Leader Emerging

Spring practice is a time for younger players to get better acquainted with their responsibilities on a football team. But it's also when older players start to get comfortable leading their less-experienced teammates, something WVU cornerbacks coach David Lockwood said is happening at the position he directs.

The leader at cornerback will be Keith Tandy. That mantle has fallen to Tandy almost by default, as Brandon Hogan is gone after finishing his eligibility last season.

But Tandy is embracing the chance to mentor younger players at that position, like Ishmael Banks and Avery Williams.

"He'll take a rep on the outside, jump out, take a rep on the inside, then you look around and he's coaching one of the guys," Lockwood said of Tandy. "He does it all, which is great."

"It's almost like having another coach out there helping you out."

Lockwood expounded upon the senior-to-be's leadership traits and the challenges (and benefits) of facing West Virginia's new uptempo offense every day in practice during this interview.

David Lockwood Interview

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