The Closer

In West Virginia's "four-minute offense" Shawne Alston has become the closer -- the guy who carries the ball and grinds out the clock. He understands that role, but like any competitor, would love the chance to do more.

Alston, who is averaging 4.7 yards per carry this year, has gotten the call at the same stage, if not the same time, in the Cincinnati and Louisville games. His mission? Protect the ball, grind out first downs and run the clock down. Although he hasn't been able to record a drive-ending touchdown yet, he's done everything short of that, to the point that questions are raised as to whether or not the same sets might be used in other game situations.

Alston isn't one of those, however. He understands that different game situations call for different tactics, and he doesn't complain a bit about that. Certainly, he'd like to get the ball more, but he knows that WVU has other players that need to get it as well.

In this interview, Alston discusses that topic, and also speaks about the likelihood that opposing defenses might know what's coming when he gets on the field in those late-game situations.

Shawne Alston Interview

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