Nick Holt Quotes - BYU

Husky defensive coordinator Nick Holt's defensive unit played well early, but faded down the stretch and gave up some big plays. Read on to find out his thoughts after another tough road loss...

On the TD to DiLuigi: "What happened is that the quarterback was able to stay in the pocket a little longer and we weren't able to do the pressure exactly correctly…one of the d-lineman came out of his rush lane and came back, ran into the pressure and the guy had a big ole window to throw the f-angle route . It was a really good play by BYU and we didn't execute our blitz. You hope it doesn't happen, but it happened right there and we'll learn from it."

On it reminding you of ASU last year: "No. It wasn't late in the game. It was in the third quarter. When you blitz, there's a tradeoff, and we were blitzing and they hit the right guy on the wrong blitz. We didn't blitz correctly."

On what gives him hope that this defense is improved: "There's some really good things out there. We hung in tough. We did some good things as far as some of the base calls and executing some things. There were some guys that were at positions that were new and didn't execute what we were supposed to do. We lost contain a couple of times on the edge when we brought some pressures, which was really apparent a couple of times and it really hurt us. We didn't have any sacks, and it's because we lost contain on a couple of rushes. But our kids really battled, got the ball back for the offense in the fourth quarter…so there's some positive things about it. We didn't have great field position the whole game until late, due to a lot of factors…lot of things we can clean up. Will Shamburger hasn't played in a game, and he's going to be a good football player. Victor Aiyewa was at a new position and we have to clean up some things with him. But we battled, battled, battled and shut them out in the fourth quarter. Obviously the first two series of the third quarter weren't good. With the up-tempo offense we got a little out of our comfort zone and didn't execute what we needed to do."

On going to Adam Long late: "They were rotating. We were trying to keep guys fresh, but we need to get Adam Long in the game because he's a starter. It was an opportunity for him to get in due to his rotation. I think he got in there before. He'll play more and he deserves to play more. But Quinton (Richardson) had a better fall camp, and that's why Quinton got the start. And he did some good things. The PI he got…it's just one of those deals where he didn't have to do that, the ball was clearly overthrown. It didn't hurt us, but it did hurt our field position. We didn't put Adam Long in because Quinton got the PI. We were rotating them anyway."

On having to blitz more than expected?: "No. We were trying…we lost contain a couple times that was disturbing, not what we're supposed to be doing. We were trying to be aggressive and trying to get the ball back for the offense and trying to cause some turnovers. The problem they pose is that they had the option, and that creates a whole different mindset when you're trying to pressure. You have to be good and sound and you have to know which quarterback was in the game and stuff like that. But we were trying to get after them like we do, and they did a nice job of picking up a couple of pressures and we didn't do a very good job sometimes using our hands getting off blocks, and a couple times we lost contains. And a couple times we got pressure and they had to get rid of the ball. Our third downs were excellent, I think. The first play of the second half, we were coming off the edge with a blitz and the defensive end gets cut off…just the little stuff that we have to clean up. Other than that, third-down defense was really good. But here's the bottom line - we didn't get any turnovers, didn't get any turnovers to help the offense. That was really it."

On Jake Heaps: "I really didn't notice him out there, quite honestly. I know he's No. 9 and he's just another player out there to me. Obviously when he was in the game you were thinking a little more pass, but in the second half they tried to run the ball and things like that. I didn't notice anything. I don't know if his stats are good. I didn't really pay attention to how well he played. He might have done good or bad, I didn't really pay attention to him. 13 (Riley Nelson) was more of a threat, in our opinion, because he could run."

On the physicality of BYU: "I think physically we matched up really good with them. The run game, their longest run was 19 yards on something we screwed up. I thought our guys played the run really well, considering we missed a couple tackles…our free safety missed a couple of tackles, Nate Fellner missed a couple tackles…overall, the run game was pretty solid."

On if it felt like a first game: "We can clean up so much. It was really some of the guys that hadn't played a lot that made some of the errors, so that was kind of normal. And we were out there a lot in the first half. I think we played 40-something snaps in the first half, had terrible field position. I thought in the first half we played pretty dang good…I thought the third quarter we had some mental lapses. But I liked our first half and I liked our fourth quarter."

On his half-time talk: "We said, hey, this is what we have to do…we need to change up with a couple of these new looks, which we got in, we got called…but we said we need to get turnovers, and we didn't. We didn't have any in the first half and didn't have any in the second half. And you have to remember, we had two PI's and a roughing the punter that continues drives. We had to go out there and stop 'em again. And we've got to clean that up." Top Stories