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Wednesday night was another spirited session in shells and shorts, but the hitting never stopped and there was strong play on both sides of the ball. As we are into the dawg days of Camp Sark, players are trying their best to impress the coaches and show them that they belong.

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Wednesday Night Practice Notes

Wednesday practice notes

First, here are the very, very unofficial stats from the team period.

Passing: Locker 5-7 for 51 yards; Price 4-5 for 34 yards and Montana 0-1 for 0 yards.

Rushing: Fogerson 4 for 22 yards and one touchdown; Callier 3 for 18 yards; Bronson 1 for 6; Locker 1 for 4

Receiving: Kearse 2-22; Izbicki 2-21; Chandler 1-15; Bruns 1-9; Aguilar 1-7; J. Polk 1-6; Barnett 1-5

For the defensive totals, it appeared as if freshman DE Hauoli Jamora had a couple of sacks, while Chris Robinson and Sione Potoae shared a sack.

The team was in shells and shorts tonight. The only players missing were Taz Stevenson, who looked to have his left shoulder taped up a little bit, and James Johnson, who is still nursing an ankle injury. Both did stairs today as part of their conditioning.

Here are the teams the way they lined up for the first team period (and take these with a grain of salt, because players are definitely getting moved around - especially along the OL):

1 OL (from LT to RT): Senio Kelemete, Ryan Tolar, Drew Schaefer, Greg Christine, Cody Habben.

1 DL (from DE to DE): Talia Crichton, Alameda Ta'amu, Cameron Elisara and De'Shon Matthews.

1 LB (from WIL to SAM): Mason Foster, Cort Dennison, Victor Aiyewa

1 DB (from corner to corner): Quinton Richardson, Will Shamburger, Nate Williams, Desmond Trufant

2 OL (from LT to RT): Erik Kohler, Nick Wood, Greg Christine, Colin Porter, Dan Kanczugowski

2 DL (from DE to DE): Everrette Thompson/Hauoli Jamora, Sione Potoae, Chris Robinson, Kalani Aldrich

2 LB (from WIL to SAM): Matt Houston, Brandon Huppert/Tim Tucker, Cooper Pelluer

2 DB (from corner to corner): Adam Long, Justin Glenn/Nate Fellner, Sean Parker, Vonzell McDowell

3 OL (from LT to RT): Mike Criste, Colin Tanigawa, Mykenna Ikehara, James Atoe, Ben Riva

3 DL (from DE to DE): Andrew Hudson, Lawrence Lagafuaina, Peter Follmer, Josh Shirley

3 LB (from WIL to SAM): Jordan Wallace, Victor Burnett, Jamaal Kearse

3 DB (from corner to corner): Greg Ducre, Marquis Persley, Greg Walker, Anthony Boyles

During the one-on-one drills, Quinton Richardson had a great night, defending everything that came his way. He looked to have gotten tangled up with WR D'Andre Goodwin during the first rep, and Goodwin didn't do much the rest of the night. We'll ask coach Sarkisian what Goodwin's status is on Thursday. Desmond Trufant had a very Trufant-like night, as we've come to expect. If form holds, I'd expect Richardson to be opposite Trufant at BYU.

Conversely, walk-on William Chandler is doing everything right and getting a ton of reps with the ones and twos right now. He caught one pass for 15 yards and also looked strong during the one-on-one drills. The coaches are trying to find other options to compliment Jermaine Kearse, Devin Aguilar and James Johnson, and Chandler is one of those players - like Cody Bruns - that is emerging.

On the other side of the field, the were doing pass protection drills and one-on-ones between the backs and tight ends and the LB's/safeties. It looked like three of the TE's - Mike Hartvigson, Marek Domanski and Evan Hudson - all put in solid work during the pass protection period. Hartvigson, the frosh from Bothell, even pancaked a would-be rusher, earning a bunch of hi-fives and woofing from his teammates.

During the RB/TE vs. LB/Safeties one-on-ones, Nate Williams set the tone by tipping a pass and then picking it off, getting a bunch of woofs from his teammates. Victor Aiyewa and Sean Parker also had some nice stops during this period, while Chris Polk, Johri Fogerson and Dorson Boyce made strong plays for the offense.

Generally-speaking, Chris Polk is playing at a level different from his teammates. The sophomore is running with a confidence that you can't mistake even sitting in the stands. He hasn't been used a ton so far this fall, and I suspect he's going to come out of camp with a full head of steam during game week for BYU.

Fogerson has definitely picked things up too the last few days, running with authority and also continuing to show that he can be a multiple threat out of the backfield.

Watching the QB's tonight, a pattern is starting to develop; Keith Price - practice by practice - is starting to pull away from Nick Montana when it comes to backing up Jake Locker - at least if you look at how he's continually progressing with his playmaking skills. Again Wednesday night, he just showed a lot of poise and leadership in moving the ball during the team period. And in the final period of the night - in what appeared to be a simulation of an overtime session - he was able to drive his team down to the 11-yard line. He then handed the ball off to Fogerson, who did the rest.

That wasn't to say that Montana didn't have some nice moments. Even though he was intercepted by Greg Walker during the first 11-11 period, he came back and finished the drill with a 50-yard pass to Anthony Tokunaga for six.

And Locker was Locker; he went 5-5 for 51 yards during the team period. But he stumbled just a bit during the overtime session, going 0-2 - but Eric Guttorp was able to pick him up by making a 39-yard field goal.

The team also focused a lot Wednesday night on the kicking game. Guttorp was again the kicker used tonight, although Erik Folk was out there and appears to be healthy. He went 4-4, with a long of 38 yards during the field goal period, but there were two other attempts that were scuttled due to a combination of a poor snap and/or hold. They are trying Peter Becker and Evan Hudson at the backup snapper spot behind Brendan Lopez.

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Wednesday Morning Practice Notes

-- Temperature was about 30 degrees cooler today than yesterday and head coach Steve Sarkisian said they're doing what they can to get work in during different conditions and today was late October early November (which elicited a chuckle from the media as well as the people milling around).

-- Team did a lot of special teams and third down work today.

-- No kicking involved other than punts and kickoffs. Players worked a lot of coverage and staying in their lanes and punt protection. P Will Mahan really blasted a punt on one that went at least 60 yards.

-- In team drills, the offense and defense both made some impressive plays. WR D'Andre Goodwin had two catches (one from Nick Montana and one from Jake Locker) where he caught the ball at full speed and took off for big gainers including one that he took 60 yards for a touchdown.

-- Montana was on target several times and while moving to his right, found WR Will Chandler open across the middle extending a drive.

-- WR Jordan Polk, who had had some of the stickiest hands in camp, got wide open across the middle and Montana found him, but he tried to run before he had the ball and dropped it, resulting in some groans from those in attendance.

-- DE Everrette Thompson was running around and playing a lot today. I'm still not sold he will play this year, but I'm starting to lean toward him being able to play this fall just from watching him run around and after our conversation with DL coach Johnny Nansen.

-- Locker found WR Jermaine Kearse open on the sidelines and drilled a ball in his direction only to have SS Nate Fellner break on the ball and knock it away. It was a very good play by Fellner because had it been completed, it would have resulted in a first down.

-- On another play, Goodwin caught a ball for a short gain and appeared to have some room to run, but CB Desmond Trufant broke so quickly on the play that he would have been stopped for a one-yard gain had they been tackling.

-- Tonight's practice will be at 6:45 pm and will likely be in helmets and shoulder pads.

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Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Steve Sarkisian Wednesday Quotes

On the cool weather: "We're just trying to prepare for late-October, early November: a little wind, a little chill in the air."

On the morning workout: "It was good. Crisp. A lot of third-down work, a lot of emphasis on third down. We probably had over 30 reps on third down, which was good. From the quarterback perspective and wide receiver and the timing, it was for our defense: a lot of nickel situations for them. So I though all in all it was good work."

On the scrimmage yesterday: "We had to address some things off the film from an effort point of view. I thought we got a little tired maybe, the sun was beating on them. The one thing around here that we pride ourselves on is playing with great effort, and there were times yesterday or last night when that didn't occur. So I addressed it and I thought guys were fantastic this morning."

On how he felt both lines did in the scrimmage: "I thought they were good. Obviously the ones were a little limited in the number of reps that they had. But I thought they did some nice things communication-wise. Again, looking at the film, Greg Christine was fantastic just getting guys lined up and doing some things. Our young kids did some nice things, but ultimately it's the understanding of the way we play, the effort we play with, especially the young defensive linemen: We can't afford to have loafs. We go 100 miles per hour and if you need to get a break, get a break. Those are some of the things we address."

On if there were any surprises from the scrimmage: "I don't know if there was so much surprise standouts. I thought the guys what had done things all camp long continued to do it. Tim Tucker did some things on special teams that I guess were a little surprising: blocked a punt, did some different things that he hadn't really shown to put him more on the forefront of special teams work."

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Johnny Nansen (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Johnny Nansen Quotes

On the defensive line: "I think they're doing well. Obviously we've got the young guys who are coming along. Different guys we shuffle around up front."

On having guys that can play inside and outside: "There are some guys we're moving around. For example, Semisi can do either way. Cameron can move outside if we need that. We didn't have that a year ago. It's working out really well."

On Talia Crichton's progress: "He's got more confidence. He knows the system real well and he's playing well right now. He's a little banged up, but he's way more advanced than he was a year ago. Just looking at our young guys compared to where Talia and Semisi were last year, I think it's a big difference."

On getting on without Daniel Te'o-Nesheim: "I think you look at guys like Cameron and Talia's got the ability to do it. De'Shon Matthews is coming along real well --- I think he's a guy who can help us put some pressure on the quarterback. And also Everrette Thompson has a lot of playing experience. We've got more guys we can count on."

On Te'o-Nesheim's motor: "You can't replace a guy like that who gives you everything he's got. And I think it helps Talia, guys like that. Daniel I think helped them with their work ethic. But no doubt – no doubt is was nice having him. It's hard to replace."

On the defensive line this year compared to last year at this point: "They system is in place. It's nice to have guys from last year coming back, guys like Cameron (Elisara) and Semisi Tokolahi and obviously (Alameda) Ta'amu inside. It's nice to have experience. Last year, they were learning the system as they go. Now they're just playing how to play the game. We're way ahead of where we were last year."

On the freshman defensive linemen: "Love them. They work hard. They have a passion about the game. And they're exactly what we're looking for in young men when we recruit them. First of all it's character, unbelievable kids, coachable kids, and we love them. They've got a bright future here."

On Hauoli Jamora running with the ones: "He's a player we think can come in and play for us this year. We're putting him in different situations and seeing how he reacts. We like what he brings to the field and what he can do. He's a special kid and we like him, so he's a guy we're trying to get ready."

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Talia Crichton (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Talia Crichton Quotes

On how he's feeling so far in camp: "Everybody's counting on me and I don't want to let them down. I just want to be the best I can do and live up to my potential and live up to the team. I feel like camp has come along well for me. I'm just getting over a nagging thing with my knee right now, but it's nothing big. I just come out and play and do my thing."

On how much more ready to play he is this year: "Last year I was just getting a feel for it. It was my first year, so I was confused a little bit. I wasn't as strong as I should have been if I was going to play. I didn't work out much in high school, so when I got here I wasn't as strong as I should be. It took me a while to get ready because I relied on my natural strength more than what I could have had if I had been in our weight program. I feel stronger and quicker and I'm heavier this year, so that should really help me out especially when it comes to taking on blocks and stuff like that."

On his moves: "Daniel (Te'o-Nesheim) and I talked about moves, but most of them are my own and guys I've studied that play in the NFL. I really like Dwight Freeney's spin move and Jason Taylor's 'stab' and the swipe move and stuff like that. We lost a lot of sacks from Daniel, so as a defensive end, that's really putting a lot of pressure on us younger guys to get it done. I think we can, but we have to go out and show it, not just talk about it."

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Cameron Elisara (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Cameron Elisara Quotes

On it being his senior season: "I can't believe it. It's been a long time coming. It did go by fast like a lot of the older guys told me before. There's a lot of unfinished business. I don't think I've accomplished enough or really much at all in my time here and this is my last year and the year that I really have to."

On how the line is progressing: "I feel good. I really see a lot of energy with this unit with how much doubt we have going in -- I've heard a lot of skeptics about the defensive line and that it's the weak point -- and I'm in the position where I need to be the one that proves everybody wrong. I need to help lead these younger guys because there's only two seniors along the line, just me an DeShon Matthews, and I'm feeling good. Everybody's gotten a lot better and I think it's going to take a lot of people by surprise."

On missing Daniel Te'o-Nesheim: "Daniel is definitely a guy you'd love to have play with you all the time and we've had to deal with his absence and compensate for it, so a lot of guys have to step up and fill that void with Daniel gone. We'd love to have him back, but that's not going to happen, so we're going to have to do what we can without him and we're doing well. We're not sitting around saying 'I wish we still had him', we're all doing our own thing."

On playing inside and outside: "I really like both of them. I like being the utility kind of a guy because, sometimes I like my pass-rush outside and sometimes I like the one-on-one with the guard on the inside. They both have their pluses and minuses, so I like playing both because it adds a variety to my game.

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Keith Price (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Tuesday Scrimmage Notes

Tuesday's practice was the Huskies' first full scrimmage of the fall, and UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian used it to get as much information out of his backups and freshmen as possible. The first team offense and defense did as expected, and there were some players that emerged out of the scrimmage in good shape to earn more playing time as the Huskies get closer to their first game at BYU.

Definitely one thing we know for sure - the only defense that can contain Washington's No. 1 offense is it's No. 1 defense. The number ones, led by senior Jake Locker, rolled up 154 yards of total offense in the only two series they had on Tuesday, a scrimmage that UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian likened to more of an NFL preseason affair. Locker was 3-4 for 99 yards, including a 36-yard touchdown pass to Devin Aguilar. Chris Polk looked sharp coming back from limited action the last few days, knifing his way through UW's second-team defense for a 16-yard score. He carried the ball three times for 44 yards. The full stats of Tuesday's scrimmage can be seen here

The No. 1 defense only had one series more than the No. 1 offense, but they also executed with effectiveness. They started the scrimmage out with a sack by Talia Crichton (with the QB's not being live, a sack is the same as getting a significant touch on the QB). They held the No. 2 offense to only one first down - via a Johri Fogerson run - and 15 total yards on 11 plays.

But the second and third-team quarterbacks - Keith Price and Nick Montana - had solid days throwing the ball. Price, who started the scrimmage leading the No. 2 offense, went 11-17 for 130 yards and one touchdown - a 70-yard touchdown completed to wideout Cody Bruns past the outstretched arms of Marquis Persley and Adam Long.

Montana also was effective, going 14-20 for 123 yards and a 8-yard strike to freshman WR DiAndre Campbell for his lone TD throw. And with Deontae Cooper now out with a season-ending knee injury, Jesse Callier stepped up and led the team in rushing, racking up 66 yards on only five carries.

Since the veterans had time to sit back and relax a bit, this scrimmage was all about the younger players. Coach Sarkisian said after practice that the coaches need to get as much information about their backups as possible, and this is one of the ways to do it.

There were two players that came out on offense and surprised with their play; WR William Chandler and RB Zach Fogerson. Chandler tied frosh WR Kevin Smith for the most number of catches (five) on the day, and he play quite a bit with the No. 2 offense. Fogerson was a revelation at RB simply because we hadn't seen him there all camp long. He had seven carries for 21 yards, including a bruising 3-yard touchdown effort where he bulldozed his way to paydirt.

Defensively, Cooper Pelluer looked to have a great day, as he sacked the quarterback a couple of times and almost had a third. The frosh from Skyline has had a great camp to date and is making a case for himself when it comes to playing time and special teams duties. UW Defensive Coordinator Nick Holt singled out Hauoli Jamora for his work, and the frosh DE from Kahuku also had a sack on the day. Sarkisian also mentioned Sean Parker, and the freshman safety showed that he likes to hit when he laid the lumber on a couple of ballcarriers around the line of scrimmage.

There was also a couple of special teams periods mixed into the scrimmage to give the cover and return games some work. Will Mahan hit a couple of gorgeous 55-yard punts back-to-back, and he also had one of two of his punts downed inside the 10-yard line when working on burying the ball deep in opposition territory. They also had a quick period where they worked on kickoff return. There were two returners - Jesse Callier and Keith Smith. Callier had a 58-yard return on his one try; Smith took his out 24 yards.

It also gave backup placekicker Eric Guttorp a chance to work with the backup battery - snapper Peter Becker and holder Will Mahan. He was able to make one kick despite a less-than-stellar snap that Mahan had to negotiate, but couldn't make the scrimmage-ending 42-yarder when the same thing happened.

There were a number of penalties on the day, but Sarkisian noted that it was against the youngsters and they will continue to get those issues sorted out as the players continue to get familiar playing alongside each other. All in all, it was a day where the coaches had to be pleased that they were able to get a lot of information on their younger players, and the first teams on offense and defense did exactly as you'd expect. But beyond them, the depth is still very much a work in progress.

Injury Note: Safeties Justin Glenn and Greg Walker sat out the scrimmage with ankle injuries. James Johnson also sat out the scrimmage with a sore ankle, and Sarkisian said after practice that they'll be careful with them, but it's up to the player's own pain threshold and how quickly their bodies react to treatment that will determine how fast they get back in the mix. He did add that none of them are season-ending injuries.

Quick Recruiting Note: Auburn's Danny Shelton was again at practice, and he was with a teammate - we believe it was Alphonse Wade.

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Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Steve Sarkisian Tuesday Quotes

Overview - "I thought all in all the day went well. We took the approach of a first preseason NFL game, with our starters somewhat limited reps. Our first offenses went two series, our first defense went three series. I thought both of them played extremely well: efficient football. But the real key to this day was to see the young kids play. Obviously the two young quarterbacks, but all of them from the linemen to the backers to the DBs to the wide outs: to see them play, to see them get through the first couple of series of maybe the jitters, the anxiety, and then relax and play. To ultimately see potentially who could help us this fall and potentially who might be a redshirt guy."

