Sands On The Move

West Virginia's free safety, er make that bandit, um, or third down specialist has played many roles already this year.

Robert Sands moved back to his free safety position against Marshall, but that move was short-lived after he was hurt making a tackle on Martin Ward's 55-yard first quarter run. Sands suffered another stinger and a knee contusion on the play, and although he returned for a handful of snaps, was clearly hurting. Thereafter, he played on some of West Virginia's third down defensive sets at bandit.

Even for an experienced junior, those moves provide moments of confusion, and Sands has to concentrate in order to execute the assignments of the position he's playing. Add in the injuries hampering his natural ability, and it's a tough challenge.

In this interview, the Florida native discusses his play, Marshall's success with a couple of new looks, and play of quarterback Geno Smith in engineering the comeback.

Robert Sands Postgame

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