The Late Show

If West Virginia's men's basketball team is to make another run in the Big East basketball tournament, it will do so in the waning hours of each day.

As the number six seed in the tournament, West Virginia will play at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday night, and if it wins, would play at the same time on each succeeding day of the bracket. While that will certainly put the Mountaineers squarely in the national spotlight, it also means some late bedtimes and challenges to adjust body clocks and get enough rest during the most grueling four days of the season.

The 9:00 p.m. tip times aren't grounded in reality, however. The fact is that most Big East tournament games scheduled to start at that time don't start until 9:30 or so, owing to the fact that a 7:00 p.m game precedes every 9:00 p.m. start, except the championship game on Saturday. Given even a normal two-hour average for a game, a standard half-hour's warm-up time for the late game pushes the actual start times back. Add in post-game interviews, and teams in the late show aren't making it back to their hotels until after midnight.

On Wednesday, West Virginia will face the winner of #11 Marquette and #14 Providence. If the Mountaineers can advance their, they would face a rubber game against Louisville, which they just defeated on Saturday.

Big East Tournament Bracket

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