Smith In Command

The image of a quarterback as a field general is something that has faded over the past 10-15 years of college football, but Geno Smith is doing what he can to revive it.

Geno Smith has the freedom to change out of many plays that are called for him by the Mountaineer offensive staff, and while the specifics of that process remain protected, there's no doubt that the sophomore is taking command when he has the opportunity to do so. Smith has checked out of a number of plays this year, often with good results, as West Virginia has built a 5-1 record halfway through the season.

Of course, not every decision has been the right one, but Smith has learned from those mistakes. He also continues to work through the process of not worrying about making every call a perfect one, and understanding that not every play has to result in a score.

In this candid interview, Smith discusses the lessons he has learned in becoming a quarterback that can make those decisions on the field.

Geno Smith Interview

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