Big Defense

West Virginia assistant coach Erik Martin believes the key to slowing Clemson's big men isn't limited to just one tactic.

Erik Martin, who coaches West Virginia's bigs and is charged with working on interior defensive strategies, watched Clemson dominate in the paint in their first round NCAA win against UAB. He knows his players will have to do a better job of containing the Tigersin the lane and close to the rim, but he doesn't think just one item will turn the trick.

"In games like this, you sometimes have to go by the flow," Martin said. "Our philosophy is to front the post at all times, but sometimes you are ging to end up behind. So when you do, just make sure you make it tough for them to score."

In this interview, Martin discusses what the Mountaineers must do in order to slow Clemson's attack inside, and how the Mountaineers prepared for the Tigers.

Erik Martin Interview

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