Small Steps

Deniz Kilicli is fighting to do what head coach Bob Huggins wants, and he admits the process is frustrating at times.

Kilicli showed some improvement against American, passing the ball out of the post and making better decisions in some areas, but struggling in others. After scoring four points and grabbing two rebounds in ten minutes of action, he admits he has a long way to go.

Huggins isn't unhappy with Kilicli's effort, but he agrees with the assessment. He noted that his big post player is confused and lost at times, and that he has to work at taking the ball to the basket and playing better defense if he wants to increase his time on the floor.

In this interview, Kilicli discusses his progress so far, describes the challenges still facing him, and offers an opinion on how long it might take him to get to the level that Casey Mitchell, who similarly struggled last year, has now reached.

Deniz Kilicli Interview

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