Limit of Preparation

Even for workaholics like WVU defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel, there comes a time when preparation work for a game comes to an end.

Casteel is as thorough as any coach in the country in terms of examining options, studying opponents and devising tactics to combat them, but even he admits when "the hay is in the barn".

Casteel, speaking as West Virginia went through its final day of practice for the Champs Sports Bowl, likes to have the extra prep time that a bowl game allows, but also notes that a team can get stale by going over the same ground too many times. To that end, he and his defensive staff held back a couple of items to work on exclusively in Florida, both to keep interest and concentration high and to avoid the possibility of burnout.

In this interview, Casteel discusses those topics, and also breaks down the challenges his defense will face from the North Carolina State offense.

Jeff Casteel Interview

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