Mattters of Position

Among the players making a longer than normal trip for a summer camp session is Chicago's Dae'Shaun Hurley, who remains very open in both his college choice and his position when he gets there.

Dae'Shaun Hurley, who starred at Morgan Park High School in the Windy City, has transferred to Julian for his upcoming senior season, and he's adding more duties to go along with the move. Primarily a quarterback prior to this year, Hurley told that he will play defensive back and also add in a little wide receiver for his senior season. It's all designed to maximize his list of offers, which currently stands at three, including Illinois, Northern Illinois and Ball State.

"I'm not set on any one position," the well-spoken Midwesterner said. "I'll play wherever coaches think I can play. I've played mostly quarterback, and some schools have said they want to see me play defensive back to see what I can do there."

Hurley plans to do just that on a visit to West Virginia's final summer camp this weekend.

"I'm going to work out with the cornerbacks, and I think that going to camps and working at different positions will ultimately help me," he said. "I've been to camps at northwestern Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Illinois State and Ball State this summer."

West Virginia and Iowa are two additional schools that are very interested in Hurley, who as the athleticism to play multiple positions on the field. While WVU has not offered a scholarship yet, one could be forthcoming if Hurley has a good camp. He knows he'll also have to back that up with good play early in his senior year, and he is determined to do just that.

The trip to WVU's campus will be a first for Hurley, but it won't be his first visit to the Mountain State.

"I have uncles that live there and in Virginia, so that sort of always kept my interest in West Virginia," he said. "It's nice that it has worked out that they are interested in me and that I have family there. I'm going to stay with them for a couple of days and then go to the camp on Saturday. I don't have a top five or anything like that, but West Virginia is right up there at the top."

Hurley has a list of items that he wants to check off for each campus visit, and he'll be looking to do the same on his WVU trip.

"I want to learn the environment and look at the campus as if I wasn't playing football," he said of his outlook. "If I wasn't, would I still be happy there? Then I want to get to know the coaches and the players there. I want to see what kind of feeling I get from talking with them and being around them."

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