Jenkins Out Minimum of 6-8 Weeks

When Josh Jenkins fell to the ground after being rolled up from behind in the second half of the Gold - Blue game, the distress from teammates and fans alike was palpable.

Josh Jenkins, who was clearly in pain and also distraught with the prospect of a major injury, left the field on a cart with emotions on display. Teammates gathered around him to offer support, but clearly, they were expecting some bad news. Two days later, the results of an MRI didn't show the worst of all possible outcomes, but there are still hurdles to be overcome before Jenkins can return to action.

A prepared statement from WVU football athletic trainer Dave Kerns indicated that there are no tears in the major ligaments of the knee, but that surgery to repair the damage still could be required in the future.

Jenkins' MRI showed an MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) sprain and a Medial Retinaculum strain. The Medial Retinaculum holds the patella (kneecap) medially so will not dislocate or sublux-jump laterally.

The injured knee needs braced and will require therapy for 6-8 weeks to allow the MCL to heal. At that point, the WVU medical staff will then decide if the patella is stable enough or if surgery is needed.

So, while Jenkins did not suffer an injury that will require immediate surgery, or a tear of the and of the major ligaments in the knee, he's clearly not out of the woods yet. The initial rehab and therapy will keep him out of any serious workouts for May and June, and that could be just the first stage of the process. Surgery at that point would obviously keep him out of further action, but no timetable was provided for recovery if a surgical procedure is required.

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