Busy Schedule Awaits Nimmo After Draft

Lance Nimmo didn't get to hear his name announced from the podium, but that didn't lessen the excitement for him or his family after he was picked by the reigning Super Bowl champs.

"My family is really excited," Nimmo told BlueGoldNews.com on Sunday after being selected by Tampa Bay in the fourth round. "I'm happy, but I'm not surprised that Tampa Bay picked me. I got along well with their offensive line coach when he came up to work me out."

That coach, Bill Muir, was pleased with the teaching that Nimmo had received at West Virginia. He, along with other NFL scouts, were impressed with Nimmo's technical skills as well as with his ability to diagnose defensive fronts and apply blocking schemes. Muir is a 25 year veteran of the NFL.

Nimmo believes that Muir is similar to WVU offensive line coach Rick Trickett, so the transition to a new enivronment might not be a great shock.

"Just from my personal workout and from what I've heard about him, I was coached by Rick Trickett who was a very intense, on-the-field coach," Nimmo told Buccaneers.com. "He seems like he would be just that. Where some people get intimidated by a coach yelling at you, I think that's what football is all about."

Nimmo also got a good deal of attention from Cleveland, Chicago and Miami, and expected either the first two or Tampa Bay to make him a selection.

"I was pretty sure I was going to go by the end of the fourth round," Nimmo said. Almost everyone I talked to told me I would be gone by then."

Head coach Jon Gruden talked to Nimmo before he was selected, and Nimmo said that the coach's "warrior mentality" really came through during their talk.

Nimmo's next step is a Thursday trip to Tampa Bay, where he will begin working in the Buccaneers' minicamp. He'll have some company, as the Bucs also drafted Northwestern center Austin King and Notre Dame guard Sean Mahan.

"They'll probably start me on the outside," Nimmo said of his first days with Tampa Bay. After that, I don't really know what to expect."

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