Making the Grade

WVU head coach Bob Huggins doesn't hold back in telling his team where it stands in terms of RPI, strength of schedule and NCAA selection possibilities.

Bob Huggins, who is a master of understanding what goes into the NCAA selection process, shares that information regularly with his team.

"I don't want someone coming back and saying, 'I wish I had known that', he said when explaining why he tells his team exactly where it is and what it needs to do to reach its goals. Chief among those are earning at least a first-round bye in the Big East tournament and an NCAA seeding that doesn't put his team up against a very high seed early on.

In this interview, Huggins discusses those thoughts, and points out that despite a two-game losing skid, his team is o.k. in terms of those goals -- provided that it can win some games from here on out. And even with strength of schedule and RPI rankings looming large, he quickly identifies one simple target for his squad.

"If you win ten games in this league, you're going to get in."

Bob Huggins Interview

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