Close To The Heart

WVU senior J.T. Thomas has first hand experience with children that need a little extra help and attention, so events such as Sunday's trip to Disney Quest with local youth from the Orlando area hold special meaning for him.

J.T. Thomas' brother, Jared, has autism, which requires some extra care on the part of his family, J.T. knows the challenges that presents, and as a result he has always been willing and able to take any chance to help children.

On Sunday, Thomas and many of his teammates met Orlando-area children for some play and recreation time at Disney Quest, and while it might just be viewed as a "feel-good" opportunity to some, it's clear that Thomas knows it's so much more.

In this interview, the senior linebacker discusses the meaning of events such as this one, his work for other organizations that support work with children, and the ways in which he is able to connect with the children he comes in contact with.

J.T. Thomas Interview

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