and where I need to improve and get tips and pointers.

DM.C - How do you feel like you're received when you come back here? It looks like the guys are eager to learn from a guy that's in the NFL right now.

Lewis - Without a doubt. I made the comment today, I'm running out of faces that I know, so I need to keep coming back to meet and greet with guys. But it's good, because it feels like a family, a big brotherhood. I know a lot of these guys from the time they came in, some guys that I helped recruit myself when I was here - tried to bring 'em in here and show 'em a good time when they were on their recruiting trips. It just feels good to come back and be accepted with open arms. All these guys are like my younger brothers. It's been said before by the younger guys…they say Roy, you're one of the only guys that comes back, constantly comes back to talk to the younger guys, comes out to practice and hang around and mess around with the younger guys. So that's a good feeling.

DM.C - And hopefully guys like Lawyer (Milloy) and others can come out to make sure that keeps happening?

Lewis - Without a doubt. And even if they don't come, they can count on me to keep coming out. As long as I'm in town - and most of the time I'll be in town during the summertime - I'll be out here with the young guys at U-Dub. And we'll get after it.

DM.C - So from the DB side of things, who impressed you?

Lewis - I think the DB group as a whole. I look at the whole unit; I can't go by one-on-ones, because that's an offense drill. But the DB's made a lot of plays. There wasn't a lot of throws…there were a lot of coverage sacks, and I like that. I like the way the scheme is. Of course I don't know the defense, so I couldn't jump in, but those guys looked like they had the communication down - and that's the key in any successful defense. A good defense can talk an offense out of a play or into a play. And it looks like those guys have it going on.

DM.C - It sounds like you'll be back next week, but after that it gets busy. Tell us about the rest of your summer.

Lewis - Yup, we have training camp we're about to get the jump off on July 30th. Guys are starting to trickle back into town, starting to get ready. I'm just preparing myself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually - getting ready to go. We're getting ready to turn a lot of heads this year, get a lot of wins. And that's going to be a good thing, a good deal back in Seattle.

DM.C - And how's the locker room right now, in terms of expectations?

Lewis - It's high. The standards for excellence have not changed. We know we can win, and coach Carroll has come in and he's instilled that into our mindset. We have a winning mentality; winning is contagious, winning is a habit. And to compete, you have to outwork the competition, and you can go far with that.

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