Simple Solution

West Virginia's basketball offensive woes, and more precisely, the solution to them, aren't a mystery, according to point guard Joe Mazzulla.

Nowhere has the problem and solution been illustrated so graphically than in the first and second halves of West Virginia's 82-49 win over Robert Morris. In the first, WVU held the blal too long between passes, failed to reverse the ball to create passing lanes, and in the words of head coach Bob Huggins, were "just so stagnant". That play led to just 32 first half points, and only a four-point lead over the visiting Colonials.

In the second half, though, things turned around. Sparked, perhaps, by a bench-emptying five-in, five-out substitution just 24 seconds in, WVU began running its offense much mroe efficiently. The ball was reversed around the perimenter, creating angles to get the ball inside, and when it went there the Mountaineers usually finished. The result? Fifty second half points, 14 points for Deniz Kilicli and a double-double for John Flowers, and a runaway win.

In this interview, Mazzulla describes the difference between the halves, and explains how reversing the ball and moving it on the outside allowed the West Virginia offense to flourish. Joe Mazzulla

Joe Mazzulla Interview

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