Back To Basics

A day after West Virginia's 55-12 win over Norfolk State, head coach Dana Holgorsen still listed blocking as one of his primary concerns, but had another fundamental phase of the game to add to the list of Mountaineer problems.

After watching video of his team's play, Holgorsen said he was happy with the effort of his players, but not with the performance.

"It still has has everything to do with blocking and tackling. Those are the most basic fundamentals we are trying to get better at. We probably took a step backwards in terms of tackling," he reported. "Blocking, we targeted a little better, but still need to finish blocks. We are targeted right, but we are just not very good at finishing."

Holgorsen pointed out that the reviews weren't all negative. It was simply that there were more errors to point out than good plays to highlight.

"We are not just going to sit here and be negative all the time," he said of his approach, "but the film doesn't lie. If we see something good, that looks the way it's supposed to look, we bring that up. But on all three sides, there was more negative stuff than positive stuff. If players don't like that, then put some positive stuff on there."

Another recurring theme – tempo – also was discussed.

"We may not even get tempo [to where I want it] this year," he said. "I do think our effort is good. We're just not there yet. Some teams jell quicker than others, and some teams jell more quickly than others. I'd like to think we can coach them hard this week and we can get there, but I just don't know. Geno gets it, and does a good job of it, but the rest of them are lethargic at times."


Quinton Spain was set for extensive play on Saturday, but managed just three snaps before getting rolled up and suffering an apparent ankle injury. Spain tried to get down in his stance while warming up for the second half, but was unable to do so. He spent the final; 30 minutes sitting on a chair in the bench area with his right ankle on ice.

"That was unfortunate, because we went in wanting to play him a little bit," Holgorsen said. "If he had graded out as one of the five best, he would have started this week. He was in red today, but he'll have two days off treatment before we practice again on Tuesday."

* * *

Holgorsen also isn't happy with the play of "The guys with the ball in their hands". He noted that some of their decisions have contributed to West Virginia's offensive inconsistency. That contributed to his decision to not name an offensive champion for the game. "Tavon looks good, but I can only say that for him at this point," the first year head coach noted. "We just couldn't find anybody that we felt like played good enough to get the award."

* * *

While WVU has no pre-snap penalties and no turnovers through the first two games, Holgorsen was displeased with some of the flags his team drew.

"We had more penalties this game. One was a schematic thing, and we we got caught on four holdings which is all technique. Those can all can be fixed. We had two Two stupid special teams penalties, a late hit and a clip, and those are just dumb football."

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