Deitz Working For More

Logan Dietz was quite surprised to receive an offer after a June visit to West Virginia's football camp, but the still growing offensive lineman is being patient with the recruiting process.

"West Virginia offered me a couple of days after I went down to camp. I guess they liked what they saw of me," Logan Dietz said as he provided a late summer update on his recruiting situation. "I was surprised to get the offer, but I think they liked the fact that I am very athletic for my size. I didn't feel like I did as well in one-on-ones there as I did at some other summer camps, but I must have done well enough. I went to camps at Pitt, Michigan State, Northwestern and Richmond this summer too, and I think I did pretty well."

While pads aren't allowed at camps, there are still some physical confrontations between linemen, especially in those one-on-ones where the offensive and defensive trenchmen go at each other in drills. That work, according to Dietz, is key.

"It's just like in a game, you have to keep your shoulders back and have good balance," he said. "If you get caught leaning, you are going to get beat. It's also important to have a strong base, and be steady with good leg strength."

Dietz currently tips the markers at six feet, six inches and 265 pounds, but believes he has the frame to add 20 pounds by the time his freshman year in college wraps up. He plans to play his senior year of high school at Pittsburgh Central Catholic at his current weight, which is more than last year. He wants to show recruiters that he is still able to play with the mobility and quickness he displayed a year ago, despite his growing body.

"I think I have a big frame, so I know I can put on more weight," he said. "In two years, I expect to be much bigger. I do expect to be redshirted my first year, but during that time I expect to put on 20 pounds or so and be ready for the next year."

West Virginia is Dietz's highest profile offer to date, as he also holds tenders from Akron, Old Dominion, Toledo and Bowling Green. He is expecting more offers from BCS-level schools, including one from another summer camp destination.

"Michigan State said they were impressed with me, and that if I did well in early games they would be offering. West Virginia is right up there too. I'm going to get film together of my first few games and get that out, so I would like to wait a while to see if there are any other offers that come in."

Dietz counts academics, proximity to his home in Pittsburgh and the chance of early playing time as some of the key factors he is looking at during the recruiting process.

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