Rising Florida Senior Getting Increased Attention

Alexander "Sasha" Kaun had his breakout performance last week at the Boo Williams Invitational. Now, schools are calling his AAU and high school coach to get the story.

Few players across the nation are hotter right now that Alexander Kaun of the Florida Air Academy and Team Florida. After last weekend's Boo Williams blowup, Kaun is getting hit from all angles.

Since returning from Florida, Kaun's AAU coach has heard from West Virginia, Purdue, Florida State and Illinois. "So many people have been calling that I haven't been able to call anybody since I'm in class most of the day," Tom Topping, Team Florida coach, said on Tuesday.

So, just how do you explain Kaun's sudden emergence?

"He just hasn't gotten a whole lot of exposure," Topping said. "He played with Coast To Coast with their 16 and unders last season. Then he just played in some local AAUs. Typically, Florida Air only plays in a few pre-Christmas tournaments.

"He's hasn't played a full season of AAU and he wasn't this good last year. I credit all that to Aubin Goporo, his coach. He's really worked well with him. He's gotten better and better really since the end of the basketball season."

Some schools saw him during the season but weren't overly impressed with his 12-point a game scoring average. However, Goporo said Kaun's numbers this season will pale in comparison to last via a different combination of players and the emergence of the big fella who seems ready to dominate.

One school got in early and worked Kaun. Now, they'll have a leg up in the fight. "I would say that Georgetown is probably in the lead," Topping said. "They've been in there the longest. I know there's somehow a Georgetown connection there. They've been in to see him. Craig Esherick was at a game."

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