National Ranking

Connor Kornbrath put up impressive numbers at a recent combine, earning national rankings in the process.

Connor Kornbrath made a trip to New Jersey recently for the Kohl's National Showcase Eastern Camp and his performance there put him on the map with those running the event. After putting up a respectable showing with placekicking in the morning, he won the punt and kickoff showdowns in the afternoon, earning him a national #10 ranking from that organization as a punter.

Kornbrath checked in at six feet, six inches and 208 pounds at the event. He left with a 4.5 star rating as a kicker and a top-rated five star evaluation as a punter.

At Showcase Eastern Camp, he had one kickoff that hung up for an impressive 4.1 seconds, and also consistently hit punts with hang times in the high four second range.

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