Who stood out - "I thought the two quarterbacks – the two young guys – once they settled in did some nice things for us. I thought (safety) Sean Parker did some nice things back there. (Wide receiver) Kevin Smith, early on, I thought might have been a little jittery, a little anxious, he showed up. I was extremely impressed with (offensive lineman) Gregory Christine again. This is the time last year he did it and earned his way onto the field, and he had a heck of a scrimmage today. We used Zach Fogerson some at tailback, we wanted to see what we look like with a big back back there. He looked good. It was great to see Chris Polk get a couple of carries. Jesse Callier, Johri Fogerson, a lot of guys did some nice things today."

Concerns - "Not really. I thought our ones and special teams looked good. The punt game, the kick game, kickoff-wise. I think we still have some work to do on kickoff return a little bit and punt return, but those are generally the last two teams that work their way up. Those things we'll continue to work on. And I thought No. 10 was great. For two series he was on point all the way through it."

On Zach Fogerson new idea - "We gave him a couple of carries yesterday and we kind of thought let's just see what this looks like. He's the kind of back that can put a pounding on you and he did it. That last touchdown run he had, he ran over a couple of guys getting in."

Was it related to Deontae Cooper getting hurt? "I think it was just something to look at. When you look at our backs, we don't have a real 230-235 guy who can really thump you, and he has the potential to do that. We're just in the infancy stage of looking at him. We'll take a little time. I've got to look at the film and see exactly what he's seeing and what it looks like."

On both No. 1 units being successful - "That made me feel the best – that, and being healthy. If you ask NFL head coach, he doesn't want to see any of his starters get hurt, and to see them play efficient football. And I thought both sides of the ball of our ones were extremely efficient today. And then the next step is let me see our young kids compete. Let me see what they look like when they're a little bit tired. Can they keep battling through it, are they mentally tough enough. And I thought our kids battled today."

Redshirt decisions for now or later - "I can't worry aobut five years right now. I'm worried about our 2010 football team and what gives us the best chance to win. I think we'd be foolish to ruin a guy's year for two snaps. But if a kid can help us all year long on special teams and as a backup on one side or the ball of the other it's worth playing them."

Any decisions on redshirting yet? - "Not yet. We won't make anything definitive on those issues until next week. We've got anther scrimmage on Saturday, but I think we're beginning to get a decent idea of who can help."

On the penalties - "That wasn't the thing that excited me the most. That was a lot of our young guys. We were a little jittery up front. So we had some false starts and a delay of game and some of that is expected, but we'll work on cleaning that up. And there were a couple of things down the field in the passing game that I think there were some young guys who maybe paniced when the ball was in the air. We'll adjust it and hopefully as we move forward the anxiety won't quite be there about what's next, I know what I'm doing and I can play."

On the heat - "I'm a little disappointed. I'm looking at the forecast and it might cool off a little bit later in the week. But we need this heat as much as we can get it."

On being OK with the No. 1 offense having just two series - "There's so much continuity. We're about to make adjustments on the fly with these guys. They've played so much together. The quarterback and the wideouts are really working well together. They understand each other extremely well, the offensive linemen understand each other extremely well. So it's not about pounding them and getting them so many different looks. It's about making sure we're on point, making sure we're efficient, we've got good tempo, good urgency to the line of scrimmage and playing good fast football."

On playing more of the first team on Saturday - "We'll probably get them more work Saturday."

On hearing about Kavario Middleton transferring to Nebraska - "Not really. I wish him luck."

On freshmen doing conditioning at the end - "That was just a reminder about taking care of the football."

On Greg Walker and Justin Glenn - "Both of them are ankles. Justin was the ankle that he had injured. It's not serious, but it was the same ankle. And Greg Walker sprained his ankle. So we've got now three sprained ankles: we added James Johnson to that list. … Ankles are hard to tell. They're not serious in that it's not something that is season-threatening or could last months, but it's the guy's own body and how he reacts to it and really I guess his own pain threshold is what it is."

On the heat and the team hitting the wall - "I thought maybe toward the end of last week we did. I thought our kids bounced back really well the last two days. Yesterday was a really physical practice for us, last night, and we came back and got them a lot of reps today. We'll monitor over the next couple of days. I think all in all as a staff we've done a pretty good job of monitoring the guys who might be getting there and backing off them and getting other guys more reps."

On there being more concern for the freshmen - "Part of it with the freshmen is we're building mental toughness with them, too. We'll see how they go. I just don't want, because they're a little sore or a little tired, to back off of them. We've got to get them used to being miserable but love being miserable."

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Nick Holt (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Nick Holt Tuesday Quotes

General Comments - "They didn't get a lot of reps but they did a good job. They did what they needed to do and we wanted to see a lot of the other guys, so they got a lot of the reps. We'll watch the film on the younger guys and hopefully we see some really good things. Some things they have improved on throughout the week and their assignments and just playing hard and go from there. A little tough to tell right now until we watch the film but it was a good long scrimmage for a lot of guys, they had a ot of reps the young guys and they need it. I thought it was a good work day. A little sloppy but a lot of good things we can coach from and get better here the next couple of days."

On Cooper Pelluer - "He showed up, he did some good things. I think a couple of the other linebackers did okay and a couple of the young defensive linemen, and the young defensive backs, Sean Parker and Taz Stevenson. The secondary, those guys kind of have the hardest of everybody's job because they have the most adjustments so at times their progress might be a little slower than the other guys, but I really like our younger guys, I really do, and just keep on getting better."

When the two defense is going against the one offense - "That's how they get good, that's how they get better. And they better learn quickly or they are going to get their butts kicked. I think it's good for those guys to learn how to compete and get tougher and be more physical against the older vets. I think it's a good situation. I'm glad we did some of that today."

On anybody standing out - "Not really. Hau'oli Jamora looks like he shows up as well as Josh Shirley, he is getting better every day and he's a little behind the other guys because he got here late. But other than that it's hard to tell until tonight after watching the film."

On Aiyewa, is he solidying that job? - "He's getting better every day, he's had a nice fall camp so far and playing really fast. I like his effort. He's making some mistakes but making them at full speed and they are all correctable, you can correct Vic and he gets it the next play. He's very coachable. So far it's really pretty godo with Vic and I'm happy with his progress."

On defensive ends - "Got Kalani (Aldrich). And really, I think we are going to have some good depth at defensive line provided we stay healthy. And I think we will be pretty solid by committee. De'Shon Matthews is having a really good fall camp so far, as well as Cameron Elisara, and Cameron can play defensive end. So it looks to me like we are going to have a little deeper group than we had last year. And now we get Everrette Thompson keep comning and hopefully he will get more reps as fall camp unfolds. What I'm really happy is that we are staying pretty healthy so far and we'll see how it goes the next week or so."

Is Everrette ramping up? - "He's getting more confidence. It's still he's still limited but every day that goes by he's getting better, more confidence, getting stronger and just keep plugging away and here in a couple of weeks maybe he can go through a full practice."

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Jake Locker (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Jake Locker Tuesday Quotes

On not having a lot of plays - "I didn't really know. They said it would be a lot like a pre-season NFL-wise with the ones. I don't know what that really means, but we had two pretty good drives and so that's probably why coach wanted the other guys to play a little bit."

On his two drives being really good - "It went pretty good. We executed really well. Obviously we'll be able to watch the film and see how well we actually did, but I thought the results we got were the ones we were looking for. We played with a decent tempo; we can pick that up a little bit. For our first time I thought it was pretty good. It was good to come out and compete like that."

On the OL coming together - "They are very comfortable with each other. They have worked together in the past, and to have that experience, along with a spring and a fall now, they are doing really well and making a lot of other calls and adjustments that need to be made on the fly to be really successful every play. And I thought that's what they did today."

On the personality of the line - "I expect them to be a very dominant line for us. They will establish the run for us and be able to give us a good pocket to throw from and be the foundation of our offense."

On Chris Polk - "He didn't look much different. I was happy with how he did."

On the week of work - "I thought it went pretty well. Constantly getting better, which is good - growing, learning and improving on mistakes that we've made in the past. I think we'll be able to keep that process up and continue it through the rest of fall camp and into the season. I think we have to build off what we had this first week and improve on what we struggled on and go from there."

On not getting enough touches - "Yeah, it's no different for me really than practice as far as the live stuff goes. But we had two pretty productive drives and had a long one as our second one. The first one was pretty normal field position to begin with. I thought it was pretty good. Offensively we were able to find the end zone twice, get in the red zone and find the end zone - so that's a positive and a plus for us. The coach build these training camps and these scrimmages to maximize our ability and potential, and I have no doubt that's what they did today."

On what he thinks they can work on - "I think our tempo could have been a little bit quicker getting in and out of the huddle and getting up to the ball and pushing the pace of the defense a little bit, so I think that's probably something we'll focus on this next week."

On BYU creeping into his mind - "It's been there since we finished. It's our first game. Now that we're kind of done with our heavy install stuff, we start to watch a little film on them and get an idea of their defensive schemes and approaches."

On Jermaine Kearse - "I think all those guys as a whole, a whole unit, can be a lot better. They are very talented, and we've seen that the last couple of years. But the experience they have, they know what to expect and they know what it takes to be really, really good at this level now. I think you're seeing that…the catch DA (Devin Aguilar) made at the beginning of the scrimmage for a touchdown here - it's not an easy catch. It wasn't a perfect ball, but he went and made a great play. Those are the things you're going to see out of those guys throughout the year this year that's going to set them apart from other people."

On this team being noticeably better than last year - "Yeah. Just the excitement, the execution, all that stuff - it's a little more crisp than it was a year ago."

On the work put in this summer paying off - "How we approached it this summer has helped us. We were able to do some good things and hit the ground running at camp instead of starting from ground zero. It was beneficial from that aspect; we were comfortable working on 7-7 team stuff and were able to pick it up here at camp."

On Picture Day - "I appreciate all the people coming out and showing their support of the program and for myself. It's a day I really do enjoy to just to be able to see how many people truly do support this program and are excited about what we're doing here. I'll miss it. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I think we have a really good fanbase here, a fanbase that not a lot of people get to enjoy. So I had a great time."

On the line to get his autograph - "I couldn't see most of it. They did a good job of hiding it, so I couldn't tell how big it was."

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6:30 PM

Keith Price (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Keith Price Tuesday Quotes

Keith Price

On scrimmage - "It was fun. It was nice being back out on the field and being able to be in a real game situation. We just needed to pick up the tempo a little bit. There was a lot of running around, and a lot of the younger guys didn't really … you know, just trying to get the thing goin'. But it was fun."

On the difference between today and Saturday - "Today was hey, get the play and you're going. You don't have time in the huddle, you really have to know your stuff."

On the first week of camp - "I think I've been average. There have been balls that I should have made. I've been on the right guys; it's just a matter of making the right throws. I know my reads and I know where I need to go with the ball. Now once I start hitting the big throws I'll be able to say that I'm doing really well."

On settling into the position - "I'm more comfortable with the offense. The system, it's tailored to my playing abilities and it's great."

On when things started to slow down for him - "Yeah, at the end of last week. There were some throws that I wanted, but I just didn't hit. Other than that, it's just been at a steady pace."

On what he'll work on as he gears for Saturday's scrimmage - "Making throws. That's my main things. Making throws and just studying my playbook, studying day-in and day-out. That's the key goal."

On building chemistry with the WR corps - "I think I've built chemistry with a lot of 'em, a lot of the number-one guys that I didn't get a lot of reps with last year as far as me doing the scout team. I'm starting to learn their route techniques and I think I'm building chemistry with a lot of them."

On the TD to Cody Buns - "I saw that they were in man coverage and I knew I was going to have a shot with Cody up top. It was just a matter of me making the throw; I knew I was on the right guy. It was just a matter of me making the throw, and I made the throw."

On balancing his abilities to make plays - "Just taking the opportunities to run when I have them. There's a lot of times where I have opportunities to take off and score, and I just try and work on staying in the pocket. Sometimes it comes back to haunt me, because I end up forcing a ball that doesn't need to be forced, and not just managing the game right."

On what comes naturally to him - "If something's not there, I tuck it or maybe try and do too much. Coach Sark constantly tells me hey, just make the right football play. Don't try to do too much; just make the right play. They don't tell me to just stay in there. They tell me to be an athlete and play football. They don't put boundaries around my capabilities; they just tell me to go play football."

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Tuesday's scrimmage statistics

Courtesy of gohuskies.com

Tuesday's Scrimmage Statistics

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Doug Nussmeier Monday Quotes

Nussmeier On Saturday's team periods: "I think we're doing some good things. We've got a lot of volume in and we continue to push our guys with the amount of information that we're giving 'em, and the biggest thing we've got to get better at is attention to detail…one guy here with a little thing or one guy there, and when we do do it all together, we're pretty good."

On the situations they ran through: "When you look at the goal-line situation, the thing we have to continue to do is you have to get your pad level down. I think we played a little high at times, so continue to get our pad level down. Short yardage, I thought that was a pretty good period for us, I think we executed fairly well. And then we went into an overall third-down period, which I thought we executed fairly well in."

On a running back like Demitrius Bronson finding a niche: "He did a really nice job, he had a nice practice. He's a young player that has to continue to improve. Every day he comes out here he has to get better. All of our backs have certain strengths. And that's our job as coaches, to find the strengths and the things they bring to the table and utilize them in those situations."

On losing Deontae Cooper for the season due to ACL injury: "It's disappointing. It's hard to see any kid get injured when they are playing this game. To watch the amount of work these guys put in every day, to get the opportunity to play in 12 games during the season - hopefully 13 if you go to bowl games - it's discouraging any time you see any of our players get hurt. I feel very bad for him, but at the same point in time, I know what type of kid he is. He's a wonderful young man and if there's a guy that's going to be ahead of the curve when it comes to rehab, he's going to be that guy. Our thoughts and prayers are with him, and he'll be back."

On where he was in the depth prior to his injury: "It's so early in camp it's hard to say, but he was doing a really, really nice job. Obviously he had some big runs for us and was doing some really good things. He was coming in protections and those things, really starting to pick that stuff up. You could see a continual progression from where he was at the end of spring. It's a blow, but that's what you do in football; you face adversity and you bounce back."

On one of the quicker receivers (Polk, Bruns, Goodwin) stepping up: "All three are having strong camps. They continue to get better, very encouraging with those guys. I think they stepped up their game from where they were in the spring, but we didn't see Jordan and we didn't see D'Andre because they weren't healthy. I think Cody is playing well and all three of those guys are playing hard. They are all emerging, and that's what competition does. It makes everyone better."

On the true freshman fitting in at OL: "It's always difficult when you are learning against our defense, with the amount of pressure and things we do up front, so it challenges them mentally. But that's a good group of young men. They are working hard, they are going to be good football players."

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Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Steve Sarkisian Monday Quotes

On Cooper's Injury: "I think it was a gain of about 32 or 34 yards. He was near the sidelines, and nobody touched his leg. He was getting tackled, and it was a little twinge of about four inches…you can see on the film. And that was it. In a sad way, it's somewhat of a common injury now in sports. It doesn't take a lot for those to occur. But I think if there's anybody on the team…not that you'd wish it on anybody…but if there's anybody on the team that's going to do everything in his power to rehab the right way and get himself back healthy, it's Deontae. He's got a tremendous work ethic and he'll have a great attitude about it. He'll be back before we know it."

On severity of injury: "It's a torn ACL. I don't know all of those specifics, to get to that detailed of it from a doctor's perspective, and I'm not going to try and act like I do. I know what it is. I know that rehab is generally seven months to a year, roughly. Knowing him and knowing his body type and the way he's wired, I would imagine it's going to be closer to seven months than 12 months. But we'll see how it goes."

On what he's done up to this point: "I think he had as much of an impact on us changing our culture as anybody. I thought he came in with a great attitude. He's a tremendous human being, not only on the football field, but also in the classroom, in the study table sessions off the field. So somebody's got a play for him, and us, and if there's anybody that's going to bounce back, it's him. He's got a long career ahead of him and it's not a career-ending thing or anything of that sort. He'll be back."

On when they knew it was serious: "We knew there was some pain, we knew there was some looseness in his knee. But you never want to speculate on those things until you see the MRI, because some of us have naturally loose knees. You try and test them pre…but it's hard to tell. In this business you assume the worst and hope for the best, so we assumed that's what it was, but didn't want to say anything officially until we knew."

On where he was in the depth: "He was one of those three guys that was behind Chris (Polk), realistically. He, Johri, Jesse were all doing nice things and doing different things well. But the beauty for us is that we're going to be OK. We've got a talented returning running back in Chris Polk and we've got guys behind him that are very good football players in Johri Fogerson and Jesse Callier. We're fortunate that it came at a position where we have some good depth. We'll be fine and Deontae will be fine."

On Injuries like this are why you recruit a lot of guys at running back: "It is. You look at the National Football League, it's the shortest-lived life in the National Football League at any position once you become a starter it's for a lot of reasons it's a tough position to play. But again I think certain guys are wired a certain way to bounce back from these types of things. He's very young still. We've seen what Will Shamburger looks like coming off of his (injury), he looks fantastic. You see these guys are young and in good shape the way their bodies are wired, that he is the type of guy in my opinion is going to come back great.''

On James Johnson's injury: "Sprained ankle, and those things at the wide out spot can linger a little bit because of all the cutting and different things running routes, decent swollneness last night. So we'll assess him this afternoon. But I'll be surprised if he goes this afternoon. Looking more tomorrow afternoon for the scrimmage.''

On Trufant getting bell rung: "Again, we've set a plan for him to monitor him throughout this camp and to get him to where he's really, really healthy. So you're just seeing, you will see a little bit of a rotation at all of our spots. You'll see it here with our wideouts coming up ,this was a time for him to get a rest time anyway, so he's getting it and that will rotate through to (Jermaine) Kearse and (Devin) Aguilar and D'Andre (Goodwin) and Jordan (Polk) and back into him again, so it worked out that way again okay anyway.''

On Chris Polk and Nate Williams: "They'll get going more, I thought they both looked good today. Nate really good, and he is just a different body type, different guy playing really fast football. Been impressed.''

