Final High School Hurdles

Andrew Buie has been concentrating on achieving a qualifying test score and working out in preparation for his college career at West Virginia.

"I'm waiting for my test results now," said Buie, who took the SATs recently. "I'm not sure when the scores will be back, but the last time I took it I was 20 points away, so I think I can get that."

Buie isn't relying on just that one chance, however. He will also take the ACT on June 4, and he was very close to achieving the level he needed there to go with his current grade point average.

"I was just one point away [on the ACT] so I will try again for that on June 4. Either, way, I think I can get it," he said.

While Buie has worked on qualifying, he has also been working out in preparation for college. He didn't play any sports this spring, and instead chose to concentrate on his exercise program.

"I've tried to pick up the intensity of my workouts," he said of his recent activity. "I don't think the workouts I've been following are any tougher than what we did in high school, though. Our coaches here played in college, so they were really intense. I've been going through them with my cousin and my little brother, who is 14 and playing football too."

As soon as Buie receives a test score that gives him an NCAA qualifying standard, he plans to enroll at West Virginia. The date for that, of course, depends on when he gets the good news he is looking for from his test results.

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