Love Drawing Interest From NFL Scouts

Graduating WVU defensive lineman Tim Love is getting interest from several NFL scouts.

Love, who participated in WVU's pro day, put up some very good numbers in garnering attention from scouts from Cleveland, Atlanta and Houston, among others.

The Ohio native ran a 4.87 40, recorded a 27-inch vertical jump, and ran the three cone and shuttle drills in 7.4 and 4.8 seconds, respectively.

Like several of his teammates, Love said there was not a lot that took him by surprise at the workouts.

"I was a little nervous going in, because I didn't know what to expect, but once I started doing the drills, everything was fine. There wasn't anything that took me by surprise.

"The scouts there don't give you a whole lot of feedback, though, so you're not really sure of what they are thinking."

Love did get some extra interest from the Browns, who asked him to demonstrate his long snapping abilities. Love was a long snapper in high school, and although he never snapped on the field at WVU, he kept in practice throughout his career at West Virginia.

That long snapping ability figures to be an advantage for Love, as a player who can fill that role while also playing a regular position can open up an roster spot for an NFL team.

"That is a big advantage for me," Love said of his snapping. "I'm going to use everything I have to try to get a shot, and I think I was doing what they were looking for in terms of time and positioning of the snaps."

Love's agent, Bryan Short, is also optimistic about Love's chances.

"He has some potential," said Short, whose firm manages more than 75 players in various pro leagues. "He had the best 40 time of any lineman at the pro day, and long snapping is definitely a plus for him. The Detriot Lions have requested game film on him as well."

Short notes that should the NFL not pan out this year, the Arena League (AFL) is a distinct possibility.

"The AFL is the wave right now. It's the easiest for NFL people to scout, and in fact some NFL teams own AFL franchises.

"NFL Europe is limited, because of the distance and the numbers of American players they can take, and Canada's game is so different that only a few positions really translate well to the NFL."

Love said he hasn't thought about whether or not he'd be interested in playing in the AFL, as he also has interest in a career in law enforcement.

"I'm just trying to focus on the NFL right now. But, if it doesn't work out, I've also been applying to a couple of different law enforcement agencies and academies. That's something I've always wanted to do ever since I can remember."

No matter which career the hard working Love eventually ends up with, there's no doubt that he will give it his maximum effort.

"There's a lot of dedication and hard work required for football, and the same is true for law enforcement," Love said as he compared the two. "Either way, I'll keep working at it."

Mountaineer fans who watched Love's relentless play on the field over his WVU career would be the first to attest to that.

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