Wednesday Practice Report

WVU passed the halfway mark of the spring with their eighth practice on the AstroPlay surface at Mountaineer Field.

The nature of spring practice, with its on again off again practice schedule, makes it difficult for the team to get in any sort of groove. Add in the fact that some practices are full contact while others are not only adds to the inconsistency.

After coming up with a better level of effort in Tuesday's full contact drills, the team was back in just helmets for Wednesday's work.

Without pads, the concentration during the day's practice was on skeleton drills and team work against air, where the offense and defense split up and runs through plays and sets with no opposition.

The defense, which has been working this spring on improving their pass rush and ability to defend the play action pass, has been working on new blitz packages and different pass rush schemes to get more pressure on the quarterback. The first step toward getting those packages on the field is to run through them without opposition, get them on film, and evaluate how well the players are able to learn and execute the modifications to the scheme.

Offensively, the light day again allowed work on the passing game. The offense worked on all phases of throwing in both skeleton and no-opposition work.

The injury situation improved slightly, as Leandre Washington returned to the field to work with the defense. Washington wore a green shirt, which means limited contact, but with no pads and no contact the rule of the day, he put in a full session. Washington had his left arm in a sling on previous days to protect an injured shoulder, so his return to the field is an encouraging sign.

Aaron Neal, John Scott, Jeff Berk and Travis Garrett were in red shirts and again did not practice. Berk could return sometime next week, while Garrett's prognosis is unknown until his arthroscopic surgery on Friday.

Special teams again got a workout, with the punt team at center stage. Todd James was very consistent, while Eric Daugherty had an up and down day. Daugherty did get off a couple of booming kicks that highlighted his potential.

The offensive line continued to see some changes, as Justin Williams, Jeremy Hines and Ben Timmons have all gotten looks at center over the past week. While the top eight or nine players on the offensive line are pretty easy to identify, their final positions, and where they might fit in, are still a mystery.

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