On Everrette Thompson working this morning: "Yeah, it was, it was – the most extensive work he's gotten. And we'll continue to build. We're not going to be where 'OK, you haven't worked, you haven't worked and all of a sudden here is 40 plays with the team.' We're going to be smart about it, and gradually build not only his strength in his Achilles, but his overall body strength."

On the schedule for Monday night and scrimmage Tuesday: "Tonight we'll be pretty typical, just normal practice for us. we'll be padded up. Tomorrow, we're going to have some real scrimmage settings in there again to see what guys look like – more of a scrimmage atmosphere tomorrow tonight working all of our special teams … to get that stuff on film all in one practice. Tonight will be just a normal practice setting."

On the scrimmage sessions Saturday: "We're playing too high. As a football team, when you're in short-yardage and goal-line situations, one of the keys to that is pad level. And our pad level was too high, but that is somewhat is expected the first time you get down there. And we're not playing violent-enough football at the line of scrimmage. We need to be more violent with our hands – shedding blocks, double-teaming people on thee line of scrimmage. It's been addressed, and we'll continue to work on it."

On seeing a number of injuries from Saturday: "It's normal. That's football. It's a violent sport, man."

On mixing the players into different groupings on the offensive line: "We're relatively set, but we're constantly contingency-planning. With offensive linemen, they're a play away. If they never work with each other and all of a sudden we expect them to do it in the second quarter at BYU, it's kind of hard on those guys. We're consistently putting guys in with each other, getting a comfort level with each other so if and when something does happen, we're prepared for it."

On Chris Polk's shoulder: "The natural concern, anytime something is surgically-repaired, that is not natural. You have your obvious concerns from that point of a reinjury on anybody's injury, so that would be my concern for him. I don't have a feeling of why I should right now, but if you asked me what my one concern would be, that would be it."

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7:15 PM

Desmond Trufant (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Monday Morning Practice Report

It was a shells and shorts practice this morning, they will be in full pads tonight. Tuesday's 3 PM practice will be their biggest scrimmage period to date.

First, on Deontae Cooper. As it was reported by the school last night, Cooper is out for the season with an ACL tear. He came out to practice about an hour after it started, on crutches.

He was not made available to the media, but coach Sarkisian reiterated afterward that if there's anyone on the team that can bounce back from an injury of this sort, it's Cooper. He also had this quote, which I thought was pretty telling about Cooper's early impact on the Huskies: "I think he had as much of an impact on us changing our culture as anybody."

That's a heck of a compliment for a true freshman.

They continue to rotate bodies in and out and rest others. Desmond Trufant sat out some of today's work, and even though James Johnson was out with an ankle injury, Sarkisian said that he would be starting to get some time off anyway. So look for others to also get rotated in and out and get rest periodically. Trufant appeared to get his bell rung a little Saturday night when he collided with Devin Aguilar in a team scrimmage period.

Same is going to happen for the two defensive ends - Kalani Aldrich and Everrette Thompson. Thompson got his most extensive work this morning, while Aldrich sat out. Sarkisian said Aldrich would work tonight.

Ben Riva was still in red today. Greg Walker, who looked to get dinged up during Saturday's night's team period, was full-go this morning.

The practice finished with a couple of 2-minute drill segments. The offense was able to move the ball down the field so that Erik Folk had two attempts at winning the period with 39-yard kicks. The first one was good, the second hit the left upright and bounced off no good.

One other note - Sark said that freshman walk-on punter Sean Halligan was not healthy enough to stay on the team, but they've added Kiel Rasp back on as a back-up to Will Mahan. Rasp is a redshirt junior from Nathan Hale who was on the Huskies' scout team each of the last three years.

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7:15 PM

Deontae Cooper (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Deontae Cooper injury status revealed

The University of Washington has released information on one of the football players injured during Saturday night's scrimmage session. UW tailback Deontae Cooper has suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and will miss the 2010 season, Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian announced Sunday.

Cooper, a true freshman from Perris, Calif., who enrolled at the UW in January, injured the knee during the Huskies' evening practice Saturday. He will undergo surgery sometime within the next two weeks, and will miss the entire season.

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10:15 PM

Saturday Night Practice Notes

Saturday's scrimmage session was marred by what appeared to be a few injuries, the extent of which won't be known until Monday at the earliest. James Johnson and Deontae Cooper went down with ankle and knee injuries, respectively. It put a bit of a damper on a great workout that was seen by roughly 300 fans at Husky Stadium.

It took away a little stream from what was otherwise a very spirited and intense 40-play scrimmage, which came at the end of what looked to be business as usual. Cooper appeared to go down on the sidelines after breaking a 26-yard run on a 3rd and 2 situation. It took three or four plays before Cooper got up and slowly walked to the trainer's station. Johnson also went down, but was able to walk away under his own power.

It was a scrimmage where the coaches already had Chris Polk limited for touches, so that meant Johri Fogerson, Jesse Callier, and Demitrius Bronson took the carries.

Here are my very, oh so unofficial statistics on the night:

Passing: Jake Locker 8-11 for 173 yards and 1 TD, long of 60.
Keith Price 4-8 for 55 yards
Nick Montana 3-6 for 17 yards

Rushing: Jesse Callier 2-17 yards
Demitrius Bronson 4-22 yards

Receiving: Devin Aguilar 1-60 and 1 TD
Cody Bruns 3-62 yards
Jordan Polk 4-55 yards
Jesse Callier 2-30 yards
Johri Fogerson 1-10 yards
Jermaine Kearse 1-8 yards
Marlion Barnett 1-5 yards
Kevin Smith 1-10 yards
Michael Hartvigson 1-5 yards

Overall, it looked to me like Keith Price is continuing to evolve as a leader in the offense. He did a decent job finding receivers and making plays. Nick Montana struggled a little bit in the scrimmage, but did a nice job during the 7-7 period, when he threw two touchdown passes - one to Jordan Polk and one to Cody Bruns. And Locker? He just continues to impress with how he's doing a better and better job all the time of simply taking what the defense is giving him. The only time he got sacked during the scrimmage was his last live play, by De'Shon Matthews.

The running backs were a mixed bag, especially with Polk not working and Cooper out. Callier broke a couple decent runs, but was also stopped a few times right at the line of scrimmage. Same could be said for Demitrius Bronson, who looked powerful going straight ahead, but got tripped up behind the line of scrimmage when trying to go to one side or the other.

The periods leading up to the scrimmage got peoples' attention. A good-sized scuffle broke out after Semisi Tokolahi ripped Ryan Tolar's helmet off. That one took a couple of coaches to clear, as all the linemen converged to have their say in the matter. And there was a minor fracas at the end of a very spirited goal-line session, one where the offense scored four times, but the defense was able to keep them out of the end zone six times. Emotions were riding high, to be sure, but that's what you might come to expect for a team scrimmaging live for the first time all camp.

That goal-line session had arguably the best action, as the defensive highlight came when senior DL Cameron Elisara broke through and put his helmet square on the football carried by Fogerson. It came out and the defense recovered, to a thunderous cheer. The crowd enjoyed the hard hitting.

They also had a great period where they worked solely on third down, and the defense held their own on that one too, stopping the offense four times on third-and-short. All in all the defense came to play Saturday night, but it wasn't as if the offense didn't get their shots in too.

The highlight of the night for the offense to be sure was the 60-yard completion from Locker to Aguilar, just a couple plays after cornerback Desmond Trufant made Aguilar pay for coming across the middle. Locker caught Aguilar in stride and the junior from Denver did the rest.

There were also big plays made by Cody Bruns and Jordan Polk, which has to excite Steve Sarkisian, who is looking for more of the experienced receivers to step up and contribute. They each had multiple opportunities to make some plays, and cashed in.

One of the coolest drills I saw Saturday night was a new one to me; it involved the running backs simulating the high hurdle over the pile into the end zone. But instead of linemen, the backs jumped over pads. All the RB's were able to clear six pads, but it looked like Callier and Fogerson wanted the challenge of doing seven, and they were able to make it. It was fun watching the players high-hurdle and do summersaults as they tumbled into the end zone.

Because the practice started at roughly 6:45 at night, the time of day allowed receivers and return specialists the benefit of having to try and find the ball in the air with the sun setting. It proved to be a challenge for some, especially the freshmen, but it should be good practice for them when it comes to those games later in the year when they might encounter similar circumstances.

During the special teams phase of practice, I took note of the kickers and punters. The kickers were putting the ball consistently between the five-yard line and five yards deep in the end zone. And senior Will Mahan was punting the ball consistently between 45 and 50 yards, with hang time. During one cover drill, he put the ball inside the 10 two out of three times.

Eric Guttorp was 3-5 kicking Saturday night, with one kick blocked by Anthony Gobern. He also missed from 52 yards out.
Recruits in attendance: Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Dexter Charles, Joshua Garnett, Danny Shelton.

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12:37 PM

Saturday Morning Practice Notes

-- Ben Riva remained in red and did not participate. Nate Williams, Chris Polk and Kalani Aldrich all sat out, but weren't in red. According to head coach Steve Sarkisian they are just giving their veteran guys some time to rest or to make sure that any nagging injury doesn't get worse and it allows them to let the younger guys (specifically Deontae Cooper and Jesse Callier) reps that they normally wouldn't get.

-- Sarkisian said that he felt the team responded well after going full pads tonight and then coming out this morning. He noted that all of the players who sat out today (Polk, Williams and Aldrich) would all do about half the work in the semi-scrimmage they will have tonight.

-- LB/DE Josh Shirley made a couple of nice plays while in coverage today. He batted down at least two balls that were headed toward open receivers.

-- K Erik Folk hit from 54 and 49 yards today in his only attempts today in the team portion. Folk's 54-yarder had enough leg to make it from over 60, although he banked it in off the right upright, so he probably wouldn't have actually made the kick. Sarkisian said Folk's leg strength this year is much better than last year and has been happy with his kickoffs in practice (today they were five yards deep a couple of times) and feels comfortable attempting kicks outside of 50 yards, unlike last year where they didn't have that confidence.

-- The DBs had the better day today, shutting down a lot of routes and batting down several throws. I saw Desmond Trufant and Vonzell McDowell both break on passes in front of them. Both arrived right as the ball did and they were able to knock it away.

-- The defensive line gets in a ton of work when special teams is going on and really worked on using their hands and their first step to their advantage.

-- I spoke to two defensive linemen (DeShon Matthews and Chris Robinson) and they both said the defensive line and offensive line are really pushing each other to get better. Robinson said defensive coordinator Nick Holt stresses that they DL aren't competing against each other, but they are competing against the guy in front of them.

-- I also had a chance to catch up with LT Senio Kelmete and he said he is feeling very comfortable in his position now and loves the challenge of helping keep Jake Locker upright and healthy this fall. He also said the rest of the line knows they will go a long way in determining how Locker and the rest of the team do this fall, so they are taking that as a challenge as well.

-- It was a relatively light workout today and lasted under two-hours. The team will go full-pads tonight and then take tomorrow off for Picture Day which begins at 11:30 a.m.

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12:37 PM

Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Steve Sarkisian Quotes

On the crowd he expects tonight: "I think we'll get a decent one. The weather's nice and it would be a fun Saturday evening."

On two-sport athletes wanting to play football and what he looks for: "Does he really want to do it? Has he ever done it before? That was the challenge with Clarence (Trent), that he hadn't really played football in a long time and you gotta really want to do it. Football, this sport, is really not for everybody. It's a pretty violent sport, there's a lot of contact, there's a lot of bumps and bruises and soreness and I think that's the number one question -- it's not about a guy athletically is he capable of doing it, it's does he really want to do this and not just for a couple days, but for the long haul."

On Chris Polk and Nate Williams: "We want to keep these guys fresh. Especially our veteran guys, if they've got a strain or something that could linger, I don't want it to linger, I want to nip it in the bud right now and get it eliminated and get it out of the way so that they're healthy as we head into the season. We'll monitor them. I bet they'll do about half the work tonight, but I don't mind it because our young kids at their position I want to keep getting reps anyway so it works really, really well. Sean Parker's getting and abundance of reps at safety with Nate out and with Jesse (Callier) and (Deontae) Cooper at running back with Chris not going, they're getting a great deal of work and it's paid off. When Jesse got his extra runs yesterday, it showed up because he had a fantastic practice."

On Johri Fogerson's role: "Johri is kind of our untility player if you want to put it in baseball terms. He's a jack of all trades; he can do everything and that's a great asset to have. He's a nice runner, he's got excellent hands, he's willing to block, he's smart, he can line up all over the field, he's a nice route-runner, so he's the kind of guy who we have our own little package for Johri that gets developed into the gameplan where at one snap he might be at tailback, the next snap at fullback, the next snap at wide receiver, but that's the beauty of the versatility of the offense where we can get him in positions to make plays."

On how the team practiced today after going full-pads last night: "I thought they were great this morning. This is a real emphasis today on two-minute work and that entails quite a bit of running and getting your legs going and getting the lactic acid out and that's the idea of when you practice in the afternoon, in the morning getting out running and doing those things."

On Erik Folk's day: "It was impressive. I think the first one was from 52, 53 or 54 and he hit it well. It was probably three-forths of the way up the upright and then the last one was 47 or 49 maybe and he struck the ball extremely well. I think it's his comfort-level with the battery -- snap, hold, kick -- and I thought today as well, not just his feild goals, but his kickoffs were impressive too when we worked the kickoff drills. He was a good three or four or five yards deep which is a big improvement from where we were last year."

On having faith in Folk hitting longer field goals this fall: "There's no doubt about it. He's just healthy. You remember he went into last season he was coming off a serious injury and now after a whole year of strenghtening his body it's showing and it's evident in all of the things he's doing."

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Senio Kelmete (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Senio Kelemete Quotes

On the progress of the line: "I think things are going great, especially the ones and twos. Where we're getting now in the pass-protections, we're getting really good, but we're working on the run-blocking right now and the main thing is getting the freshmen ready and try and catch them up with the veterans. I think together, everyone's taking to the coaching and wants to learn and if they have a question they'll come ask the veterans what to do or how to do something and that's the main thing -- we're getting better every day -- and that's important."

On his transition to left tackle: "I had all of spring practice to work on it and I'm feeling more and more comfortable all the time. Talia (Crichton) is giving me a good look, DeShon (Matthews) and the linebackers and the DBs they're all giving me good looks with their quickness and speed. We all push each other to get better."

On the skill level of both lines being better: "We're both pushing each other. Everyone knows what they're doing now and they're moving as fast as they did in the spring, so everyone is getting better and a lot faster."

On getting ready for the season: "Everyone knows practice isn't the same as a game, but I'm just looking forward to to getting to that first game and getting the jitters out and getting my first start at left tackle. I've played a lot already and I know the speed of the game already, but I'm excited to get it started, but we still have a lot of work to get done in a short time."

One keeping Jake Locker healthy: "It's exciting because as an O-Line we all look at it as 'hey, he can win Heisman's, but he needs us to help him' so if he wins that Heisman we'll feel like we did our job, but we still have to get him there and it's a long season."

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12:37 PM

Chris Robinson (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Chris Robinson Quotes

On his first fall camp: "I feel good. I just gotta get back into the groove of things. Learning to use my hands a little more, get off blocks and stuff like that. We have a good rotation right now of guys, so they have me at the three-technique and the nose tackle and rotating back and fourth. I prefer the three just because it's more single blocks where its man-on-man and you can rush the quarterback."

On competition: "Coach (Nick) Holt mentioned in a meeting that we're not competing against each other, we're basically competing against the dude that's in front of us, so basically the goal of the whole D-Line group is the mold together as a group and kill the competition."

On the offensive line and defensive line making each other better: "Like coach (Steve) Sarkisian said the other day. We do one on ones every day and we deserve to face off every day because it makes us better and you can see how much better the O-Line and D-Line are getting."

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12:37 PM

DeShon Matthews (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

DeShon Matthews Quotes

On this being his senior year: "It seemed like the older guys, the year before, they always talked about how their senior year goes by just like that and you never really realize until it's your time and it's your senior year and that's how I'm feeling right now."

On rotating between tackle and end: "I prefer defensive end more. I feel like I have more of an advantage outside than I do inside because of the fact that, I think that tackle it's for guys with shorter bodies, bigger men, stronger men and bigger backsides and I feel like at my weight and my height and my length is perfect for defensive end."

On using his technique more than his speed: "I not real fast, so my coaches have been telling me it isn't about that, it's about how I use my hands and my technique. You don't have to be fast, but you do have to be better technique-wise if you aren't fast."

On being the elder-statesman now: "Just setting an example for the younger guys. They all look to us as we're putting in the work and we have to make sure we show them how to work and set a good example for them."

On graduating in March: "My mom and my brother, they're going to be real proud of me because I'm the first one to graduate with a degree. It's a real good feeling. I just want to show them I can do it."

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9:10 PM

Friday Practice Notes

Jesse Callier (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

The first day of full-pads is always fun to be around and there was no lack of hitting going on. Nate Fellner and Deontae Cooper had the first big collision, but that wasn't the only one. Here's a quick practice report, plus quotes from head coach Steve Sarkisian, S Nate Williams and S Will Shamburger and another big day by RB Jesse Callier...

-- Saw Stanwood OL and UW commit Dexter Charles as well as former Huskies Spencer Marona, Donny Mateaki, Hugh Millen and Dick Baird in the house.

-- Sarkisian said that Jesse Callier could be considered the MVP of practice today. The freshman back had several big runs, many of which were thanks to some big holes opened by the offensive line.

-- Freshman CB Gregory Ducre had a good day and picked off a Keither Price pass around the five and returned it back out to the 35.

-- K Erik Folk was 3 for 4 today -- hitting from 20, 27 and 42 and missing from 37.

-- Lots of special teams work today, from working on spotting the man they needed to block after sprinting down on the punt and kick return unit. Also worked on punt protection as well.

-- In one on ones, the offensive line appeared to hold their own. C Drew Schaefer definitely had a much better day and had a good battle with NT Alameda Ta'amu before the whistle blew.

-- Ben Riva was wearing red today, but it appears he was just sick and not actually injured. Chris Polk was dressed out, but only participated in position drills and didn't do full-team or full-contact stuff. Nate Williams also was given the day off, although he did position work as well.

