Speed Trap

Stedman Bailey had a big touchdown catch to help West Virginia get back into Saturday's loss at LSU, but he saw one factor that set the Tigers apart from the Mountaineers' three previous foes.

Stedman Bailey, no slowpoke himself, identified LSU's team speed as the biggest factor in the Tigers' win. Noting that the comparison in speed between the Tigers and WVU's first three opponents "wasn't even close."

"They were coming from everywhere," Bailey said following the 20-14 setback.

Bailey credited West Virginia's composure in rallying from a 17-0 deficit to make it a ballgame.

"We've been in games where we've been down. We kept our composure and were able to make some plays," he noted

Bailey also discusses the LSU crowd, the defensive pressure and his desire to play another game as soon as possible in this postgame interview.

Stedman Bailey Interview

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