West Virginia assistant football coach Daron Roberts is at the center of an extensive overhaul of its special teams during fall football camp.

Following several years of up and down special teams play, West Virginia is revamping some of the schemes of these all-important units. Roberts, who oversees the kickoff and punt return units, is taking a step-by-step approach to building the teams before installing the new schemes.

In early camp work, Daron Roberts, along with assistants Robert Gillespie and Steve Dunlap, is breaking down the teams into small groups and individual sections. For example, on the punt team, work is being done with the line positions on each side of the center as well as the shield (the three protectors in front of the punter) in order to make sure players know the requirements of each position. Work is also being done to ensure that players have the requisite skills to fill the varying needs of different positions on each squad, and that work goes far beyond finding players to run back kicks. Blocking along the line and in the open field and the ability to find the ball and tackle in open space are just some of the skills being sought.

In this interview, Roberts discusses some of the special teams work being done, and also the early returns on the performance of his position players.

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