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WVU wide receiver Bradley Starks acknowledges that West Virginia has practiced a bit less in preparation for Tuesday's Champs Sports Bowl, but he believes the intensity of the work put in, combined with strategic rests, will have the Mountaineers ready for the game.

Starks noted that WVU practiced hard, and out of the spotlight, for good stretches of its time at home before departing for Orlando.

"We worked so hard through last week getting ready to come down here, so the coaches gave us a couple of days off to get our legs back," the Virginia native noted. "Last year, we went 18 strong [practice periods] every day. This year our legs are well-rested , and we're coming in focused."

In this interview, Starks describes the team's outings in Orlando, and describes what he sees from N.C. State's defense on video.

Bradley Starks Interview

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