-- In seven-on-sevens, I had Jake Locker unofficially at 5 of 8 for 48 yards, Keith Price was 6 of 6 for 39 yards and a touchdown (a nice one-handed grab by WR Jordan Polk) and Nick Montana was 1 of 2 for 20 yards. During team drills, Locker was 10 of 12 (there were two pass-interference penalties on deep balls as well) for 164 yards and a touchdown, a 25-yarder to WR Jermaine Kearse, while Price hit 7 of 11 for 83 yards and was picked by Ducre, but finished the practice by hitting Cody Bruns for a 13-yard touchdown and Montana 8 of 11 for 82 yards and a 14-yard touchdown to fellow freshman TE Michael Hartvigson who was wide open.

-- Tomorrow is the first two-a-day with the first practice at 8:45 am and the second going at 6:45 pm.

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9:10 PM

Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Friday Steve Sarkisian Quotes

On the team drills: "We did real sudden change things for the last probably 20 minutes of practice. It's how we respond after getting a turnover or from the defensive standpoint what happens if the offense turns the ball over. It got pretty competitive. I thought it was a good period, we got to work different groups in there and we made some plays."

On the day overall: "I thought all-in-all, in practice, I thought we threw the football, this was probably our best day of throwing the ball down the field, making plays. I thought this was probably Jake's best day. There were a couple of throws here and there that I'm sure he'd love to have back, but we made some plays and when we didn't make some plays there were a couple of pass-interference plays that, that's the benefit of throwing the ball down the field to create those opportunities and I thought that was a key factor in the practice as well."

On Jesse Callier's day: "He had a great practice. If you want to give an MVP to somebody it was probably number 24. He had a great practice running the football and the subtleties that sometimes can get missed – I thought he pass-protected extremely well today – and did a couple of things out in space and made people miss like he can do really well."

On the freshmen and pass pro: "I don't know how many guys in high school are asked to really pass protect - not just against blitzing backers or secondary guys, but understanding defenses and where people are coming from and schemes…they've come a long way. For them, the value of being here for spring ball was huge, so they've been able to take advantage of that."

On how far ahead they are: "Extremely. You think about the installation, they are getting it for the second time, where most true freshman it's their first time. I think they are ahead from a mental point of view. They know what to expect. They understand the heat, the pressure, the intensity of practice. They aren't awed by it."

On Nate Williams: "He just got the day off. We gave him and Chris Polk the day off. You're going to see that from us periodically. It's a little bit of an NFL-style approach; our veteran-type guys are going to get a day off to keep them fresh, and that allows our young guys to play with the ones - Sean Parker played all day with the ones at safety. And it got Jesse Callier and Deontae Cooper more carries with the ones than they would normally have."

On Sean Parker: "He was up and down a little bit, a little hit and miss. But you're only going to learn playing at that speed and that tempo of making your plays. He did some good things; he had a couple sacks coming off the edge. He's a very talented pass rusher, we're learning that. There's a couple coverage things that he'll learn to get better at."

On Ben Riva wearing red: "He wasn't feeling very good today."

On this team's leaders : "There's some natural leadership that has taken place on defense. Cort Dennison and Mason Foster and Nate Williams - I think those guys have some natural leadership. Some younger guys have stepped up. Desmond Trufant has become a leader already on this team. Alameda (Ta'amu) is assuming a leadership-type role. Everrette Thompson - a great leadership guy on the defensive side of the ball. Offensively, as subtly as he does it, Jake (Locker) is a tremendous leader. But what Jermaine Kearse brings, what Ryan Tolar brings, what Senio Kelemete brings, those guys provide a great deal of leadership as well."

On who stood out in pads today: "I thought Ryan Tolar showed his grit today. He's kind of the cagey veteran, senior offensive lineman, a little nasty. I thought he showed his grit today. He's the first guy that jumps out at me."

On moving guys around on the offensive line: "We're trying to mix guys up to make sure they are ready. Injuries here and there can occur, and we don't want the first time we put 'em in there to be in the second quarter of a ball game. We want them to get their opportunities now and work out some of the issues that might be there."

On getting Skyler Fancher reps at left guard instead of right tackle: "I think it was more of getting Colin (Porter) in at right guard, getting him the opportunities at right guard than so much of Skyler."

On Locker and the media hype: "We're going to monitor it. I don't know if shelter is the right word, but we're going to monitor it. We're not going to make this guy go on College Football Live every day of the week. He's going to have some opportunities and we'll maximize those opportunities. But at the end of the day, what matters is what he does on this field, not what he does in a studio or on the radio or interview, things of that nature. It's about what he's doing out here. That's priority. Secondly is finishing his school work and getting his degree. And thirdly is taking advantage of these media opportunities for him."

On getting the freshmen in the mix right away: "We've got to get as much information on those guys as we can as fast as we can. Because the further we go along the closer we are getting to game week. We've got to get as much information as we can heading into game week so we know what they can do well and what they need to work on, and if the value of what they are doing well is something that can offer service and give us the best opportunity to beat BYU, or if we can make the decision to redshirt and get them ready for next spring, next fall. We throw 'em in there and we throw 'em in there as much as we can and we're trying to get as much information as we can as fast as we can. And I think it's been great. But five practices…we'll garner much more after the next two and Monday - those will be some real key days to get some substance."

On scrimmaging Saturday night: "Probably about a third of the practice, maybe. It's not going to be a scrimmage, but there will be scrimmage segments. There will be a short yardage period, we'll have a goal-line period that we'll scrimmage and make live."

On special teams and rule changes: "We've done a lot of research with the rule with what's gone on in the NFL and studying the NFL and the teams that have great returns there. I think we have the personnel to be a very good return team on kickoff return and dealing with the wedge issue. I love our two kickers. I think Will and Erik are fantastic, and for us the real key is one I want to make sure we're real locked in on, and that's our punt return unit, because we have the athletes to go after punts now."

On the returners: "The kickoff guys - in my opinion, we're loaded. You think about Chris Polk and Deontae Cooper and Jesse Callier and then you throw in a Desmond Trufant, who is back there now and is healthy and running well, and a Kevin Smith…we're pretty talented group that way on kickoff return. And I'm very happy with Devin (Aguilar) back there returning punts. I think now that he's fully recovered and healthy, I think he's got a nice feel and I think we started to see that at the end of the year in his punt return game."

On the walk-ons earning scholarship: "We had room. We're way under. We only had 78 scholarships of our 85, so we had room to put guys on, we put five guys on that I think were deserving of it who have worked extremely hard - not only on the football field, but in the classroom, in the weight room. They represent the University of Washington extremely well, and they deserve it."

On Jonathan Amosa: "He's worked his tail off. He's a good student, he works extremely hard in the weight room, the kids really respect him on all the service teams stuff that he does and special teams work…it's not always about giving a scholarship to the guy that plays on Saturday, it's the opportunity to reward a kid for the hard work that he puts in."

On 83 scholarships: "You always want to have a little wiggle room."

After the regular media session today, Sarkisian gave what he called a 'public service announcement'. It was addressed to the fans.

"I love having open practices, but I want them to respect the fact that they are open and that we're working and that we're trying to get better, and not go on the internet and not go on blogs and talk about what we're doing and how we're going about our business. Because ultimately if it continues, I'm going to have to close 'em, and I don't want to do that. I want to give our fans access to practice and the way we work. I love the atmosphere out here, but competitively, if it continues I'm going to have to shut it down.

"There's just been a few issues that have popped up, that have been brought to my attention, and it's not OK. It's not OK competitively for us that things are getting put out there of what we're doing specifically or the way we're coaching things specifically - it's not OK. Hopefully our fans respect that and come out and enjoy watching our guys compete and battle and leave it at that, and we'll continue to leave them open.

"I think they can say it was a great practice, or the intensity was good or whatever that may be...if it was 85 degrees, it was 85 degrees...going into specifics of drills, plays, interactions with players or interaction between players and coaches or between coaches and coaches I don't think is acceptable. I think the bottom line is common sense. You push the common sense button when you're on the internet.

"Individual guys is OK. How they look or how they're running..so and so really looked good today catching deep balls. I understand that. But there's certain things where you can cross the line on."

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9:10 PM

Nate Williams (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Nate Williams Quotes

On how he feels the defense is coming along: "It's coming along well. We have a lot of leaders – me, Mason (Foster), Cort (Dennison) and Cameron (Elisara) – and we're working hard every day and taking care of our job and helping out the new kids as much as we can and we just keep on pushing every day."

On the two young safeties: "(Sean Parker) has looked really good. I think he's around the ball a lot. I think he needs to hustle a little more, but that just naturally comes with more time around these types of coaches and everything like that. I just don't know if he's used to the way we practice, but he'll get it and Taz (Stevenson) he needs to get in his playbook a little more so he understands what we're looking to do, but he flies around and has a lot of energy and skills. I really like both of them and feel like they both have a bright future ahead of them."

On Shamburger's play: "Will had an amazing spring and worked really hard this offseason. I think his talent level just keeps on climbing up because he's put in all that hard work in the offseason. He's just been looking really good."

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Will Shamburger (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Will Shamburger Quotes

On his first fall camp where he can participate: "It's going good so far. This is my first time, but it's not really my first time because I was here last year for fall camp last year, I just couldn't do anything physically. I did get to see the way they practiced though and what the coaches expect from us, so it's my first time, but not my first time, plus I had all of spring camp as well."

On the competition at the safety spot: "Everybody's fighting for that spot now, so I don't consider myself a starter. I felt like I had a good spring, but I'm just trying to build off that and with guys like Nate Fellner and Nate Williams and Justin Glenn and Greg Walker and the two freshman – Taz (Stevenson) and Sean (Parker) – you can't take anything for granted. We all push each other and it makes all of us better."

On the effect that the competition has on them as a group: "It really amps me up because the freshmen that came in, they are really cool to hang out with and they bring a lot of energy to the field and I really like that. It helps us in our depth just in case one of us gets injured, we feel confident that we can count on them to come in and play."

On him helping out the younger guys: "Helping out Taz and Sean, they ask me about things and I help them, but I'm still pretty young so I look to Nate and Greg and Justin for advice if I don't understand something right away."

On getting more turnovers: "The coaches want us to go out and just make plays, plain and simple. They want us to go all out all the time and make plays so we can give the ball back to our offense so they can put the pressure on the other team. We got that message, now we just have to go out and do it."

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8:10 PM

Jake Locker (K. Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Thursday Practice Report

Tensions were on a knife-edge on Thursday at Husky Stadium. Day Four of Camp Sark was just a prelude to Friday's first full-pads practice, and it was a lot of fun to watch under beautiful Seattle skies. More UW fans were out too, which was great to see, and they got to see some scuffles, some great competition, and some pretty plays.

Thursday was the last day before the team puts on the full pads, and it was clear that tensions are on a knife-edge. A couple of scuffles broke out - the last one looked to involve Marlion Barnett and Cameron Elisara, among others - and it's an indication that Friday's first full-padded affair should be one to come down and see for yourself.

As camp has gone on this first week, more and more fans have stopped by Husky Stadium to check out practice, and those that came by Thursday saw a 2.5 hour workout that looked very similar in tone and intensity from the first three. But there was definitely a chippiness factor that added to the fun. UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian said that it's bound to happen on the eve of going full-pads, but the players did a great job of policing themselves and keeping things on the field.

I saw a few former players there, like Brock and Damon Huard, and I got a chance to talk to a couple former UW coaches - namely Jim Lambright and John Pettas. My Q&A with Lambright is HERE. In talking with Pettas, a former OC under Keith Gilbertson, it was clear that he also feels the players look in great shape and are on the verge of doing some nice things. Pettas, the OL coach for the Roosevelt Roughriders, comes by UW every once in a while to check in with the coaches and keep his ear to the ground. I talked to him about the benefit of getting away for fall camp, as opposed to staying home.

For years, the Huskies used to travel to the Evergreen State College for fall camp, but stopped doing it because they felt they could get more done in Seattle and the expense wasn't worth it. Pettas talked about his time at Arizona State with Dan Cozzetto and the yearly fall pilgrimage they take to Camp Tontozona, near Payson. He said he liked getting away from school, because it really helped the team bond in a way that just doesn't happen if everything is on campus, within reach and comfortable.

Also of quick note, a scout from the Atlanta Falcons was there. The only recruit I saw today was Everrette Thompson's brother Jason, a 2012 QB prospect from Kennedy HS in Burien.

The most significant news of the day was Talia Crichton. The sophomore DE was all dressed, but suffered a bit of a knee 'twinge/bruise', according to Sark. He stayed in full pads for the whole practice, but didn't really do anything after the individual drills were over. It sounds like Talia will be fine, but the staff will take every precaution possible to make sure he's 100 percent by the time UW takes on BYU on September 4th.

Chris Polk looked to bang himself up a little bit during pass protection drills. He stayed in the rest of the day, but Sark gave the majority of the snaps during the team drills to the other backs. He said after practice he wanted to give those guys a shot 'when it was getting hot in the kitchen'.

During that pass pro period, Austin Sylvester, Jesse Callier and Demitrius Bronson looked good for the offense, while Victor Aiyewa, Mason Foster and Jordan Wallace stood out to me on the defense. Then they ran a drill where the offensive player would have to get past a jam at the line of scrimmage to catch a pass. In this drill, Sylvester and Callier again looked good, while Deontae Cooper also did well getting into space and getting passes.

Here's how the three teams lined up (I didn't pay too much attention to the backs and receivers, so it's just the OL and the defense) - and don't carve these in stone; they change all the time from day to day, depending on the look that the coaches want.

Ones Offense - (from left tackle to right tackle) Senio Kelemete, Ryan Tolar, Drew Schaefer, Mykenna Ikehara and Cody Habben.

Ones Defense - Kalani Aldrich and Hauoli Jamora at DE, Cameron Elisara and Alameda Ta'amu at DL. De'Shon Matthews rotated in at DE. Mason Foster - WIL, Cort Dennison - MIK, Victor Aiyewa/Matt Houston - SAM. CB's were Desmond Trufant and Adam Long; safeties were Nate Williams and Will Shamburger.

Twos Offense (from left tackle to right tackle) Erik Kohler, Nick Wood, Greg Christine, Colin Porter, Dan Kanczugowski.

Twos Defense - Andrew Hudson and Josh Shirley at DE, Sione Potoae and Semisi Tokolahi at DL. Jordan Wallace - WIL, Brandon Huppert - MIK, Cooper Pelluer - SAM. CB's were Quinton Richardson and Greg Ducre; safeties were Nate Fellner and Sean Parker

Threes Offense - (from left tackle to right tackle) Mike Criste, Colin Tanigawa, Mykenna Ikehara, James Atoe, Ben Riva.

Threes Defense - Conrad Remington and Peter Follmer at DE, Lawrence Lagafuaina and Chris Robinson at DL. Jamaal Kearse - WIL, Victor Burnett - MIK, Princeton Fuimaono - SAM. Corners were Vonzell McDowell and Anthony Boyles; safeties were Greg Walker and Taz Stevenson.

During the team period, Josh Shirley had a sack and Victor Burnett looked good getting himself fitted in to stop the run on a few occasions. I was on the wrong side of the field, but I also saw Callier roll a defensive player, which got some oohs and aahs from the fans there.

The offensive play of the day came courtesy of freshman WR DiAndre Campbell, who split Justin Glenn and Vonzell McDowell and went up to catch a 45-yard bomb in traffic. It was a very pretty play.

The quarterbacks rallied quite a bit from a rusty showing Wednesday. By my unscientific count, Locker was 10-14 during the team period, but the big one was a bomb to Devin Aguilar that was wide open that he wasn't able to complete. I know he wanted that one back.

Nick Montana was 2-5 during the team period, and Keith Price was 4-7.

Jordan Polk came back from dropping a couple early to making a few nice grabs to redeem his day, and D'Andre Goodwin and Kevin Smith continue to play well.

Also, a quick note on the kicking period - Erik Folk was 3-6 today. He was 2-6 going into his last kick, which looked to be somewhere around 45 yards. Sarkisian said something to him, and whatever he said worked - because Folk nailed it through the uprights and it would have been good from 55.

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7:10 PM

Mike Cox (K. Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Mike Cox Quotes

Third LB competition - "It's still good competition, but Victor Aiyewa's done a nice job. He's getting more of the reps right now. Matt Houston's still doing a good job. And the young guy, Cooper Pulluer, is doing a good job in there."

On anyone emerging out of that group - "We haven't even been in full pads yet. We still have to play the run and be physical. That's one of the biggest things we're looking for at that spot. Until we see that we're not going to make a concrete decision."

On Mason Foster and Cort Dennison = "Yeah, they're pretty steady, they really are. They know what they're doing, they know how to play. The biggest thing is to make sure they get a lot of work, but not to where we wear them out this early in fall camp."

On who is behind them - "I'm impressed with our young guys. Garret Gilliand the last couple of days has impressed me. Brandon Huppert's done a solid job coming back from a knee injury a year ago. But the young guys, Princeton Fuimaono, Victor Burnett, and Cooper (Pelluer) and Jamaal Kearse are all going to be solid players for us."

Fuimaono) He's got a natural knack for playing football: very instinctive.

Challenge for Aiyewa switching to LB - "He's got to be a physical player down after down after down. And when you're a safety or a DB, sometimes it's big contact and then you have a couple of plays where you're covering and so forth. But when you're a linebacker, it's a physical game. He's got to develop that mentality of an every down physical linebacker. But he's doing it so far. We're just got to keep building on it. It's got to be an every-play thing."

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Mason Foster (K. Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Mason Foster Quotes

Learning from Butler: "Donald's one of my best friends, so I talked to him a lot. He told me that, no matter what you do, people are going to follow you. So whatever you do, on and off the field, your actions are going to speak louder than your words. So whatever you tell people, you're definitely going to have to do it yourself because it shows in what you do. We've got a lot of young guys that are willing to do whatever, even if it's making a hard choice sometimes. On and off the field, I feel like we've got a great group of guys, and that always makes everything better."

Leadership role: "I've always been the kind of guy that leads by example. But I'm in a place now where whatever I say, a lot of guys will follow. So I have to say the right thing. But we have a lot of guys: Cort Dennison, Nate Williams, Jake Locker. The seniors want everyone to do good, even when they leave, so we want to keep these young guys rolling for the next few years."

