Player Quotes - BYU

Saturday night, the Huskies continued their futility on the road, coming up short against BYU in Lavelle Edwards Stadium 23-17. Read on to find out what the players had to say after another tough loss...

RB Chris Polk

On the loss: "It was a tough loss. No one wants lose. It felt like we had it, but we just shot ourselves in the foot. We knew what they were doing. They couldn't stop us on offense, we just stopped ourselves. That's something we have to work on and get better at in practice."

One being shut out in second half: "We didn't do what we were supposed to do, we just came out there and did our own thing. When we were doing what we were supposed to do, we were successful."

On his night and being a little inconsistent: "We just have to be more physical and know our reads and know where pressure is coming from. This is still week one and we have 12 more games on the schedule."

On not converting on third down: "I think they just wanted it more, honestly."

On being more successful as the season goes along: "We weren't ourselves most of the night tonight, but it'll get fixed. It's our first game and everyone has their little mess-ups and mishaps in the first game, but we'll get it fixed."

LB Cort Dennison

On being surprised by BYU tonight: "Their coaches do what they wanted to do and they obviously did a really good job and they got the win tonight. We weren't surprised, we knew they were going to throw a bunch of things we've never seen before and they did."

On this being more meaningful to him: "Obviously I wanted to get the win. Coming back home, I've had this game scheduled on my calendar for two years now and I had so many family and friends here, but I want to win everyplace I go. We can't dwell on it. The last thing we want to do is dwell on it because then things spiral down."

On not getting pressure on the QB: "I think they did a really good job with their protection schemes. It was really hard to get a read on the center and jump stuff because he was always moving his head and we couldn't get a key when he was going to snap the ball which is huge, getting that extra step is huge, so I just give a lot of credit to their offense."

On their mindset after this loss: "We're obviously really disappointed. We're all competitors, we want to win in anything we do, but we realize we can still win a Pac 10 Championship, we can still go to a big bowl game. It's just the first game, we've got 11 games left and you have to learn from your mistakes. Like (Steve Sarkisian) said in the locker room."

On the elevation and the weather: "I think the biggest thing of the elevation was – we weren't use to it. A lot of our mouths were really, really dry and we weren't used to that kind of a thing and they were running no-huddle on us which made it worse, but give a lot of credit to them, they did a great job and they prepared well."

On being the Same Old Huskies: "We're not the ‘Same Old Huskies'. Obviously we're all disappointed, but this group, I've never seen a group so determined. All of our heads were up in the locker room. We know we let a game get away from us, but we know there is plenty of season left and we can still do great things. We don't really care what the doubters say, we know what we're capable of."

On BYU being physical: "They're a very physical team. They're huge and when they hit you, you feel it. Their running backs do a good job of running hard and when Riley Nelson carried the ball he ran hard."

K Erik Folk

On hitting a career-long 53-yard field goal: "I wasn't worried about the distance really, I just went out and did what I know how and that's exactly what happened. It was a great snap and great hold and all I had to do was kick it."

On the mood of the team: "Definitely disappointed. We played with great intensity and we're just really disappointed we couldn't get the victory. If we had better play on special teams. We had a couple of plays there we have to be better on."

TE Chris Izbicki

On the fourth down play: "I was actually open and I probably would have been able to get the first down. It was unfortunate it got batted down, but that's the way football goes."

On getting the win and not playing well: "I feel like, obviously, as an offense, we didn't play as well as we could have. Some calls definitely didn't go our way, but that's football and we've got to fight through them and play better next time."

On not being able to score in the second-half: " We had a good gameplan coming into the second half, but give credit to their defense."

WR Jermaine Kearse

On his night: "I had a couple of drops which is not the usual for me. I felt like there was a lot of plays out there I could have made and didn't come down with. I put a lot of that on me."

On his touchdown: "We just had a four (verticals) called and Jake saw the mismatch with the linebacker and we just capitalized on it."

On the tripping call: "I guess they called it on me. I cut the dude and to keep him down I was rolling so I guess they called it tripping. I didn't even know what I did wrong."

On getting in sync: "We just couldn't find a consistent drive. We made a lot of mental mistakes and we couldn't capitalize on it." Top Stories