Locker Quotes - BYU

Considered a Heisman candidate heading into the season, Washington QB Jake Locker had an up-and-down evening in the Huskies' frustrating 23-17 loss. Here's what he had to say following the yet another road defeat and what he's focused on now...

On the last pass seeing the DT: "You don't usually worry about the defensive tackles."

On who he was trying to get the pass to: "Chris (Izbicki). I felt like he was open. I asked him and he felt the same way. I think we would have been able to convert on that."

On the first fourth down: "They covered it pretty well. It was a good call. They ran a great cross, so there were guys that were dropping out, so they were bringing pressure up the middle and we ran a play to try and get out on the edge, force them to either take me or Chris and they had two guys out there. It was just a good call and we weren't able to convert on it."

On it just being one game: "As a football team we played with good effort. We shot ourselves in the foot and made mistakes that were crucial in the game, I believe. We moved the ball in the second half and then we kind of stall out on a series and put ourselves in a difficult third-and-long at the end of that series. We just need to focus on sustaining drives, other than getting a couple of first down and think we've got it made. We got to continue to push at that point."

On field position: "That guy did a great job putting the ball tight to our end zone. It's always different. Your backed-up calls are going to be different than what you call in the middle of the field just because you're working so close to your goal-line. Whether you like it to or not I think it's definitely gonna because of the situation."

On running the ball: "We were able to be successful on a couple of plays, but I think they did a pretty good job for the most part. Our running backs were able to create a couple explosive plays though, and get into the secondary."

On the pass game: "I think there's things we need to clean up. We were in position to make plays, but missed throws, missed catches…just didn't maybe finish. We did really good getting to where we needed to, I felt good with where I went with the ball pretty much all day. But I missed a couple. We need to make plays when they present themselves. I was seeing the field really well and I felt really good in the pocket. We had some big plays in the passing game, some explosive plays and we were able to get the ball downfield and kind of change the field a couple of times for us. But again, when we had some big third downs, some big opportunities down the field, we didn't connect on them."

On this loss maybe being more disappointing than others: "It's never fun to lose. Now we have to understand like coach said - It's one game. One game doesn't define your season. We have a lot of things we can build off from this game, and we need to go back and look at the film and find what those things are."

On the field position battle taking its toll: "I felt like we were able to get out of there a couple of times pretty well, and for one reason or another we weren't able to sustain those drives. Sometimes we went three and out, but for the most part we were able to kind of get ourselves out of there pretty well. We just need to continue those drives and find ways to put points on the board."

On it feeling like the first game of the year: "As a football team our effort was pretty good, and when you're playing hard you can fix the other stuff. So we need to look at the film and see which areas we can improve in and fix those for next week."

On special teams: "I don't think you can ever point to one phase of the game, because I think…you talk to coach (Sarkisian), you talk to any defensive player, you talk to anyone on offense…we all left things out there on the field. It's not always going to be perfect. It's not always going to be on the 20-yard line going out or the 30-yard line going out…those are the drives that, when you're able to convert on them, win you football games. When we're able to take those and turn them into positives for our football team is when we're doing really good."

On the road woes: "It's a new season and we have one road loss, and we have a lot of road games ahead and that's how we need to approach it."

On their physicality: "We knew that coming in that they were going to be a physical football team, they always played very physical. We knew that's the kind of game we were going to get. I thought up front we did a pretty good job opening up holes for the running backs and creating lanes and in pass protection I thought they did a good job as well. I thought we did some really good things." Top Stories