Buenas Noches taped across his nose: "I'm just having fun with the running backs, in one-on-ones today. Having a little fun. You know, ‘Good night.' Give them a kiss goodnight."

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7:00 PM

Jim Lambright (Getty)

Jim Lambright Quotes

I spoke with Jim for a few minutes at practice today - here's what he had to say.

On the changes in the players' bodies - "The lack of body fat is very noticeable. You see players that are running better. In particular, look at the offensive and defensive lines. They are bigger, stronger, faster.

On Colin Porter - "I've watched him. I have a grand-daughter that is a cheerleader at Bothell High School, so I've had a chance to watch him and I absolutely love the guy. He's got good feet and he's got a tremendous attitude. I think you've got two pretty good Bothell players here that are going to contribute."

On other first impressions - "First of all, there are more players on the field. You've got three full teams on offense and defense. For us to be able to do what we did back in the old days, we had like five teams. That way you're constantly getting young players better, because they are getting playing time and they are playing against the very best. So this is a tremendous point in Sarkisian's development here. He's got players now, he's got more players - so you're not going to get killed with a single injury."

On what he's been doing lately - "I've been doing a couple of fundraisers and I went over to a golf tournament. It's really nice to feel invited and feel a part of the enthusiasm of the season."

On feeling the need to drop in on a film study - "I've been down, and they've been really nice about inviting me into some of their meetings and all. Usually it's been in the mornings or afternoons. I spent too many days, weeks, months and years sleeping in my office, so I don't need to spend too much night time down here." (laughs)

On what's been keeping him busy - "I'm doing team building and leadership consulting work, primarily right now with Turner Construction, and we're very excited about just getting the bid for the new Husky Stadium."

On his role in the Husky Stadium remodel - "It allows me to be an in-between between the football program, the fund-raisers and the construction people. It gives me a chance to talk to the construction people about what it takes to be the very, very best. Hopefully what we're going to do is have a stadium that the rest of the Pac-10, Pac-12 will have to look to and say hey, we have to improve ours in order to catch up."

On having a hand in helping design the football facilities - "No. They pretty much have all the basics worked out. I'll just be an in-between as to the quality. If there's something's missing, hopefully people will talk to me about exactly what they want to see in an end-result, and Wright Runstad and Turner Construction can give them exactly what they want to make us the best."

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6:30 PM

Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Steve Sarkisian Thursday Quotes

Talia - "He had a little knee twinge/bruise. It's nothing serious. He went through individual and did some things, but when we got to the team stuff, I didn't want to push it any more than we needed to."

On Hauoli Jamora stepping up - "If we were playing today, he'd be playing like he did today. If something happened, or if we were mixing guys or rolling guys, he would definitely be in the mix. He would be playing."

On Andrew Hudson - "I've been very proud of him. He's such a great kid, he's always smiling. You almost think he'd be too nice, but when he plays, he plays extremely physical. He's strong. I've been impressed with him. As we keep moving forward, how his body can hang and hold up to the pounding of playing at that spot will be critical. But he's done some pretty good things and opened the eyes of not only his position coaches, but everyone involved."

On Evan Hudson - "He's got a sprained shoulder, so he's out. He'll be out probably for a week."

On full pads tomorrow - "We're going to see us play football a little bit tomorrow. But to me, you guys have watched us practice enough; whether we're in full pads or half pads we're playing football at a pretty high tempo and a pretty good intensity. There will be a couple of opportunities to really play tomorrow, but for the most part it's going to look pretty similar."

On full scrimmaging - "We have two. We won't have one until next Tuesday and then next Saturday, but we'll do some scrimmaging this coming Saturday night as well."

On keeping players up during non-full pads practice - "That's why we coach to stay up, knowing that a few guys are going to end on the ground. I just don't want at the end of every snap, 22 guys peeling themselves off the turf. Football is football; it's a violent game, it's a physical game. Guys are going to get hit and guys are going to fall down - I understand that. I'm not naive to that. We just try and stay up as best we can, not so much for the guy getting tackled, but for other guys getting rolled up on or getting rolled up into."

On a couple of skirmishes - "Yeah, it's getting a little hot. It's training camp, and guys are sweating and they are a little sore. Those little skirmishes are going to kick up. Dust is going to kick up. But I was proud of the other guys involved. If you noticed, not one coach had to step in to break those skirmishes up. The players went in, they got guys separated. And what I thought was good, as soon as practice was over a couple of the guys that were in the skirmishes went right up to each other and gave 'em a hug. And we'll move on. What happens on this field stays on the field."

On the best music request - "Oh Journey! Don't Stop Believin'. I think half the team, the coaches, everybody were singing that song. I thought that was pretty cool."

On the fourth receiver spot - "A lot of guys made plays today. I've been real pleased with D'Andre Goodwin. I think he's been making some plays. Jordan Polk had a drop kind of early in the team period but came back and made a couple of plays after that. I've been impressed with those guys. Kevin Smith has been a kid that's really showed up too, and it was great to see DiAndre Campbell catch a deep ball today. I'm not as concerned as to who is going to be the fourth wideout right now. I'm just pleased with the group and the way they are playing."

On the QB's improving over Wednesday - "I think they are settling down. And I think we'll only see that continue to improve over camp. The first two days…I hate to say that it's easy, but they really know that stuff well. The third day, traditionally, is the really tough day in the red zone, and the fourth day they start to grow. They hit some balls today, there were still a few that we missed with guys open. But in time, that's why we're in training camp, we'll continue to get better with that and our pocket presence will get better. We'll complete more balls."

On Chris Polk - "He kind of banged himself up in pass rush and then he came back and went. I really wanted to see, as we're looking at these other backs and it started to get tense, I kind of wanted to see those other guys run the ball. I wanted to see what Johri and Coop and Jesse run the ball when it was getting hot in the kitchen."

On Locker as the QB for the Playboy pre-season team - "That's a pretty good honor, lifetime achievement award. He's got that one forever. To me, it's like all those other pre-season All-American things that are out there, and that's just one of them. But I think for us and for everyone involved, I hope he's the post-season All-American quarterback. That one is a little more important."

On Ta'amu - "Even when there is double-teams, he's splitting them and making plays. He's a real force. We've been challenging him to be…obviously he's stepped his game up as a run-stopper, but he's a talented pass-rusher. You see it on one-on-ones, and so we've really tried to challenge him in the pass game to be an effective pass rusher as well. And if you noticed him today he had a couple of nice rushes, especially on third down."

Posted by Scott Eklund
7:15 PM

Deontae Cooper Wednesday Quotes

On how far ahead he is after coming in for spring ball:
"As a freshman, me and Jesse (Callier) coming in spring benefited us. I don't feel it's an advantage, but I feel like we're learning together. He helps me out, I help him out and coach (Steve) Sarkisian and coach (Joel) Thomas stay in our ears and help us out and let us know and help us grow into the system."

On playing his way into a role in the offense: "When I got recruited, I knew it was a possibility to play. I didn't know I was going to come in and start, but I came in with the mentality to compete with coach Sark and his background so I compete every day on the field. I didn't want to redshirt."

On enjoying his college experience so far:
"I love this school. I love the atmosphere and the fans. I love my teammates and my coaches. When I first got here, everybody made me feel at home and I thought that was real important. I got a family atmosphere from the get-go and as my family knows, I love being around the family atmosphere."

Biggest adjustments: "On the field it's the speed. In high school I'm used to the holes closing a lot slower, but here they close fast so I'd say the speed of the game. Off the field it took me a while to get adjusted to the classes because you don't have teachers telling you when your homework is due so it is kinda different."

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7:15 PM

Justin Glenn (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Justin Glenn Wednesday Quotes

Health - "Good. It's a very pleasant surprise to be back out here and not really thinking about my ankle. It's actually feeling really well. After practice it's feeling a little sore, but they got top of the line treatment, so every day I come out feeling fresh and feeling good."

Ice bath - "Everything helps. They've got all sorts of treatment that…I don't know what it is, but it works."

Two-a-days - "I don't know. We haven't talked about that yet, but if I can go I'm going to go, because I'm trying to get back out here and it feels like it's been since forever since I've been here. It feels good. I'm having fun and I'm slowly working my way back into things, so if it feels alright I'm going to do it."

On the hardest part getting back - "As far as the whole playbook, from last year and taking all the mental notes throughout all the time I was hurt, I pretty much know all that stuff. So it's pretty much just getting back out here and getting back into the swing of things and making plays, I guess."

On the spot opposite Nate Williams - "there's a lot of competition at that position right now and it's great. Everybody is coming out here, playing hard, and it's going to be up to the coaches, ultimately. Whoever has the best resume on film is going to play. That's what they told us and that's how it's going to go. It's early in camp and there's still a lot of time and a lot of stuff…people can get hurt, people can this, people can that…so you never know how things are going to play out. You just have to come out every day and be prepared."

On health, from a scale of 1 to 100 - "I'm going to say like 98 percent. I'm not even thinking about it when I'm playing. That's where I want it to be."

On being able to do all the lifting - "Yup, I can do everything."

On the feeling of being a little behind physically - "I had to sit out a lot doing squats, but I've been slowly working back into it. The strength guys have worked with me throughout. They know. They aren't going to rush me back into it. I'm just starting to get back into the heavier weights and stuff like that. It's coming along and I'm very pleased with where it's at right now."

On the summer workouts - "That's the main thing - everyone has to be held accountable. And to this point, almost everyone has bought into what coach Sark and what the guys are telling us. So it's really not voluntary. To us it's mandatory. It is voluntary, but in our eyes being held accountable…the leaders - Nate, Mason - they'll call you afterward and ask you where you were at. You have to be held accountable, and if not it's going to be passed down to the coaches, and that's a bad look for you. I just think it's a thing where we're all coming together as one big team that wants to really win championships."

On having a busted chin strap - "It's just part of the game, I guess."

On not supposed to be hitting that hard when you aren't in full pads - "That's what happens when you put on the pads."

On resisting the urge to hit fully while not in full pads - "It's not open season because you can't tackle from the waist on down, but in terms of getting your hands on guys, getting your hands on receivers and re-routing them…I think the biggest thing is for the offensive and defensive linemen, because they are in there in the pits, throwing bows, and it's nice to get your hands on people and thud up a little bit."

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7:10 PM

Jeff Mills (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Jeff Mills Wednesday Quotes

On Nate Williams - "Yeah, he's our veteran. He's our leader back there."

On finding the spot opposite Nate - "It's a good thing. I talked to these guys at the beginning of camp. I told them not to worry about it. First thing I talked about was special teams. We believe in having a lot of great athletes in the secondary and with the receivers. Those guys have to play special teams. That's a third of the game…it's a have-to, not a want-to. I'm not blind to the fact that there's a lot of guys for two spots, but I also told them that it's a long season. We're going to play a lot of guys and stay fresh. There may be some times where we rest some guys on defense because they need to play on special teams. they are going to get a lot of snaps on the special teams. we're going to rotate a lot of guys in there. And we look at substitution defenses, and you're always going to have substitution defenses where you can work DB's in. Other than that, what I've said to them is not to worry about that. We need to worry about competing and getting ready for our opponents and what we're going to be facing this year. We can't worry about this guy, this guy…we've got a lot of good players and it's going to work itself out. They are going to improve, each guy is going to improve because they are out there working. But the attitude is there, the unity is there…lots of times you have running back by committee, you might have the same thing."

On doing a lot more this year because of the quality of depth - "That's always a happy balance you have to find as a coach. You want to make sure you aren't doing too much. Because it comes down to basic fundamentals, and fundamentals win football games; tackling, man-to-man coverage, zone coverage drops, breaking on the football…sometimes you think hey, I can do more and more because these guys are so athletic, but sometimes you can open up too much. All of a sudden you've got guys that are good athletes thinking. So the KISS principle…especially for a guy like me…we want them to be playing fast. If we don't see them playing fast, what we have to look at as a staff is - are we doing too much? That's always the balance you have to find as a coach. But if you have guys that are athletic enough to play man, zone, blitz and play the run, that's what you're looking for. And I think we're getting closer to having those type of guys."

On the first day in pads - "I liked the energy and the physicality. We want the attitude to having to pull guys back instead of having to get them to bark or bite. These guys are the type of guys you have to pull back and let them understand that we're practicing and we have to protect the team and you have to keep everyone healthy. But I liked it. The energy was good, and they are tough guys."

On if he can see the results of what they did over the summer - "Because of the work Ivan and his strength staff did, these guys are in really good condition. The old days, you'd get all the conditioning in fall camp, because guys went everywhere else. But Ivan has done a great job with the guys that stayed here, and the guys that were here worked hard and for the most part they were here. They are in great condition, and all credit goes to him."

Justin Glenn getting lots of snaps - "I felt like at the end of spring ball, he had really progressed. I felt like he was getting real positive reps in spring. He came in and talked to me right before fall camp started,and said he felt great. To me, he looks good. … The spring, get out there. My mindset was not, you have to make sure everyone stays healthy, but I felt leaving spring, I felt he was on course being back normal. I haven't seen anything to really tell me anything differently."

Sean Parker - "Instinctive ballplayer. You love those guys where you don't have to draw a road map. You love those guys who know how to find the shortest distance to the ball, and arrive there in a bad mood. And he does that."

Taz Stevenson - "Maybe not knowing as much about him. we knew he was a good athlete. My first impression, he's not just a good athlete, he's physical. He likes to mix it up. He's just got to understand the tempo of practices. … We said he is on the other side with Sean."

Will Shamburger - "He spent over half the spring working at strong safety, and the end of spring, he was at free safety. He's still learning in many ways, but like Sean, he's an athlete and he's instinctive. Last two days have been really good for Will."

Is Will better than you thought - "Made a nice play today. Old image, a lot of times DBs get the knock they can't catch the football. We want to recruit guys with good ball skills. … We expected him to be a good prospect, but coming back from the knee surgery … he did not disappoint. He was above what I expected."

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7:05 PM

Nick Montana (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Wednesday Quick Practice Notes

Watched the QB's and receivers more today than I have since camp started - bad idea.

Not a good day at all for them collectively. They had their moments, but that first day in pads definitely made a difference. Sark said after that the third day can be a day where guys can have more mental mistakes than normal. With more installation and the young guys' heads swimming in the playbook, that can happen.

But it's still a treat to watch Jake Locker operate. On one sequence, he ball-faked, pivoted to his left, rolled-out and stopped, closed with one step and threw a 55-yard strike. Only a handful of QB's can do that consistently in college, and he makes it look pretty routine. Nick Montana was not far behind him when it comes to making the pure throws. Clearly the frosh is behind Locker in the playbook and from a leadership standpoint, but when it throwing the ball with accuracy, Nick is right there.

The three top receivers - Kearse, Aguilar and Johnson - don't have anything to worry about when it comes to the pecking order. Aguilar looked to hurt his ankle a little bit during the day, but it didn't stop him from continuing to work.

Kevin Smith continues to push guys like D'Andre Goodwin, Jordan Polk and Cody Bruns. He's making a more and more compelling argument for playing time this fall. He's nails in the air and comes down the ball nearly every time.

It also looked like it was Turnover Wednesday, with the team doing fumble drills and the like. Keith Price continued to have some issues with the center snap.

For the RB's, the highlight of the day was a 70-yard run by Deontae Cooper, as he took the ball, made one cut to the outside and was gone.

Since Wednesday was the first day in shoulder pads, they were cracking as soon as the team went through its first snap of 7-9 drills. Mason Foster was audible and animated throughout his time on the field, and the younger guys started to notice.

In talking with Nick Holt about the first day in shoulder pads, he has noticed over the years that the young players are shocked with how much hitting and how fast those practices actually are. "Our old guys were getting after it," Holt said after practice. "The young guys, it took about the first half of practice to go 'Oh whoa! These guys are going full speed. I need to get with the program', and when they saw the first couple snaps of 9-on-7, I think they went 'OK, this is Division-1 football'. I think it took them a little transition to see what they were in for, and they understood how we do things, and then it was like, 'I better do it.'

"I think after that first half-hour, especially when they see that tempo and they see the first couple reps of that 9-7 and see the speed in which we practice, it's either you swim or you sink. And these kids are all good kids, so they are trying to swim."

During one of the team periods, Adam Long had an interception. Desmond Trufant sat out a bunch of today's workout, but Sarkisian said afterward that it was time to give the sophomore corner some time to take a breath.

I didn't spend too much time watching the lines today, but I did see Everrette Thompson working on some moves off to the side with Chris Robinson, and that was great to see. And Alameda Ta'amu continues to just push people around inside, commanding double-teams. His leaner frame and off-season conditioning have allowed him to really step up, and it's showing.

They started to integrate some punting into the proceedings, and Will Mahan cracked off a 55-yarder the first live punt of camp. The punting chores are in good hands with Mahan. Aguilar and Johri Fogerson were the ones returning punts today.

Recruit-watch: Austin Seferian-Jenkins was at practice again, and also Skyline WR Kasen Williams was too, with his parents in tow. Each got plenty of time to talk to all the coaches when practice was over. Austin will make his choice between UW and Texas Monday night at 6:30 at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. It's open to the public. Kasen will be announcing his decision on August 27th at a private BBQ for the Skyline football program.

Former players that were there - Manase Hopoi, Junior Coffin, Hugh Millen, Sean O'Laughlin.

Also of note - It was interesting watching Princeton Fuimaono carring Cort Dennison's pads in after practice. No worries of a Dez Bryant situation happening on Montlake.

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6:40 PM

Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Wednesday Steve Sarkisian Quotes

On practice: "I thought it was somewhat typical of a Day 3. A lot of information has been put on our guys in three days of installation. Obviously, the young guys felt it, somewhat mentally, and I felt the young guys felt it physically, the wear and tear in the legs and whatnot. I appreciated the intensity and enthusiasm. I thought we practiced hard. There were probably more mental mistakes in this practice than there has been. But that's somewhat normal."

Overload? "I wouldn't necessarily call it overload. That's natural training camp. Day 1, you feel good about it. Day 2, OK, there's this many plays. Day 3, there's the emphasis on the fringe and the red zone, things get a little tighter, there's more installation on both sides of the ball. Some of that's natural. But we'll continue to build, and they'll respond. We'll be OK."

