Numbers Not Noticed

WVU safety Robert Sands doesn't always notice when West Virginia is recording an impressive defensive performance, even one as dominating as the Mountaineers showed in its 17-10 win over Louisville.

One hundred seventy-one total yards. Two-for-13 on third down. Twenty-six yards rushing to the Big East's leading ground team. The numbers come from every direction, explaining the strength of the WVU defense. But they aren't necessarily apparent to the players on the field as they are being written to the stat book.

"I didn't even know the numbers, but they do impress me," Sands said with a laugh. "We know the talent that we have on our defense, but we don't want to get too excited and give up a big play."

Sands noted that West Virginia didn't really do anything different defensively, that it was simply good execution and being prepared for Louisville's many formations that were the keys to the win.

Robert Sands interview

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