Pro testing day hits Montlake

The rain came down on the Washington seniors today but it wasn't enough to damper their enthusiasm, as they got their chance to test and show what they've got in front of over a dozen professional football scouts in Dempey Indoor Thursday morning. Paul Arnold's blistering 4.31 in his second attempt at the 40 was the definite highlight, followed by Braxton Cleman's 40.5-inch vertical jump.

Here are the seniors' marks, including some other former Huskies that attended in hopes their 40 times would turn a head or two. They worked out for scouts from the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins among many others. New Seahawk General Manager Bob Ferguson was also seen checking out the action.

John Anderson
Paul Arnold
Sam Blanche
Toure Butler
Braxton Cleman
Kai Ellis
Gerald Harris
Wilbur Hooks
Anthony Kelley
Ben Mahdavi
Patrick Reddick
Terry Tharps
Ken Walker
Kevin Ware
Jafar Williams
Matthias Wilson
Elliott Zajac

Long Jump = Standing Long Jump. Players jump from a standing position as far as they can.
Pro Agility = The cones are placed in an 'L' design, where the player runs five yards, comes back and touches the line, goes back out five yards, turns right 90 degrees, loops around another cone placed five yards out, then comes back around the cone without touching the ground and sprints past the first cone.
Short Shuttle = Otherwise known as the standard 20-yard shuttle test they run at NIKE camps. A player goes five yards, touches the ground with his right hand, goes 10 yards back, touches the ground with his left hand, and then sprints back 5 yards to the line.
Long Shuttle = This is a 60 yard shuttle. Cones are set 5, 10 and 15 yards out on a line. The player goes out five yards, touches the line, and comes back and touches the line. Then they do the same thing with the cones 10 and 15 yards out, sprinting to the line on the final 15 yards back to the original cone.

Scout's perspective: Rob Rang, from (, had these comments on the proceedings today. He singled five Huskies out. "I went to the shrine game this year and Kevin Ware was there and Ben Mahdavi was there, but the guy that stood out to me today was Paul Arnold. To run a 4.3, 4.4 - that will definitely help him out. I know he went to one of the all-star games this past season and that helped him out, but this was huge."

Kevin Ware will get drafted. I don't know if he's a third round pick, more like a fourth or fifth round kind of guy. But he's a talented guy. He can block. He's not as big as you would like to see, 6-2.5, but he's got some nice upside.

"Kai Ellis is a heck of an athlete. He'll get his chances as an undrafted free agent. He's got the talent. He can come off the edge and based on some of the drills here you can see he can change direction well and play some outside linebacker. But his knees...that's the reason he wasn't invited to the combine.

"Elliott Zajac? Well, it'll be interesting to see what he does. He'll need to make sure he gets 100 percent clearance medically. But he is what he is - a good, solid, run-blocking right guard kind of guy that probably won't get drafted but he could really surprise during a training camp.

"Ben Mahdavi helped himself today. A lot of the inside linebackers over the last couple of months have run poorly at their workouts, but he helped himself by running a low 4.6 today. He's not going to blow anybody away with his physicality and he's not going to be a first-day guy, but he could get drafted. I think he definitely has a chance."

Alumni meeting: Besides those former Huskies that ran (Sam Blanche, Toure Butler, Gerald Harris, Terry Tharps, Ken Walker and Matthias Wilson), Willie Hurst, Jerramy Stevens, Ja'Warren Hooker and Omare Lowe were also in the house today, seeing what was going on. Former UW coach Scott Linehan was there, as well as former strengh coach Bill Gillespie. Most of the current Husky staff was there, including Bobby Kennedy, Keith Gilbertson, Randy Hart, Cornell Jackson and Phil Snow. Top Stories