Polk and Johri taking on leadership roles: "I think Chris, definitely. I've been extremely impressed with Chris, really since the day I've gotten here. He's responded beautifully. I think the confidence he has coming off of last season, the offseason conditioning program, he's become a better student. And in turn, he's become a little bit more vocal, especially on the field with the younger guys because he understands the system now. He knows what to look for, he's watching the plays to see what's coming, and he's offering good advice to the young guys. And I think that's very important."

Freshmen o-linemen: "Today was the first day in shoulder pads, so I have to look at the film to see how physical they were. But I think from a knowledge standpoint, Kohler's done some nice things at left tackle. Porter is doing some really nice things playing center and guard now, which is not always easy to do, bouncing back and forth. All of them are very tough-minded kids. They haven't backed down from anything. They're working against not only the young defensive linemen but also the veteran kids, Alameda and Tamisi and Cameron – those guys are all good football players. All in all, I think the group is coming along fine. But if I had to point out two guys right now, it would be Porter and Kohler."

Hartvigson: "I've been very, very pleased with Michael. He's, again, a tough-minded kid. It's not easy. The tight end position is one of the more difficult positions within our system to learn because you've got to get the run game wired in right, and you've got to get the pass game stuff wired in right. We don't sit in one formation all the time. So he's tough-minded, he's working at it. I was happy for him that he caught some balls downfield, made some plays."

Alameda: "There are some times in the run game when he just kind of kills the run. We saw that today. He's extremely powerful, as we all know, but I think what's happened now with him is he's become much more explosive. When the ball gets snapped, his ability to snap off the football, his get-off, and then the power that he has, he's able to adjust when he has to. He's a dominant player right now."

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7:30 PM

Chris Izbicki (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Tuesday Chris Izbicki Quotes

On the TE group without Kavario Middleton: "That's in the past now, we're ready to move on. We've got a good group of guys, with or without him. We've got some freshman that can come in and do some work and Marlion's been getting better, so regardless of him or not we've got a really great group of guys playing tight end."

On spring ball - "It's a mindset. Winter workouts, I feel like I had pushed myself harder than I had before. Coming into spring ball, I had the same attitude. I wanted to do whatever I can to get better at this position, so I can have a bigger role come this fall. That's what it was. It just changed my whole mindset and pushed myself to excel at this position."

On what he worked on - "Over the summer you just work on your speed and your strength, but now it's just fine tuning. We're installing things, like we did in the spring, so it's kind of like a review of what we've been doing. It's taking all that in and putting it into your technique, going and reviewing on film and working on my footwork a little bit, crisping up my routes…doing everything I can to become more of a complete tight end."

On filling a pass-catching void - "I hope so. That's the plan. I'm trying to prove to the coaches right now that I have the ability to make some plays, so I can fill that void when he left and take that over. That's the plan."

On emerging as the No. 1 TE coming out of spring - "Honestly it was hard work. I knew my stuff and that's really all it was. I knew what I was doing on the field and I did the right things off the field. I felt good. That's what it came down to."

On being different now physically - "Last camp coming in I was 233, and I'm 245 now. I think that will help me a lot come season time, because I'll be…moreso than my role last year I was more up and going up against linebackers. This year I'll be going up against bigger, stronger d-ends. Fifteen more pounds will help me out a lot going down into the trenches a little bit more."

On changing as a leader - "Even before I heard any news of Kavario, my mindset had changed. If I want to be the type of football player that I have the potential to be, I had to take a role…especially with these younger kids. I'm the oldest one right now. They don't have anyone to look up to, so I'm trying to do everything I can to set and example for them and teach them as much as I can and help them out. When I was younger, the older guys were doing that for me, so I want to set that trend."

On being that older guy the others look up to - "It's fun for a change. The first three years I was the younger guy, so I've paid my dues. I've waited…it feels like a long time now. My time is here, so I'm excited."

On what clicked in - "Honestly I don't know one thing that it was, but when I talk about that mind change, something just clicked. If I want things to change, I can't sit around and they'll just change…I had to do something. That's why this winter I really did push myself and this spring I pushed myself. I think I just decided…I love this sport, there's no more waiting around. I want to get it, you know what I mean?"

On living up to high expectations out of high school - "Honestly, maybe the first couple of years it did, but not so much anymore. I don't think about that stuff. Maybe it's in the back of my mind, but honestly it's nothing that affects my game or is something that I dwell on. That's in the past."

On the frosh TE's Michael Hartvigson and Evan Hudson - "They are both big, physical guys. Tight end is a tough position to learn: You have to learn how to play receiver, you have to learn how to block like offensive linemen. They are learning a lot of stuff, and the first six days of camp they are throwing a bunch of new plays at us and these guys, it's all new to them. They are learning and as they progress they are learning their plays better. They are going to be some good players."

On believing in themselves and having that swagger - "We really do. I don't know how to explain it, but everyone has truly bought into this coaching staff, to this program and this motto of expecting to win. And that's what we believe and that's how we play."

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7:00 PM

Mason Foster (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Tuesday Practice Thoughts

Nothing super crazy about Tuesday's practice. There was one little fracas involving Mason Foster and a shove to the back of Chris Polk that got the senior LB thrown out of the drill for a little bit, but that was all.

I told you today would be about the linemen, so here's what I saw.

Here are the OL and DL depth as they were run out during the team drills (and there were definitely variations on these lineups as some of the younger players got opportunities with the first teamers, so don't take them as the gospel):

1 OL (from LT to RT): Senio Kelemete, Ryan Tolar, Drew Schaefer, Mykenna Ikehara and Cody Habben.
2 OL (from LT to RT): Erik Kohler, Nick Wood, Greg Christine, Colin Porter (mixed with Skyler Fancher) and Dan Kanczugowski.
3 OL (from LT to RT): Mike Criste (mixed with Micah Hatchie), Colin Tanigawa, Colin Porter, James Atoe and Ben Riva

1 DL (from end to end): Talia Crichton, Alameda Taamu, Semisi Tokolahi, Cameron Elisara
2 DL (from end to end): Kalani Aldrich, Cameron Elisara (mixed with Sione Potoae), Chris Robinson, De'Shon Matthews
3 DL (from end to end): Josh Shirley, Lawrence Lagafuaina, Sione Potoae, Andrew Hudson (mixed with Hauoli Jamora)

It's nice to finally see Washington with some legitimate (albeit very young) three-deeps for the OL and DL.

(Note: Due to too many people reading too much into my very un-scientific take on the OL/DL one-on-ones, I've taken it down. Instead, it's probably better to note the fact that the battles were very intense for the most part Kelemete and Shirley were locked in a battle that lasted a good 12 seconds), and on the OL I thought Kelemete, Tolar, Porter, Ikehara, Kohler and Riva all had nice days. Defensively, I thought the younger guys inside, like Lagafuaina and Potoae, stood out with Alameda Taamu, while Aldrich and Crichton stood out to me when looking at the ends.

And as Scott mentioned, it is a defensive-friendly drill, where all they have to do to get a 'win' is tap a dummy QB that is stationary about seven yards behind the line of scrimmage. So it's better to give my general thoughts on who looked good, as opposed to unscientific opinion as to who 'won' each battle.

In the post-practice comments, Sarkisian mentioned Potoae as a guy that just keeps getting his attention because of his strength.

In the kicking game, Erik Folk went 5-7, with a long of 42. Their first attempt was a bad snap that was taken around end by Cody Bruns for a touchdown.

In the team drill, the defense played very well, as Greg Ducre got an interception off a tipped pass. It could have been according to the script, but the only real passes the quarterbacks completed in the last session were short ones. The two times they did try and go over the top, however, they caught the DB's off-guard, which caused two PI calls.

Because Quinton Richardson wasn't playing, Adam Long started opposite Desmond Trufant. Victor Aiyewa was the third linebacker with the ones, and Will Shamburger started with the ones opposite Nate Williams.

Things went pretty smooth for the last drill, except for Foster's shove and also the snap issues between freshman center Colin Porter and backup QB Keith Price. There were a couple of snafus there, which will need to get ironed out. Sarkisian mentioned after practice that this second one of camp can always be a hard one to get through because the guys want to start hitting and they get a little stir-crazy. He said they will go full pads on Friday.

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6:30 PM

Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Steve Sarkisian Tuesday quotes

On Day Two - "I thought it was good. I thought the intensity was really good today. The guys…in this format after one day of just being in helmets, they start clamoring. They want to get the pads on. Traditionally this day can be a little difficult because you're just in helmets again, but I thought we responded well in all phases. I thought the offense was efficient doing things…running the ball, throwing the football. And I've been really impressed with a lot of the young defensive players. And a credit to Nick and Mike Cox and those guys on that side of the ball, to play those young kids in there with the ones, to get a feel for how they look. And there are some guys that are doing some pretty good stuff."

On the young defensive standouts - "Defensive side of the ball today, I feel like I saw Sione (Potoae) again. I feel like that guy…he's powerful enough that he shows up. You see him. Princeton Fuimaono again…Cooper Pelluer did some nice things…Sean Parker, he's a good football player. He's kind of what we thought he would be. And Greg Ducre had another good day for him. So those are just a couple off the top of my head just from the plays I saw today."

On Deontae Cooper - "What I noticed the first couple of days is that I noticed Chris Polk showing up, and I think that's because of Deontae's presence. And I think now with Chris doing what he's done for the first two days, I thought Coop really came back and had a nice day. I don't know if yesterday was his best day, but I thought he bounced back today and had a real nice day."

On Chris Izbicki and what he needs to do to improve - "I think it's focus and preparation, on and off the field, in the weight room, studying and understanding his responsibility. I think he's just transformed himself in all phases of life. I think for him to really take that next step is a firm belief in himself in the passing game. He's fine in the running game; he understands what his responsibility is. But he can be a playmaker for us in the passing game. He just needs to believe in himself to do that."

On breaking out in the spring - "When the season ends and we head into January for our first winter conditioning program to get ready for spring ball, there's a motivation factor. Guys are motivated, they feel an opportunity there. And then when spring ball rolls around we can really focus on issues with guys. It's not just about getting things installed and getting ready to play a game; it's focusing on individuals and where they can improve and get better. And Chris is one of the guys that has capitalized on that."

On Izbicki and the passing game - I think so. No doubt I think athletically he's the same, it's a matter of really, really believing in himself. He had some opportunities today that didn't pan out the way he wanted to and he had an opportunities, he was open a couple of times down the field and didn't get them. But he's just working through the individual and understanding of it and when he gets his opportunities to go make his plays.

On Mason Foster and his altercation with Chris Polk - A little bit. It was about shoving a guy in the back and we didn't need to do that and as much as for me being the coach is I'm trying to not just teach Mason that lesson but trying to teach all of the guys that lesson, especially the young guys, the way we practice the way we play, protecting each other. It was a great opportunity to capitalize on that because for it to be a team leader like Mason is and for the rest of the team to know that it doesn't matter who you are we don't play that way, it worked out beautifully and Mason's fine, he understands, the team understands and we're moving on.''

On Quinton Richardson and his injury - He's had back spasms and they are tight and we are going to monitor them. I think you guys are starting to understand our approach to it, we are not going to throw them right back in there and got to battle through it and be mister tough guy all the time. It's about getting guys back healthy.''

On D'Andre Goodwin - I think he looks good and that's what I was hoping to see. For me, I'm really monitoring him closely because traditionally he started pretty well the first coupe of practices and then his hamstrings get pretty tight there practices four, five, six, so we are going to look at him closely and closely monitor him because he's a very good football player and he's one of those guys like Izbicki has kind of changed his focus and his mindset on what's important and he's shown that he's dedicated to this thing and doing it the right way and I just want him to be healthy so he can show it to everybody.''

On playing two big guys in the middle - We're looking at things yeah and there is some emphasis when we are facing specific run teams we might be bigger inside and bigger with Cameron at the end but depending on the type of style of team we play so looking at different options so we are prepared for it.''

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4:00 PM

Quinton Richardson (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Tuesday mid-practice notes

Quinton Richardson appeared to be the only one not really doing any work early on. I'm sure it's just precaution at this point, but we'll find out more after practice.

Even though the day couldn't be nicer, there are fewer fans out right now. Hopefully that will change as practice goes on.

While the rest of the team was warming up, the punters and kickoff specialists were working with the return specialists. For kickoff return, it was Chris Polk, Deontae Cooper and Taz Stevenson. It also appears as if Richardson will be included in this group when he's healthy enough to go.

For the punt return unit, Devin Aguilar, Johri Fogerson, Jesse Callier, DiAndre Campbell and Cody Bruns were receiving. Will Mahan again shows a very strong leg, often booming kicks that were often 50 yards-plus.

Dubs made his first appearance of the fall, and the Montanas were on hand to watch their son Nick work out. Former UW QB Tim Cowan was also on hand, as well as a few recruits, including Marcus Henry (Bellevue) and UW commit Dexter Charles (Stanwood).

And the most important note - it's Softy's birthday. He's at practice with his parents. He shares the same birthday as his father.

I'll have more later on after practice. Today's notes will focus on the linemen, because that's who we get to talk to today.

Posted by Chris Fetters
1:30 AM

Initial Fall Camp Thoughts

1) About 200 people at camp braved the initial sprinkles, but the skies opened up and it was a decent summer day in the NW for the second half of practice.

2) Austin Seferian-Jenkins was there - with a teammate, I'm assuming, but I don't know who it was. Also saw 2012 QB prospect Drew Austin there with his Dad, as well as Puyallup Rogers WR Kellen Westering - son of PLU Head Coach Scott Westering. There were also a bunch of players from Juanita, including UW commit Jarett Finau and Jeremiah Laufasa. Finau looks the part of a big-time athlete.

3) Tempo was slow to start, lot of that probably had to do with the fact that they were doing a lot of special teams work in the beginning. It's more about positioning and technique and whatnot, so it's not as much fun as 1-1's and all the rest. But as soon as they were able to get into their individual drills and such, the energy definitely picked up. You could tell this was a group that knew what they were doing with the practice routine and were comfortable with it - even with so many new faces.

4) Watched the skill guys for the most part Monday because that's who we were allowed to talk to afterward (the big guys had lifting after practice) - I'll switch that up Tuesday.

5) From what I could tell, everyone got a chance to work out to some extent. Probably Kalani Aldrich and Everrette Thompson worked out the least, but Sark said that would probably be the case to try and make sure they were 100 percent fresh for their season opener at BYU. Quinton Richardson and Vonzell McDowell appeared to get nicked up a little during practice, but the injuries weren't considered anything that might keep the two out for very long at all.

6) Don't worry about the new QB's - they will be scout team fodder in no time. But it's great to see five yellow shirts out there instead of three. The three scholarship guys (Locker, Price and Montana) all were having 'business as usual' days, getting their work in and leading the troops. They all appeared to be pretty accurate with their passes, especially since most were of the shortish variety. All three did a nice job of taking what Nick Holt was giving. Downfield, it was a little rougher go - probably in part because of the damp conditions, and partly because the DB's looked to be in good form.

7) Sark said that it would be Desmond Trufant and Quinton Richardson at the No. 1 corners, and he was right about that. Adam Long, Anthony Boyles and Anthony Gobern all had their moments too. At safety, Nate Williams and Will Shamburger started out, but Nate Fellner came in a bunch to spell Shamburger. That should be an interesting battle all fall. Justin Glenn probably worked more than what was initially anticipated, so that has to be good news. Sean Parker and Taz Stevenson got plenty of reps.

8) It was great to see Chris Polk work again. He ran with confidence. The same goes for the two freshmen - Deontae Cooper and Jesse Callier - at least until Cooper coughed up the rock in the middle of a scrimmage session. Mason Foster appeared to lead the defense in their woofing, so he may have been the one that initially came up with the strip.

9) The receivers are in good hands. Jermaine Kearse, Devin Aguilar and James Johnson all had very solid workouts. Cody Bruns and Jordan Polk also showed up Monday ready to get after it, and did. Polk did the same last fall, getting nothing but raves during fall camp, only to falter during the regular season. He appeared Monday ready to put history where it belongs - behind him. Another WR that showed up ready to go was freshman wideout Kevin Smith. We've been raving about him all summer as a guy that probably will not be denied playing time, and Sark singled him out as a frosh that stood out.

10) After Mason Foster and Cort Dennison, that third LB spot could be open to anybody. Right now Victor Aiyewa and Matt Houston are neck-and-neck in battle, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Jordan Wallace enter the fray. Or Victor Burnett. Or Tim Tucker. The competition for that spot will be extreme, and it may not be completely settled by the first game of the year.

11) Even though I focused more on the skill players, it was hard not to notice the freshmen playing along the lines. Sark singled out Hauoli Jamora, and he should have. Even in pursuit, the 235-pounder from Kahuku is fast. Lawrence Lagafuaina is showing a nice feel for the nuances of the college game already, sniffing out some plays that might have gotten others stumped. Sione Potoae will definitely play this fall, allowing Cameron Elisara a lot of free reign to do his damage inside or out. And speaking of outside, it was assumed that Kalani Aldrich and Everrette Thompson held the key to the ends succeeding in 2010, but that opinion may have been made in haste; Jamora showed he's on track to making an impact, and Andrew Hudson wasn't far behind. If Josh Shirley can also continue to develop, they have a young, but raw nucleus of players next to Talia Crichton and Elisara that could prove to be better than expected.

12) Austin Sylvester and Dorson Boyce are the only two UW players with east coast ties, and they are also the ones in front when it comes to playing fullback. I'll have more on these two and the race to become the next Paul Homer.

13) Tight end is a bit of a conundrum right now. There's a clear pecking order with Chris Izbicki, followed by everyone else, but he needs to show that he would have won the job over Kavario Middleton anyway, at least before Middleton was dismissed from the program for a violation of team rules. The job is up for grabs; how forcefully Izbicki takes it and makes it his own should prove telling when looking at how productive the position will be over the course of an entire season.

