Big East Offer For Wideout

West Virginia has offered a rangy wide receiver that it believes fits well in its wide open offensive attack.

Delray Beach, Fla., native Devonte Robinson is the star football attraction at Village Academy, a community school that opened its doors to elementary grade levels in 2000. Over the past few years, it has expanded its classroom offerings to include grades K-12, and now features several varsity sports, including football.

Robinson, who decided to attend the academy when it expanded its educational levels and started a football program, caught 23 passes for 695 yards and added another 200-plus yards as a junior while accounting for 12 touchdowns. He believes that the opportunity to play with a growing program has helped him develop as a player.

"I think getting in with the coaches here really has helped me a lot," he told "I've been able to work with the coaches here to help me develop my skills."

Those talents are many, as Robinson combines excellent speed (4.4) with a technician's approach to the game.

"My route running and hands are two of my best attributes," he said of the abilities that help him excel at receiver. "I'm a good blocker on the edge, too. We run the spread, and we usually have two different routes we can run on each play when it's called, so I can read the defense and choose the best one to run."

Such abilities are key in West Virginia's offense, where reads at the line are vital for both quarterback and receiver. If they each make the correct read, an opening usually results. That's what Robinson sees, and it's how he envisions himself fitting into an offense.

"I just started talking with Coach Gillespie at West Virginia a couple of weeks ago, and he's told me about the offense and talked about some of the players that he has had in it," Robinson said. "I think I would be a good fit there."

In addition to the offer from WVU, Robinson also has offers from Western Michigan, Bowling Green, Memphis, SMU and Western Kentucky. He was pleased with the offer from the Mountaineers, but is planning to take his official visits and check out as many schools as he can before making a decision. He has some prior knowledge of West Virginia, having watched the exploits of Noel Devine and Tavon Austin over the past couple of years, but wants to learn more before he makes his call. He will likely participate in several 7-on-7 events in Florida this summer, but could make some of those college visits as well before his senior season begins. He also said he "wants to take all of his visits" before making a decision.

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