Road To Recovery

When 2011 West Virginia University basketball signee Pat Forsythe suffered a season-ending injury during his state high school playoffs, he admitted that the news hit him hard.

"When I first went to the doctor, he said there wasn't a break," said Forsythe, who was leading his Brunswick squad on a march through the sectionals when the problem with his right ankle struck. "Then I had an MRI, and it showed a break, and they told me I was out for the season. That was a heartbreaking moment, because I knew I wouldn't be able to help my teammates anymore, and I knew it was all over for me. It was tough to deal with."

The premature end of his stellar senior season, in which he was averaging 22 points, 12 rebounds and six blocked shots per game, certainly weighed on his mind for a while, but when it came time to rehab his injury, he was able to put the disappointment aside and concentrate on getting ready for the next phase of his basketball career.

"I did a lot of strengthening work and rehab exercises, and it's 100% now," Forsythe said of his ankle. "I've been doing a lot of agility work and playing in open gym. I want to improve my quickness, and I want to extend my shooting range. This year it was about 15 feet, but I want to extend it to 20."

Forsythe's workout regimen has been an all-encompassing one since his return to unrestricted action. He's also changed his diet and weightlifting plans, and he is seeing tangible results.

"I've been eating more protein, and lots of chicken, rice and things like that," he detailed. "I've been lifting, and working with my high school coaches. They all played college ball, so they know what it will take to get me ready. I'm up to 230 pounds now, and my goal is to get to 245 by the time the season starts. I think I can reach that. I'm lifting and working every day."

Forsythe, who now stands nearly six feet, 11 inches, is also careful to balance his training work with on-court drills so that he doesn't lose his touch with the ball.

"If I weren't shooting every day, I might see a difference in my shot as my body changes," he explained. "But I'm shooting all the time, so that's not a problem."

Along with all of the other freshmen, Forsythe plans to report to West Virginia on June 25 to being his college career. Incoming freshmen are eligible to go on WVU's basketball exhibition trip to Italy in August, but they must complete at least three credit hours in order to do so. Forsythe, along with all of his fellow newcomers, plans to do just that.

"It was a nice added bonus to have the Italy trip there when I was being recruited. But it was the environment, the fans and the players and teammates that really were the reasons I chose West Virginia."

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