14) The offensive line hasn't looked this solid and deep in a very long time. There's even balance among the seven frosh: Erik Kohler and Micah Hatchie at LT; Colin Tanigawa at LG; Colin Porter at center; James Atoe at RG and Ben Riva and Mike Criste at RT. With Senio Kelemete and Cody Habben as the two experienced tackles, there's no guarantee Skyler Fancher is going to be the first tackle off the bench. Fancher and Dan Kanczugowski would have been the guys Dan Cozzetto looked to earlier, but now with the frosh on board it's clear that third tackle spot is totally up for grabs. What will be interesting is to see if someone like Tanigawa can overtake Nick Wood at the LG spot or if Atoe ends up being Mykenna Ikehara's backup at RG. I'll be paying more mind to this group tomorrow.

15) It's great to be back out at Husky Stadium. Hopefully more fans come out to watch the players compete. They can use as many fans circling the field as they can get.

Posted by Chris Fetters
12:30 AM

Scott Woodward (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

A conversation with Scott Woodward

Kim spoke with Scott after practice to get some more in-depth answers about the stadium development plan and the bid that was given to Wright Runstad.

On trying to get it started at the end of this season - "It's clear that it's the best to start after the '11 season from a cost standpoint."

On the bidding process - "Once we got them to apples and apples and we had the interviews and the questions, it became clear that one proposal was decidedly less expensive than the others. But all three were very good proposals."

On what they were looking for in the bid - "We were looking at originality in design and how you design it and what you did, and it was clear that the firm selected was a superior design and a great design."

On allaying fears that the project is being done on the cheap - "It's something we can all be proud of as Husky fans. It's going to be a first-class operation, and our capital projects group on campus is going to oversee it, as well as consultants that we have. Everyone involved in this project has done some very classy, good stadia. The Turner construction group built Qwest Field, and obviously it's a first class facility. We're going to have a very nice design that everyone is going to be proud of."

On the different parts to the bid - "Wright Runstad is the developer, Turner is the contractor, and the architect is 360 (Architects). They will be designing it. They've done numerous stadia across the country, they are a big-time stadium firm and have done a lot of great projects. Off the top of my head I don't know which ones they've done…I think Georgia Tech and a few others…I'd have to go back and look at their portfolio."

On the move to Qwest and whether it could be early - "The question we're going to have to ask the developers and the contractors is - will there be an enormous amount of savings for going in 30 or 60 days earlier? If so, we'll look at, and we'll look at maybe going and playing a game at the end of the '11 season at Qwest. That's a big hypothetical. I just want to leave it open. I don't want to be definitive and say it's going to be December 1, that's when the first shovel goes into the ground."

On something in the initial bid that wouldn't be included now - "No. Actually the Wright Runstad proposal has a 200-stall parking garage on the south side, which is an addition. That's some great revenue potential, and some great additional parking for our fans and for the medical complex across the street."

On scoreboards being part of this proposal - "No. That's not even in it. We will discuss the financing of those with ISP, now IMG - our media partner."

On cost overruns - "We will absorb them if we have any, but that's the beauty of this developer model, is that the developer guarantees a maximum price. When we do that final agreement, whatever it is - and that's why we said that 250 (million) is an estimate - when we nail that price down, finally we'll know exactly what it is. And it's a guarantee.

On one or two of the things that people will appreciate about this remodel - "It's just going to be such a beautiful, new, tight stadium that makes this beautiful venue even more intimate. And that's what's going to be so much fun about it."

On the acoustics - "It's going to be loud, it's plenty loud right now. But it's going to be even louder when we're really on top of the action and the track is going to be removed."

On what they will be working on next in the project - "We're going to be getting the final development plans ready in the next few months. We're going to nail down the schematic plans and what we want to finally do so we can get to a final development plan by December."

Posted by Chris Fetters
12:00 AM

Photo Gallery 2 posted

Thanks to Jane Gershovich, we have a totally separate gallery of pictures taken during Monday's first workout for the Washington football team. You can view the gallery by click on the link below.

Fall Camp Photo Gallery 2

Posted by Kim Grinolds
7:45 PM

Photo Gallery 1 posted

Here is the first of two photo galleries of Monday's opening day for Washington's fall football camp. It was overcast and a little gloomy as far as the weather was concerned, but the practice was high-tempo and full of energy from beginning to end.

Posted by Chris Fetters
6:45 PM

Steve Sarkisian (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Steve Sarkisian Quotes

So are you ready for BYU right now? "I'd like to tackle a couple of guys here before we get ready for BYU.

Quick overview of practice: "I thought that all in all, it was a good first day. It's easy to say it was a much better practice this year than last year, if we had to compare. But I thought our kids played fast. We were competitive. By no means were we perfect, but I just liked the energy they brought. For not having pads on it was relatively physical, which was good. And I thought it was an efficient practice."

Are the players starting to get what you're asking them to do: "Yeah they are, and it's coming a lot from the senior leadership. It's the Cort Dennisons, the Mason Fosters, the Nate Williams...obviously the Jake Lockers...the Senio Kelemetes, the Jermaine Kearses - those guys are really setting the tone for what we really want out of practice. It's kind of falling in line with the younger guys, and they were obviously swimming today, some of our freshmen kids, but we kept putting them out there and making them play and they got better as the practice went along."

On Chris Polk and improvement from year one to year two: "I think one, the continued feel for running the ball. Chris is a big contact guy; he doesn't mind the contact. But if we can eliminate some of the contact at the line of scrimmage and then eliminate some of the contact in the secondary moves...Chris was excellent around the line of scrimmage last year. But I think when he watches the film and we watch it together and evaluate it, there were opportunities for some really big plays last year with a secondary cut, a secondary move, a secondary break tackle on a free safety that could have created some big plays. I think we'll get that out of him one...just from a true efficiency of running the ball and understanding the runs, and two, maybe taking a little of the load off of him with Coop or Fogerson or Callier, one of those guys that can reduce his carries, but yet create more big plays for him."

On how much time they need to spend getting the new guys lined up right: "I was proud of our veterans to get our new guys ready, because we weren't able to be with them all summer long. For our veterans to give them an idea of what practice is like and where to go was something I thought that, one was good, and two we really tried to go through practice in the AM meetings this morning to address exactly where we were going and what we're trying to get done. They kind of followed in line. They weren't perfect, but all in all I was very impressed with this group. From the skill guys to the big guys, I thought they competed extremely well. They made plays. They made mistakes, but I think before I look at the film, I think they learned from them. They understood what we were trying to do and it's a very athletic-looking group. All in all, if I can make one quick assessment after this practice - if they can't help us on offense and defense, they surely are going to help us on special teams. These guys are an athletic group of kids.

On the new players that stood out: "Kevin Smith, I thought, did some really nice things. Sean Parker had some nice breaks on the ball. Shirley, Jamora...those are off the top of my head of just some guys that stood out. All those young linemen...they all played and they all played a bunch today."

On Kelemete being a natural at LT: "No doubt. I thought it in the spring. He's an all-Pac-10 left tackle. Fortunately, he's a junior. He's still a little bit raw; it's a new position for him out there. But athletically and physically, and then from the mentality standpoint, he believes he's dominant. And that's half the battle for that position. I think he'll only continue to grow, especially once we get in pads. His comfort level is only going to continue to grow after that."

O-line being a strength: "I view it as that. We have seven guys back that started games for us on the offensive line last year. And whether or not they were great last year, that experience is invaluable. To play in a hostile environment, against some of the best defensive linemen in the country, is only going to help those guys mentally prepare. And heading into the offseason, they knew what they needed to get done to prepare for this fall. I think the group has really done well under Danny's leadership. I love what they've done. We haven't, in two springs and a fall and this is the second fall camp, this is the first time we've gone ones, twos and a three because we're that deep on the offensive line."

On Sione Potoae: "He's an explosive kid. He's probably the most explosive defensive linemen we've maybe had around here compared to Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. He's got the snap, the explosion, the hands, the power. Now, he's got a long way to go to learn the system and understand how to play. But just from a natural explosiveness standpoint, I'm impressed."

On Quinton Richardson getting hurt near the end of practice: "Yeah, he had some back spasms. And Vonzell McDowell was a turf toe."

On Nick Montana: "I was impressed. I thought Keith and Nick both had nice days today. They improved in the spring, and that's the goal. They kept working and kept practicing. They're much more efficient, they took less sacks, we threw the balls to the right guys. Now, we missed some throws here and there, but we were throwing it to the right guys and throwing it on time."

On Chris Izbicki: "I thought he did a nice job. Chris has been impressive. Since January of this year, he's been impressive - not only on the field but off the field. He's changed in every way possible. And I think he's assuming almost a leadership role on this team, which is a tribute to him. That tight end position is intriguing to me because we've got some young kids that are physically capable of doing some things. We're a football team that can be creative with our groupings and put other kids in that spot to do those things. That's the beauty of this system: we have enough flexibility; we don't have to always have a tight end or two tight ends in there. We can be multiple in our personnel groupings and still be effective."

On fullback: "We've got Austin Sylvester there, and he's doing a real nice job. Again, had a great offseason. I like what Dorson Boyce has done, at the fullback and tight end spot, to become interchangeable there. I'm anxious to see young Fogerson run around. He's an athletic kid and looks good in our underwear so far. So we've got to see him with pads on."

On any awe recruiting Nick Montana and calling up Joe: "Yeah I kind of thought that. I never really told him that I had his poster up on my wall when I was a kid but I think for initially but once you get into it and once we got to know the family and not only Joe but Jennifer and the other siblings they are a normal family. They are good people. Those are the type of people you like to recruit and be around because that's the type of program we are trying to foster here. So I thought once you get over the first phone call to Joe Montana or Joe Montana calling you it was a pretty normal process."

On Nick being Joe's son: "I mean, we don't even bring it up just let the kid play and be himself. We don't joke about it, the other players don't joke about it, he just plays ball. I think that's part of the reason why he's here. I think he felt that in the environment here that he could be himself and enjoy the process of being a college athlete and a student and living in the dorm and doing all the things that freshmen do."

On Justin Glenn doing more than he thought: "I think so, I don't exactly now have to look at the film to see how he moved around but he was definitely out there playing."

Any coaches jump out at you today: "I liked Danny Cozzetto today. When you've got seven true freshmen out there you've got to bust your hump to make that happen and I thought those guys performed. These days could potentially be a disaster of just defensive linemen running through free and fumbled snaps and different things but I thought the offensive line performed pretty well."

On the third LB spot: "We are not going to rush it. We've got a lot of young talented kids that could go in there and play and some returners that could play that spot as well, so we don't need to rush that decision. We're going to go in and play guys and roll them through and see what the right combination is and make it work.

On Aldrich and Thompson: "We're not going to rush them and keep them fresh the goal is when we go play BYU they are fresh, healthy active football players."

On Trufant's groin injury being more serious than thought: "You never really know but I've come to find out, especially in this day and age, they are so prevalent now, you are seeing these sports hernias things pop up more and more and more any time a groin injury creeps in that's one of those things in your mind is 'geez I hope it's not that.' A lot of the times when you first diagnose it that's not what it is but what it becomes. I'm always fearful of that and when it was Desmond, Devin Aguyilar had to go through the same thing, Vonzell McDowell same thing, you try to get them fixed as quickly as you can because a lot of the times you get them fixed they are much more healthy explosive players once they get back."

Posted by Scott Eklund
6:45 PM

Jake Locker (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Jake Locker Quotes

On the first day: "It's fun to be out here the first day. I thought it went well. I thought we had a good tempo. Obviously, like always, we'll go to the film and work on, but I thought it was a productive day and there are some things we can work off of."

On being hard waiting for camp to start: "It's been really exciting now with the last week that we had off kind of getting ready to come in and realizing that we're less than a month away from playing our first game. It all came so fast, it feels like we just got done, so I'm really looking forward to it."

On where the team is now compared to last year at this time: "I think there's a lot more of a comfort level among the guys that have been here and played and then the freshmen coming in, they're going to have their learning curve, but I think with this offense, with this staff, with everybody here and the environment that we're in, I think everybody's really familiar with it now and has really embraced it and enjoys it, so I think as a team we're a lot more comfortable."

On making adjustments at the line: "I feel really good. Just like anything, I think the more time you spend in it, and the more you do it the more comfortable you're going to be and I feel like every day it just gets easier and easier."

On the development of the team: "I think the team overall is faster, quicker and more able to make the movements we need to in game situations and I think that will turn over to the games really well. Guys are in shape and guys are confident and I think that's another big thing because of that, they're confident in their abilities and they don't feel stepping on the field that anyone's better than them or better prepared."

On playing BYU and getting that road win: "It's as big as any other ones we've ever played. (The media) will put a lot more on it than we probably will, but it's a road game for us, it's the first game of our season, it's the most important game for us at this point and that's how we need to prepare and that's how we need to treat it.

Posted by Chris Fetters
6:45 PM

Chris Polk (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Chris Polk Quotes

On his shoulder: "I'm 100 percent right now.

Do you need to get hit to know that? "No because running when it was hurt running plays, pass blocking was the problem having my hands out and reaching. That today was a big step to show that i'm 100 percent."

On when did he feel that point? "Right after summer conditioning. we were doing throwing, basically doing all the stuff we're doing now so I knew it wasn't hurting me and wasn't stopping me."

On missing some parts of spring, was that a setback: "No, not really, I beleive everyhting happens for a reason, so it wasn't that I wasn't in practice I wasn't working on my technique or anything. I got my time to improve on the stuff I really needed to."

On improving things: "Stutter step, the little stutter step, open field, making guys miss, that kind of stuff."

Today do you feel different than a year ago? "It feels a lot different. a year ago today I couldn't tell you I knew all my assignments, so I'm out here playing a lot faster than I was last year being that I was in here a year and know all my assignments and have a feel for the game and know what to expect and play faster and not second guess myself."

On goals: "Right now I don't have any individual goals, the only goal I have is Rose Bowl. That's what we're focusing on. We've just got to keep pushing and go out there and make each other better."

How realistic is that? "If we do our job then it shoudl be pretty realistic. The only people that can stop us is us, so we've got to stay focused on and not become complacent."

What was the focus of team meeting? "No it was no matter what we did last year it doesn't matter. It's a new year and go out and act like it's a clean slate and go out and compete."

And it could be even better this year: "I could be more healthy because I gained weight, 12 pounds, from last year. so that should be a bonus. I kept the same speed."

How did you gain the weight? "I just worked hard, did extra stuff with jake throwing, stuff with Deontae, Jesse and Johri and extra lifts with Ivan. Just all the stuff I did last year."

Did your style of running lead to shoulder problems? "I don't think so because both times I hurt my shoulder were on pass plays, or me getting my arm out. So me running when i was running and banging it didn't hurt, it was just pass protection when I had to put my arms out to block.

<>Are you overshadowed because of Jake and his Heisman run? That doesn't bother me because Jake is Jake. He is Jake. He is going to lead us to the Rose Bowl if we do our job. Just him being here is team morale.

Do you think you are flying under the radar? "Under the radar, yeah, I really don't pay attention to that. I'm just going to go out here and improve on last year and improve what I have to do to my teammates, myself and coaches.

Was spring a negative not doing anything? Not a negative, more a positive. Instead of going over stuff I already knew I could improve on the stuff I really needed to, like the open field, blocking and stuff. Just 'cause I wasn't out there hitting didn't mean I wasn't working. That's where I got a lot of my strength from."

Did you give Jake a hard time for not taking NFL money? "Nope, we'll take Jake every day. If it's meant to happen it's going to happen. Jake coming back, we really respect him for that."

Posted by Scott Eklund
6:45 PM

Desmond Trufant (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Desmond Trufant Quotes

On his sports hernia injury: "I noticed it in offseason workouts and it was getting worse and worse every day, to the point where I couldn't even run, and that's when I figured out there was something really wrong. So I sat down with (the head trainer) and he told me I needed surgery."

On playing with the injury at the end of the season: "I lost a lot (of speed), but I still held my own. It was all right, but when it got into the winter, it got really bad. I'm ready to go now."

On catching up: "I worked hard, even on the weekends when it was our day off, I was still working just to catch up because I missed so much during the spring."

On his first day and getting beat by Jermaine Kearse for a long play: "That kind of ruined my day right there. Getting beat stays with you more than making plays. I did alright overall."

On Gregory Ducre: "He's real good. I told him that he reminds me of myself, just his progression from the first day I worked out with him until now, he's just got to learn the technical things. He can develop into a great corner in my eyes. I could see him (moving into the depth), anything is possible, he just has to play with that effort because that's what the coaches really want."

On actually being able to take part in the entire camp: "It's great to be out here. There's so many offseason workouts and preparation we go through to get here and just let loose, have fun and play football, it's great to be out here."

On the competition between the wide receivers and the corners: "Really we compete with the receivers. You can't play against another corner and make plays against him. They push us and it gets us closer to each other, but still pushes us to be better. All in all it's what is best for us as a team and will help us down the road."

Posted by Scott Eklund
6:45 PM

Nick Montana (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Nick Montana Quotes

One how being here during the spring helped him get ready for fall camp: "It's been a great deal of help being able to work with coach (Doug) Nussmeier, seeing how Jake (Locker) does it, being able to go over the plays, plus I have about two more months under my belt, so it feels a lot more natural and I can kind of relax now.

On what he takes from Locker: "He's a great leader. I just try to pick up on some of the characteristics like that and pretty much everything. He's a great athlete and he knows how to play the position."

On the difference between high school and college: "Just the speed. It's like what everyone says, but just a lot faster."

On coming to UW escaping his dad's legend: "I found the best place for me. Coach (Steve) Sarkisian is a great coach, coach Nussmeier, I saw it right when they started recruiting me, the whole coaching staff when they came in, that they were going to do great things and that was a program I wanted to be in."

Posted by Scott Eklund
12:10 PM

Scott Woodward (Puget Sound Business Journal)

Scott Woodward on with Softy

On Friday, Washington sent out a press release regarding the Husky Stadium Remodel that is scheduled to take place following the 2011 season and on Monday, athletic director Scott Woodward talked with KJR's Dave "Softy" Mahler about some of the specifics of the project...

