Camp Itinerary

Parkersburg's John Weber is in the midst of a busy summer that includes stops at a number of football camps, including West Virginia's.

John Weber, a two-way lineman, has already camped at Ohio State (by invitation), and he completed the next leg of his journey with a trip to WVU's one-day camp on Saturday, June 18.

"It was a really good camp. I got a lot out of it," the rising senior said. "All of the coaches helped with my technique and fundamentals, and I learned a lot of good things that I can use this year. They really helped me refine my game."

Weber will play both offensive and defensive line for Parkersburg High School this fall, but participated as a defensive lineman during the day's drills. He therefore spent a good bit of time under the stern gaze of Bill Kirelawich, who works his campers with the same gusto as he does his college players.

"He's very knowledgeable, and I have a lot of respect for him," Weber said of the veteran coach. "I think he's one of the best in the country. I don't have any problem with coaches challenging me -- I guess you could say I respond to that style."

Weber performed well during the day's drills, and said that he talked with the Mountaineer staff at the conclusion of the camp.

"They told me they were pleased with my effort, and that they would be watching me during my senior year."

Weber doesn't have any firm scholarship offers yet, but a number of schools have shown serious interest. In addition to the Ohio State camp call, he also has gotten calls and visits from several Ivy League schools and Cornell. Bowling Green has also been in play, and he's scheduled to make trips to camps at Penn State and Notre Dame before turning his attention to his senior season.

With those schools watching, Weber said he will likely feel a little pressure to perform this year, what with potential scholarships on the line. However, he is taking a philosophical approach to the process.

"I know they will be there, but I can't let that affect the way I play," he said. "I will do the best I can, and hope that it is good enough."

As he works through camps and prepares for a senior season that he believes could result in a run at a state title, Weber hopes to incorporate the lessons he has learned from camps to become more consistent.

"I want to be more dominant," he said. "I had plays last year where I was really good, but not enough of them. I want to be better all the time, and be more consistent."

Weber actually acquitted himself quite well last year, facing players such as George Washington's Cody Clay, who will be a freshman at WVU this fall. He hopes to continue to build on those performances to impress the schools that will be tracking his progress this fall.


  • The Ivy League interest in Weber comes from both the athletic and academic sides of the equation. An excellent student, Weber figures to have several academic options if the athletic side doesn't pan out as he hopes.

    "My parents have always instilled academics," he explained. "They come before athletics and before anything else."

  • Standing six feet, two inches and weighing 250 pounds, Weber would likely be a defensive lineman at the Division I level.

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