Just a month ago, Madison Square Garden was the scene of the most prestigious canine show in America. This week, a different sort of dogfight will take place under the theater-style lights of the World's Most Famous Arena.

Last month, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held center stage under the theater style lights of the Garden. This month, it's the Big East Tournament, which, despite the absence of fangs and claws, will be a knockdown, drag-out affair, and nobody knows that better than the West Virginia player most familiar with close quarter battles.

"We might have one or two teams in our conference this year where if you looked at their schedule people might have said 'this is a win'," senior Cam Thoroughman said. "Other than that, you know that night in and night out when you go in and play somebody you're going to have a dogfight."

In this interview, Thoroughman discusses the strength of the league, the ability of any team to win on any given night, and the difficulty of winning the league title.

Cam Thoroughman Interview

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