-- Softy asked why fans should think 2010 will be better than the last seven years? Woodward said because the coaching staff really has the team headed in the right direction and with Jake Locker back they have a chance to really make some waves in the Pac 10 this year.

-- Woodward also said there won't be any "Billboards in Times Square", but they will promote Locker's season in a tasteful way and that they have some things planned, but not too extravagant.

-- Why Wright-Rumsted? Said they had three good bids from very qualified teams, but in the end it came down to price and it was efficiency in the design. Wright-Rumstdd/Turner/360 design fit exactly what they wanted.

-- Locked down very good subcontractors in the market and said value engineering were two reasons why the bid was $30 million lower than the other two, but that there could be other reasons as well.

-- Said this won't be Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys Stadium where it's over the top. It's going to include a new Football Facility and be at the top of the conference in facilities.

-- Will play 2012 in Qwest and wanted to look at possibly doing it in 2010, but all of the teams said it was best to start in 2011 because of logistics and making sure this got done on time.

-- Woodward said "never say never" when asked if they could possibly play some games a second season at Qwest, but he said if they were to play more than one season, it might be a situation where they play a game or two from the 2011 season there if they can get started on the remodel earlier. It mainly depends on what the contractors think.

-- Said they think the total price will be in the "250 range", but until they finish signing contracts and things like that, they aren't locked into a price yet.

-- Said Jim Lambright will have some say in things, but that Steve Sarkisian will have a say in the Football Facility design and what things look like.

-- Brand new track and the current field turf will be moved closer to University Village for the soccer team.

-- No designs for people to see right now. Still in the schematics part of things and should have something for people to view during the fall.

Talk about it: Here

Posted by Scott Eklund
9:19 PM

Dan Cozzetto (K.Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Saturday Podcast

Husky offensive line coach Dan Cozzetto was on with the Scott Eklund, Chris Fetters and Kim Grinolds on Saturday's radio show and he updated us on the line and the new faces that fans will see when the team takes the field Monday afternoon...

Here's the link to the Dawgman on-demand page on KJR where you can get the podcast.

Posted by Chris Fetters
9:10 PM

2010 Fall Camp Schedule

8/9 (Mon) 3 pm
8/10 (Tues) 3 pm
8/11 (Wed) 3 pm
8/12 (Thur) 3 pm
8/13 (Fri) 3 pm
8/14 (Sat) 8:45 am/6 pm
8/15 (Sun) Picture Day (11:30 am)
8/16 (Mon) 8:45 am/6 pm
8/17 (Tues) 3 pm
8/18 (Wed) 8:45 am/6:45 pm
8/19 (Thur) 3 pm
8/20 (Fri) 8:45 am/6:45 pm
8/21 (Sat) 3 pm
8/23 (Mon) 3 pm
8/24 (Tues) 8:45 am/6:45 pm
8/25 (Wed) 3 pm
8/26 (Thur) 8:45 am/4:15 pm
8/27 (Fri) Closed Practice (Raise the Woof!)
8/28 (Sat) 10:15 am (End of Camp)

Note: All practices (except Friday 8/27) are open to the public and also that times are subject to change.

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5:10 PM

Dan Cozzetto (K. Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Dawgman radio show guests announced

There are two guests confirmed for the Dawgman radio show on 950-KJRAM in Seattle. The show goes from 9-11 am, and at the top of the 10 o'clock hour we will have Washington Offensive Line Coach Dan Cozzetto join us to talk about the state of the UW OL

At the bottom of the 10 o'clock hour we will be joined by Doug Pacey, who covers the prep beat for the Tacoma News-Tribune. With Austin Seferian-Jenkins verbal commitment on the horizon to some lucky school, we wanted to get Doug's thoughts on his recruitment, as well as who he thinks are going to be the top prospects for this year and the class of 2012 from the south sound.

If you are in the Seattle area, you can tune into 950 AM, or if you want to listen live on the internet, go to KJR's Home Page and click on the 'listen live' tab at the top left-hand corner of their home page.

Posted by Scott Eklund
12:55 PM Steve Sarkisian Press Conference Notes

-- Sarkisian said he and the staff as well as the players and the community of Seattle are anxious for the 2010 season to get started.

-- Talked about the last two games of the 2009 season (a combined score of 72-10 over Cal and Washington State) catapulted the team into a great finish to the recruiting class and then into spring football where the team was much more competitive than they were last year.

-- Noted the loss of Donald Butler and Daniel Te'o-Nesheim caused the team to play better team defense this past spring.

-- Wants to keep riding the wave of momentum.

-- Said heading into the 2010 season, right now, they are a better team than they were at this time in 2009.

-- Said to take the next step as a team they need to win tight games in the fourth quarter and find some success on the road in a tough environment.

-- Said having Jake Locker back for his senior year is big for the team.

-- A few things that have transpired this offseason -- Scott Shugert, Mark Armelin and Tyrone Duncan all transferred, Alvin Logan retired due to injury, Kavario Middleton was dismissed, the Huskies are greyshirting Johnny Timu (recovering from knee) and Brent Williams (needs to get bigger) and Josh Shirley is on the team now. Said to trust the staff that they have done their due-diligence in getting him into school. Incident, no matter how small or large his part in it was, is not indicative to his character.

-- Said the team will always go out and compete and they are deeper, more athletic and they'll execute better.

-- Likes the group of OL they have coming in. Seven returning starters (Senio Kelemete, Ryan Tolar, Cody Habben, Mykenna Ikehara, Drew Schaefer, Nick Wood and Greg Christine) and two (Skyler Fancher and Dan Kancugowski) who are experienced. Loves the incoming freshman.

-- Said that Chris Izibicki has had the best offseason of anyone on the team. Talked about Marlion Barnett and Dorson Boyce will be contributors and that Michael Hartvigson and Evan Hudson (a walk-on) will both help out depth-wise a lot. Hudson will also be a long-snapper.

-- Likes the QB position, especially the young guys -- Keith Price and Nick Montana. Excited about the two walk-ons, Erik Wilson and Mike King.

-- Chris Polk is 100% healthy. Johri Fogerson is at 210 pounds and had a solid offseason. Happy with the young guys (Deontae Cooper and Jesse Callier).

-- Likes what Austin Sylvester brings to the mix -- hard-nosed and physical. Zach Fogerson adds a lot of athleticism to the fullback position.

-- Talked about the leadership and offseson that Jermaine Kearse, James Johnson and Devin Aguilar have had. Said he's anxious to see how D'Andre Goodwin, Cody Bruns and Jordan Polk have come along and is excited about the two freshmen (Kevin Smith and DiAndre Campbell) fit into the mix.

-- Said Everrette Thompson and Kalani Aldrich will both be ready to go for camp. Said Alameda Ta'amu looks great and they are excited about the 70 player travel rule allowing them to bring more DL with them. Talked about how they are two-deep across the board and he's excited to see what Cameron Elisara and Talia Crichton are able to do up front.

-- Said the LBs look good with Matt Houston and Victor Aiyewa battling it out at the SAM while Jordan Wallace will back up Mason Foster at the WIL and will allow the Huskies to move Foster around so offenses can't plan for him. Cort Dennison has been a real leader and had a great offseason and Sarkisian said he's excited to see all five of the freshman linebackers.

-- Said Nate Williams has become the leader of the defense and looks great. Justin Glenn will be limited due to his ankle not being full-go yet. Excited about Will Shamburger at free safety as well as Nate Fellner who can play either spot. Also excited about the young guys (Sean Parker and Taz Stevenson) who have come in.

-- Said the starters right now are Desmond Trufant and Quinton Richardson at corner, but he's excited about Vonzell McDowell, Adam Long and some of the other guys who are veterans and that Greg Ducre looks great.

-- Said Bruns and P Will Mahan will be the holders while Aguilar will be the returner on punts, but that you could see up to five or six different guys back there at different times.

-- Expects to see Locker's TD:Interception ratio to be 3:1 this year after being basically 2:1 last year and 1:1 as a redshirt freshman back in 2007 and if that happens, good things will happen for Washington.

-- Sarkisian said the "media tour" Locker has gone through has really been a learning experience and very helpful for him getting ready for what he will face next year in an NFL training camp.

-- Said he wanted to make sure UW battled and that he wanted teams to know they had played the Huskies and that he wants the team to take the next step in playing well at critical times of the game, late in the game and when they need to make a play. Said in the hearts of several players, he didn't think they had that in them last year, but he believes they do this year.

-- Said the goal is to win a championship.

-- Said that Shirley is 225 pounds and his speed will help him as well as his natural ability to rush the QB.

-- Said Middleton is no-longer enrolled in school at UW.

-- Said Pac 10 teams are committing to running the football and playing defense and that some of the programs are getting better, but that doesn't mean other programs (namely USC) is getting worse.

Talk about it: Here

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11:35 AM

Lorenzo Romar (K. Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Huskies to play Virginia in first round of Maui Invitational

MAUI, Hawaii -- The EA SPORTS Maui Invitational® today announced the official bracket for the 2010 edition of the nation's premier early-season college basketball tournament, and Washington will play Virginia in the first round on Monday, Nov. 22. The Huskies and Cavaliers will tip-off at 9:00 p.m. PT from Maui's oceanfront Lahaina Civic Center and the game will air live on ESPN2.

Here is the full press-release from Washington's official athletic site.

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10:10 AM

Jake Locker (K. Grinolds/Dawgman.com) Locker with Levy recap

On Wednesday, Jake Locker visited the KJR studios and co-hosted the last hour of Mitch Levy's show on 950-AM. We listened in and have provided a synopsis of what the two talked about in the blog.

They started with a karaoke version of Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. JL said it's the karaoke song he does with his Dad.

Said he just got back from vacation in Eastern Washington for a few days.

Mitch asked him if he liked the celebrity that comes with all this, and JL said he just likes playing football. Said he's gotten to experience some really cool things, but he knows you have to embrace the things that come with it - but that's not the reason why he plays the game.

Mitch asked him if he can go somewhere and be anonymous, and he said yeah. Said he turns the phone off when he's on vacation, but still a couple of people recognized him at the grocery store. He said when that happens, it's fun to know that you've got fan support.

Mitch asked him about his days in Ferndale, and JL said that it's different because he was born and raised there and it's only 8,000 people, so you know a ton of them. Nothing really changed growing up because he knew them all, so when he would go to the store, it wouldn't be all that strange.

Mitch said he's heard that JL is great at everything he does, so he asked if he's great at being a talk show host. JL politely defers. Mitch calls JL 'You Know Who', that's his nickname for Locker.

He asked him about his speed on the NCAA video game. Apparently Jeff Tuel is considered faster than JL on the video game. JL said it hurt a little 'It knocked my self esteem down a little'. Apparently it was a 72 out of 100, and a lot of QB's are over 72. Mitch said he could tell it's burning Jake a little, and JL agreed. Mitch laughed.

JL went on and said he played the game once, and he hasn't bought it and won't know if he will.

Mitch said they would take phone calls.

Mitch talked to JL about going pro, and he said he wouldn't have had the character to leave the money on the table, and praised JL's character. JL thanked him. Mitch also mentioned a charity for Children's Hospital, and JL talked about a lot of the players have gotten connected with Children's Hospital, and he said that one of the tough things was to see the families suffer financially while their children were being treated, so they wanted to do something to help alleviate that stress.

udubtouchdownsforkids.com (I couldn't find it), but they talked about how you could donate. I'm sure you can find it on gohuskies.com. You can donate per touchdown, or other ways. Mitch said he's glad JL didn't talk about donating per completion percentage. He said he had to get a dig in.

Mitch said that JL came in with just one piece of paper about the information for the charity and gave it to Mitch, so he said he could tell how much this means to him.

Mitch asked him about other things - like the M's. JL said they have good, young talent and they should be good in the next 3-4 years. He's been a M's fan his whole life, so that's where his allegiances lie, even though he signed with the Angels. Said he's got all the tapes of the '95 season.

Mitch asked about the Angels story, and JL said it was something they talked about before the contract, and he was upfront with everyone in baseball that football is his passion. This summer was really important to him and he was very upfront with them about that too. Apparently there was a miscommunication, but he said he told them how important this summer was for him and the football team.

Mitch asked about the Seahawks, but JL is a huge Favre fan. Mitch asks him to say something negative about Favre because of all the waffling, but Jake won't do it. He said that he likes Farve because he treats it for what it is - a game.

Mitch asked him if his dream is to play for the Packers, and JLsaid no. He's not going to be bummed getting drafted by anyone, but he'd like to get drafted by the Seahawks.

Then they took calls. Brian asked about getting drafted by the Hawks and JL said it would be an 'awesome scenario'. Mitch asked about playing for Pete Carroll, and he said that would be great. Mitch said JL already had a chance to play for Carroll once before (USC), and JL said he called him to tell him he wasn't going there and PC was 'competitive'. "He didn't like it."

Another caller - asked about Favre and what he should and the Vikings do. JL said the situation he has this year might be different because of the surgery. So how all that went might prove to be the difference. Said he played his best season of his career last year, and if he's able to he should come back out and play. For the Vikings, Favre is the one that puts you in a position to try and win the Super Bowl, so they should wait for him. If he decides to retire, send him off respectively.

Mitch said he's got a Brett Favre trivia question: name the receiver to catch the first ever completion from Favre. JL said it had to be for the Falcons. The answer is Brett Favre. JL didn't know it.

Brent in Kirkland - Said every one knows he's a great guy, and if he could email the guy he stiffarmed at ND, would he? JL said he dropped the ball on that one, hasn't apologized. JL also admitted that he's gotten a speeding ticket, and also a couple for not wearing a seatbelt.

John in Centralia - He's got a couple of kids in school and he wanted to know about JL's academics and his favorite classes. JL said that obviously being able to come back allows him to get his degree, and that was an important part of his decision. History major (all the good guys are). History of War was a favorite class. Got a 3.4 or 3.5 in that class out of a 4.0 scale. Mitch said it's better than getting a 72 out of 100.

Mitch asked some more about his decision to stay. Leaving a ton of money on the table because of the salary cap implications for next year. He shouldn't do that because of his family and his kids and so forth. JL said that he's been very fortunate to grow up in a great family. Money was one of the things that wasn't stressed as he was growing up. They lived comfortably, but they didn't have money to burn either. Both parents had jobs. He said that wherever football takes him, he knows he can work hard enough after football to be able to provide for his family. Said that he was leaning toward pro because of the money, but after talking to family and others close to him the decision became easy. He said he doesn't plan on just signing one big contract; he plans on playing for a long time.

Brad in Seattle - Thanked him for repping UW well, especially with all the USC stuff going on. He asked JL about the quote saying JL would have liked to play safety if he could do it all over again. Mitch dug into him again, saying he wouldn't have been fast enough, but JL said he would do the same thing if he had to do it again. Said it is nice to be hitting someone instead of getting hit, but he wouldn't change.

Mitch asked him for a highlight. JL said the run against UA last year was great, but also the second pass to Kearse to put the team in FG range against USC was also a big highlight for him.

Steve in Anaheim, CA - Echoed what everyone else said about JL being a great rep for the school. Asked about the UW defense. Who does JL think will step up? Can they help get the team to a bowl game? JL said that with Butler and DTN there last year they were big-play guys, but as a whole he thinks this year's team is better. They are going to rely more heavily on each other, instead of just a couple of veterans. They have experience and they have had a great off-season. He thinks they are going to be one of the strength's of this year's team.

Mitch talked to JL about a bowl game. Said that if they are talking in January and a bowl game didn't happen, what kind of a scar would that be on his UW legacy? What would that mean to him, going 0-4 in getting to bowl games? JL said he would be lying if it didn't mean anything. As a HS senior, it's one of the big reasons why he wanted to come to UW, because he knew about the tradition and he wanted to be a part of restoring that tradition. If it doesn't happen, it's by no means a failure for him personally because of the experience and the people that he's met along the way. But as far as meeting some of the personal goals he set for himself, it would be disappointing no doubt.

Mitch again pumped the charity. And then he implored JL to pump out a verse of his karaoke song, and JL wasn't biting. "I don't want to let my talent out just yet." Mitch kept plugging away, but Jake just wasn't having it. But JL wanted to plug the charity, even for people that aren't football fans to support the families and the kids. It's a fun way to give back to them and to give to the community. "More than supporting the Huskies, you are supporting the children."

Mitch finished it up by saying that as a host, you kind of get numb in talking to guys day-in and day-out, but he also said this to Jon Brockman, who he talked to earlier in the day: Keep doing things the right way. Said that despite being slow and not wanting to sing, JL does it the right way. Mitch said that he is absolutely going to get Jake to sing the next time he has him in-studio.

I did a quick look for the charity's website, but couldn't find it. Mitch did say it's going to be up on KJR's website, and I also believe it's on gohuskies.com too if you want more information.

Posted by Scott Eklund
9:30 AM

Tuesday Morning News Links

-- ESPN Pac 10 blogger Ted Miller has a tally of the returning starters for each Pac 10 team.

-- Dick Harmon, who writes for the Deseret News, focuses on the BYU offensive line and how they are "bigger and better" this year.

-- A website I hadn't heard of, Xtrapointfootball.com, had a decent Washington Preview today.

That's all for now. We will have some recruiting updates up a little later today, so check back...

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11:55 AM

Matthew Bryan-Amaning (K. Grinolds/Dawgman.com)

Bryan-Amaning named to Great Britain Eurobasket Team

LONDON, England -- Head Coach Chris Finch announced the final 12 players who would be on the Great Britain Senior Men's team as they head into their EuroBasket 2011 qualifying games which tip off Monday night, and Husky senior Matthew Bryan-Amaning was among those on the roster.

Here's the link to Washington's official website with the full story...

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8:40 AM

Brett Hundley

Saturday Podcasts

The Dawgman guys had arguably one of their best radio shows ever Saturday, as they were able to talk to three of the top uncommitted football prospects on the west coast for the class of 2011: Chandler (Ariz.) QB Brett Hundley; Sammamish (Wash.) Skyline WR Kasen Williams and Gig Harbor (Wash.) TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

To listen to their interviews with the guys from Dawgman.com - Scott Eklund, Chris Fetters and Kim Grinolds - click on the link below.

Dawgman.com archived audio page on KJRAM.com

Dawgman.com Top Stories