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The visit of Terry Henderson, Sr. and Terry Henderson, Jr. to West Virginia this past weekend was a learning experience for father and son.

"We had a great visit," Terry Henderson Sr., said of the family's visit to WVU for the weekend. "We learned a great deal, and a lot of it was about Bob Huggins the person. there's the manager part of him that the media sees and the public hears about, and that's about 90% of his time. But there's a side the public doesn't see, and I got to observe that and see that.

"He's a phenomenal man," Henderson Sr., continued. "This was a big football weekend at West Virginia -- all about football -- but he just got swarmed with people. And no matter what they asked for -- a handshake a photo, a pat on the back or a talk -- he did it. There wasn't one time that he didn't respond. It was amazing to see."

Henderson Sr. noted that he sees many qualities in Huggins that he espouses himself, and was impressed to see the way he handled himself with the crowds.

"We went to GameDay, and it was an excellent time to be there," he said. "Our family had a great time, and they really showed us what a college town looks like. I got a real appreciation for that. Coach Huggins is the kind of coach that you want to play for."

Henderson Jr., the object of the recruiting weekend, also had a glowing review.

I loved it, and enjoyed my self tremendously," he said. "I hung out with the players a lot, and they showed me a lot of love, and we had a great time. GameDay was great, too."

On the visit, Henderson Jr. met and spent time with Elijah Macon, who committed to the Mountaineers. He noted that Macon will be an excellent addition to West Virginia's roster.

While the visit made a huge impression on one of WVU's top recruiting targets, Henderson Sr. said his son was still planning to stick to his schedule.

"We set up our schedule of in-home visits, workouts and campus trips for August, September and October, and Terry is still going to follow that," he said. "Sometime late in October, he'll make his decision, and announce it at a press conference at school."

Henderson Jr. said that he will visit Richmond this weekend, and that the Spiders and Mountaineers, along with N.C. State, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Miami and George Mason remain under consideration for his commitment.

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