Brown On The Rise

On a strong Ohio Basketball Club 16 and under team, Elijah Brown quickly draws notice from onlookers with his strong floor game.

Elijah Brown is easily one of the most active players on the floor for OBC. He uses a strong body to drive to the basket with aggressive abandon, and he pushes the ball up the court in transition with a strong sense of purpose. He doesn't ignore scoring chances when they present himself, but makes sure to keep everyone involved in the game – a skill that can be in short supply on the AAU circuit. Teaming with fellow standouts Devin Williams and Tony Farmer (the latter did not play in the West Virginia Jam Fest, which was Brown's most recent outing), he ensures that the ball moves to everyone on the floor.

Defensively, Brown plays with excellent intensity. With OBC employing a fullcourt trap in a 3-1-1 look, he crowded opposing ballhandlers and set traps at every opportunity, and hustled back when the ball did get past pressure. He also showed good man-to-man defensive skills, and worked hard to apply pressure to his opponent in the halfcourt.

Brown and OBC got off to a strong start in the Jam Fest, winning their first two games by blowout then fending off a strong challenge in the first round of bracket play to notch a win. Brown was pleased with his team's effort, especially its ability to rally after trailing by as many as 11 points in the first half.

Brown's ability has drawn several offers so far, and he's hoping to get even more from high level Division I schools that are offering him.

"I have several offers from mid majors," he told "The biggest right now are probably James Madison and St. Mary's from California. I have several high major schools looking at me right now. West Virginia, Texas and Virginia Tech are some of the ones that are talking to me right now."

Brown has developed well since he first started receiving attention as a rising sophomore last year, and he believes a strong summer finish and a good junior year will result in the offers he is working for.

"If I can finish up the summer the right way I think I can get offers on that level," he said with confidence. "West Virginia wants to get me here on a visit – they want me to come to a football or a basketball game. Coach Huggins has been to my past two tournaments, and I am interested in West Virginia."

Brown approaches challenges on the court with a straightforward, aggressive approach, and he displays the same manner in assessing his skills. While he has developed more strength in his body, he wants to complement that with more technical improvement.

"I need to work on my ball handling," he said. "It has improved, but it needs to improve more, especially if I am going to play the point guard position. I want to be able to handle the ball better than I do right now. I try to work on that here at the tournaments. I don't want to do anything out of the ordinary or crazy, though. I do what I am comfortable with. I just try to play with the ball in my hands more, and get comfortable with that, and make the right decisions and get the ball where it needs to be."

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