Squared Away

Senior John Flowers was so intent on his celebration dance that he didn't realize the Mountaineers will have to wait until Tuesday night to find out who they will face in the NCAA tournament on Thursday.

Flowers, who broke out a brief robot dance when West Virginia came up right off the bat in the selection announcements, didn't pick up on the fact that UAB and Clemson will play each other to see who advances to Tampa for a second round match-up with WVU. However, once he got that straight, he wasn't too concerned about any advantages for the winner.

"We just have to go to practice and work on our defense and making shots. It's not so much other teams, but more about what we do," he said. "It could be [an advantage], they could get some momentum with a win. It might or might not. We'll just do what we do."

In this interview, Flowers also commented on a potential third round game with Kentucky and his thoughts on the do-or-die nature of the NCAA tournament, where West Virginia's next loss will mark the end of his college career.

John Flowers Interview

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