Jenkins Sidelined For Season

In a prepared statement, WVU football head trainer Dave Kerns detailed the circumstances that led offensive lineman Josh Jenkins to undergo another surgery on his injured knee -- a surgery that will keep Jenkins out of action for the entire 2011 season.

"After waiting and rehabbing Jenkins' left knee injury from the spring game, April 29, it became apparent that the patellar stability -- kneecap -- was not enough to play football at his level of ability effectively," Kerns said in the statement.

"The MCL -- Medial Collateral Ligament -- injury healed nicely, but there still remained concern. Therefore, Jenkins underwent successful surgery, Tuesday, July 5, by Dr. Bal at Ruby Hospital, to tighten the medial [big toe side] patellar retinaculum to help better track the patella for its normal function."

Kerns went on to say Jenkins would be in a brace for six weeks, then would begin a slow and steady process of rebuilding strength in the knee.

"At the appropriate time, he will begin the back-to-run/play-progression, which all totaled will be 6 months from surgery until fully healed and strong enough to play [football].

Kerns expects Jenkins to be able to participate fully in WVU's winter workouts during the next offseason and in the 2012 spring practice period.

A Parkersburg native, Jenkins is expected to qualify for a medical hardship waiver from the NCAA and will be able to return for his senior season in 2012.

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